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Sonic 2 Movie Spoiler Thread (Mostly Untagged Spoilers)

The Deleter

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Just saw the film finally. And have to say it was great but still needs some work overall but its Sonic. I am not expecting any Oscar worthy here. Sonic was great as always. I think the main thing people need to do is learn to separate this version of sonic from the games which is hard for a lot of fans sometimes. The games are what many grew up on on seeing a new iteration is always tough but I enjoy seeing sonic be and act like a kid learning to both have fun and control his powers. Tails was always a fun addition and seeing him look up to his idol was heartwarming though i do felt their bond in the bar came super fast. Like here is a close friend hug out of nowhere but if tails was just as young as him its understandable. Knuckles and eggman stole the show for me. Jim is just perfect as eggman. Later hater. Everytime he was on screen I was smiling, as well as Knuckles being so straight forward and serious. I am waiting on the revenge towards tails lol.

The humans were ok. I love Tom and Maddie. Do not care for the others. her sister is funny but that marriage plot really felt rush. Had it taken its time i would have enjoyed it more but they were captured all of what? 6 mins? I do love that this fiml has established that Sonic. And now Tails and Knuckles are Tom and Maddies children. I love when she said "lets go get our son" It was great. I hope they can have a better segment in the 3rd film with them trying to help sonic whom I am sure shadow will try and frame for something.

One thing I did not like was there was some great moments with neat sounding music. The fight in the temple or eggmans mech rock music but they played these segments all of almost 20 secs before cutting away. Some of those bits were pretty great and would have liked to here them more in the scenes they were in. Overall a fine movie.

I am hovering between a 7 and a 8.

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Some concept art drawn by one of the Sonic 2 artists that work on the movie. It's seem that there was originally going to be an ending that had the Tornado survived instead of getting destroyed.:


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21 hours ago, CaptainRobo said:

Some concept art drawn by one of the Sonic 2 artists that work on the movie. It's seem that there was originally going to be an ending that had the Tornado survived instead of getting destroyed.:


Oh I love all these but that last one is just adorable. Also yay Tornado in one piece.

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So I just saw it. Bit late.

In a brief few words: I liked it!

I didn't like everything. But overall, it was fucking fun. Fun enough I could go with it. 

Now I do wonder if it would be as much fun if I was a nonSonic fan who didn't get an inherent thrill out of seeing certain game things recognized in cinematic form. I have to assume that answer is no.

BUT I cannot operate from that person's perspective, only my own.

And as my own human being, I had a big dumb grin on my face by the time all was said and done.

It was imperfect, but hell, I had a fun time. And if that sentence ain't Sonic, I don't know what is!


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So I am super late to the party, but I was finally able to watch the movie today. In short, it was stupid but I loved it. Honestly, Schaffrillas put it the best (I highly recommend watching his review, it's really good): this is harmless children movie that does good job at accomplishing what it has to do which is entertaining children. As a Sonic fan, I was sitting and watching the movie with stupid grin on my face, 8 year old me would have loved this movie to death. 

When the movie released and I learnt that Shadow is in post-credits scene, I instantly thought that it was a bad idea and after watching the movie, I still have the same opinion. With GUN being incompetent idiots, I have no idea how they would be able to retell SA2 story competently in the next movie. I wish they have gone with Sonic CD or SA1 instead. They only way I can see this working is making Shadow recurring threat for next 2-3 movies to properly set up the ending of SA2. I feel like the writers of the movies picked up very difficult task of adapting SA2 next and I wish they would take their time to build up the universe. I am genuinely wishing them best luck at this task.

And yeah, I am salty that we are probably not getting Metal and Amy any time soon. 

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Were GUN that incompetent? I took that one sequence as then not knowing about any of Tails’ tech, which..yeah, his gadgets were pretty crazy.

 That said, the backstory of SA2 doesn’t need to be GUN. It can be general government/military, and beyond that, GUN’s most notable achievement in the game is..catching Sonic at the beginning?

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