Dust off those maracas, Samba de Amigo: Party Central coming to Switch

A new Nintendo Direct is hitting in just a few hours, but we already have a leak from it, and it’s from a franchise longtime Sonic Team fans should be familiar with: Samba de Amigo! The series is back with a brand new game for Switch, Samba de Amigo: Party Central. The game will release for the Nintendo Switch on June 30 for $39.99 USD. It is unknown if the game will hit other platforms.

Update 8 Feb 2023 @ 22:20 UK: The game was officially announced on tonight’s Nintendo Direct, with all of the information already revealed via the below leak that we originally reported. Some new screenshots without a weird Snoopy watermark can be found below.

Original story continues below.

The leak comes courtesy of Twitter user Snoopytech, who leaked various images and the game’s description on their account earlier today.

The rhythm game will feature 40 songs from a variety of genres including Latin, EDM, pop, and others. Much like previous Samba de Amigo games, more music will be made available via DLC. The game will also feature an “World Party,” an online multiplayer mode for up to 8 people. It will also be possible to customize the game’s characters with new outfits and accessories, and play a variety of mini-games and challenges.

Below are watermarked screenshots from Snoopytech. We will be replacing these images with official versions once the game has been formerly announced:

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