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Sonic Channel Calendar July 2023 Voting


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Next month's calendar will be Badnik based and feature a Trio of Characters.

Orbot & Cubot are confirmed while fans will vote on either Metal Sonic or Gemerl.

Voting ends on June 5th

It's close but Metal Sonic is winning by at least 52% at the moment

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As popular as Metal Sonic is, we need more Gemerl art, imo. Underrated character.

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They looked great those calendar of Orbot & Cubot, Metal Sonic & Gemerl. If I where to vote It would be Metal Sonic all time favourite Sonic villain from the 90’s classic Sonic games.

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I mean, we already got to see Metal Sonic interact with Pontaff-bots in Colours he Colours Ultimate short. I'd much reassuring see Metal and Gemerl that should at least be interesting. But that's not an option, so I'd like Gemerl to win this. It's nice when the obscure and forgotten characters get a brief moment to shine. 

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Gemerl, definitely. He's one of the weirder characters, because he's had the longest gap in appearance of anyone in the games, but is still considered "present" in the modern series and not gone like Elise or Tikal or what have you. Vanilla hasn't been in a game since Rush 1, but Gemerl's in Advance 3 and that's it. Never even got a model.

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