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SEGA should consider forming a Sonic Team for each region again


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I think the best way forward to address the concern of a future Mainline Sonic game content drought like waiting another 5 years  they need to bring back multiple Sonic Team Studios, one in Japan, make a new Sonic Team USA just like in the early 2000's (which let’s be honest SEGA of America would really benefit from this, considering they don’t have a single developer in their division), and one in Europe, maybe they can re-brand SEGA hardlight as Sonic Team Europe and have them make fully fledged Sonic games instead of only developing mobile games (but if I want more PC ports of older games they should do they every now and then on the side).


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I'm not even sure the yearly releases of the 2000s from Sonic Team were a product of having multiple Sonic Team divisions? Regardless, this seems like a needless geographic segregation. SEGA could allocate any resources they feel like to have a second dev producing backup Sonic games if they wanted to. In the 2000s it was DIMPS, and for that era, they did a pretty good job. One would expect nowadays for it to be Whitehead/Thomley(/Pagodawest?), but if SEGA's not doing that now, there's little reason to expect them to do it with any other team.

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I agree that Sega should have several different studios developing more Sonic games simultaneously so we don't have to wait 5+ years for a game, though, I don't think they should necessarily be divided by region.

(there's also the problem that maybe they can't handle it economically?)

It would be nice if Sega did outsource some secondary games (not necessarily spin-offs, just less important games like the handhelds at the times of Dimps).

And in my opinion Hardlight should stay away from the actual Sonic games. They aren't good developers, they can't even polish their small mobile games which are very janky and full of glitches, and rely on cheating because they are unable to balance them (yeah, the game itself cheats, not hacker players). Wanting them to work on the main Sonic games is like asking for more Colors Ultimate-level trash.

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TBH even with the "two Sonic Team", they had to rely more on collaboration with external devs for a part of their game (i.e. all the portable games). If the two Sonic Team refused it was also because games nowadays needs way bigger team than before.

Having two Sonic Team could be nice, but it would mean hiring a lot of devs to do some work, or just transforming another studio to make more Sonic games (at the risk of loosing some diversity). But I wouldn't be unhappy if they had another Sonic-related studio. Another possibility would just be to continue what they're doing on some projets : working with other companies to make spin-of games, either as one-shot game or by having a side-serie that would be controlled by the Sonic Team / Sonic Studio but developped by the other company (as were the handled games).

About Hardlight, well, TBH having a dedicated mobile team is important nowadays, and I'm waiting to see what they'll do with their next mobile game;

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I think they didn't do that in the past decade because Sonic wasn't as relevant commercially as the franchise used to be during the 2000s and 1990s. Sonic Lost World sold poorly, Sonic Boom, too and Sonic Forces performed well, but nothing crazy. So, there wasn't the same amount of demand for Sonic content.

Now the franchise is experiencing a renaissance in terms of popularity. We might be getting more Sonic content from now on...

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Realistically it seems like they have a hard enough time consistently staffing the one studio they have. 

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I agree. I always thought about forming a Sonic Team UK since I'm British myself, but that would mean leaving my hometown in the north to move to London and then some. But idk about forming one in somewhere like Manchester or Sheffield for the fans that don't live in South England

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