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The dumb ad thread.

Eggman Fan

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I've been talking about the moronic ads I've gotten on YouTube in my status updates. So I made a topic.

Feel free to blow off some steam about your own dumb ads here.

Also try not to discuss thirst bait ads, because that is way too easy and it's also awkward.

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On the staff side of things, I'll periodically share the weird stuff I get on the site itself.


Fan of this one. A nice combination of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen alongside exactly ONE MLP watch and a bracelet. Heck of a selection.

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"Don't skip this ad."

Sorry, bye.

"You're counting down the seconds so that you can skip this ad, but-"

Yes I am, now go away.

"Skip this ad"

You bet I will.

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I also wanted to add my own here. EVERY SINGLE FNF AD EVER.

That is all, as this scum doesn't deserve to be discussed.

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