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Sonic Frontiers Nears 3m Units Sold, Annual Series Sales Tops 6.7m

Message added by Dreadknux,

This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Frontiers Nears 3m Units Sold, Annual Series Sales Tops 6.7m at some point.

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Sonic Frontiers has proven to be a standout release for SEGA, as the company disclosed in its latest quarterly investor call that the free-roaming adventure sold over 2.9 million units worldwide by the end of December 2022.

Annual Sonic series sales has also exploded year on year, with 4.12m unit sales sold during this third fiscal quarter, adding to a current FY total of 6.75 million units - already surpassing the previous FY 2022 total of 5.8 million units.

SEGA Sammy has attributed a lot of its sales fortunes over the last quarter to the "strong" performance of its newly-released titles, such as Sonic Frontiers and Persona 5 The Royal (which sold 1.3 million units in the same timeframe).

However, it noted that "repeat sales" of older games "went weak", which has led SEGA Sammy to revise its forecasted FY total game sales from 34.2m units by year's end to 28.2m units. Still, while the YOY Q3 full game unit sales comparison is a downward trend (20.7m units sold in Q3 2023 compared to 21.9m units in Q3 2022), SEGA's revenue from those sales have been stronger this past quarter (142.5 billion yen in Q3 2023 compared to 119.6 billion yen in Q3 2022).

SEGA's strategy for the near-term, according to its reported forecast, is to launch several major IP titles (one of which we can assume involves Samba de Amigo which was recently announced for Nintendo Switch) as well as a "revaluation of asset quality of some titles." Guess we'll have to wait and see what that means.

Check out SEGA Sammy's full Q3 2023 fiscal report right here.

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21 hours ago, ZinogreVolt said:

Morio Kishimoto confirms the game surpassed 3 million in January:

This is good. The game definitely has the legs of longevity and it's apparent that it's selling at a good rate too. 

Will be interesting to see if the updates cause some spikes along the way, especially the last one.

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