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Sonic's 10th Anniversary: What Will be the Future for Sonic the Hedgehog?


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At the rate Sega is going, Sonic looks set to win back some old fans of yesteryear. And with Sega going multi-platform, Sonic is going to be able to spin dash his way onto all the upcoming next-gen consoles. Although hardcore Sonic fans won't like the sound of that, Sonic will win back everyone and gain trust in Sega. To that end, it's fun to think about what will be coming next: here are the current rumours surrounding future Sonic titles.

These are either true but still in the pipeline, or total rumours - so I am advising you all now not to get your hopes up. Sega have cancelled games before, y'know.

Sonic Adventure – Nintendo GameCube


Whether this will be the first or second outing of the blue one will have to be decided, but one of the Adventure games is rumoured to be heading to Nintendo’s fancy new gaming box. Stay tuned.

Sonic 'Jam' - SEGA Dreamcast


Obviously the title above isn’t what it may be called, but Sega has announced a Sonic Jam-style release for the Dreamcast. Given the amount of size a GD-ROM disc has, there’s a real opportunity to hold most, if not all, of the Sonic games currently in existence. Rumours have it that Sonic X-Treme may even make an appearance in there. Dreadknux will have the latest as soon as the word is out.

Check back to the News section for the latest in Sonic games progress!

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