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Yuji Naka's New Toy: A Ferrari 360 Spider


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We all know that Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka also likes to 'go fast'. The programmer and Sonic Team head is famously fond of sports cars, and today featured in an interview with Japanese car distributor Cornes after winning a contest to acquire immediate delivery of the Ferrari 360 F1 Spider.


To clarify; no, Yuji Naka didn't actually win the car itself (for free). He won the chance to buy it and receive it immediately upon purchase. The reason why this is significant is because, apparently (I wouldn't know), Ferrari buyers usually have to wait more than a year for delivery of their vehicle. This special contest allowed Naka-san to skip that wait and get his new keys as soon as he was able.

According to the interview by Cornes (translated by XenGamers), Naka-san already owns a Ferrari 355, and put in his order for the new 360 Spider shortly before this year's E3 show. After winning the lottery, Cornes presented him with his new toy on June 6.


The interview is not particularly interesting but Naka-san did note that the 360 Spider meant a great deal to him because of his age (36 years old) and how interesting it was that he was getting his car on June 6 (6/6). That's a lot of 3's and 6's. XenGamers added that the Ferrari 360 F1 Spider typically retails for around $170,000, but how much Naka-san actually paid was not disclosed.

Congratulations, Naka-san!

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