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Sonic Achievements/Trophies - What is it like in your experience?


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We've all played a Sonic game or two. Or not. I don't know what you do, I'm just a post on the internet.

As with most games these days, a further incensitive to play is through achievements marking your progress, whether that be getting the rarest and most difficult to obtain trophy to boast about, or completing every single achievement that a game has to offer, or showing that you beat the first level and that 42% of players haven't.

Sonic games are no stranger to achievements ever since they were introduced with the seventh generation of gaming consoles, with some games before having a pseudo version of them through emblems. Some are easy to obtain, others requiring skill and patience, it can be serious work completing Sonic games to 100%.

I ask of you, what is it like hunting for achievements in Sonic games in your experience? What games have you gotten 100% of the achievements on? Which games have been easy to collect all achievements on, and which have been the hardest?


Personally, I've gotten every achievement in Sonic Generations, Mania and Forces. Generations was easy enough, but had one achievement which was a total pain to collect, being the "Can't Touch This" achievement where you must defeat the final boss while taking no damage. Mania was tough but fair, as almost every zone had an achievement specific to them, some harder than others to complete. Forces was a slog, purely for the achievements regarding collecting rings, and I'd wish not to do that again.

As for other Sonic games, I'm interested in getting all the achievements on the Adventure games, but the difficulty is in how much of those achievements are dependant on Chao raising, which I really need to put some effort into doing. Maybe some day, I'll sit down and properly raise Chao to complete the games...

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I've never found achievements to be all that interesting. Most of them seem to fall into the same few categories; story progression, 100% completion sub-goals, and grindy bullshit, with maybe just a few oddball ones that actually ask you to do something different. If I'm enjoying a game enough and the achievements aren't ridiculous I'll probably go for them, but largely because I'd probably be trying to 100% it anyway and achievements only add a few extra steps.

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For the classic Sonic games, it was always fun trying to get the Chaos Emeralds so I could transform into Super Sonic (or Hyper Sonic in Sonic 3 and Knuckles).  I always loved going into secret hiding places in Sonic 3 and Knuckles to find the big rings that would transport you to the special stages to collect the emeralds.

I also started trying to complete everything in Sonic Mania so that way, I could get the special ending in the Encore mode.  It's always fun trying to complete everything so you can get a special reward for your efforts.

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I used to be bothered about achievements (back in the 360 era), but these days I just play a game naturally and will see if there are any achievements that look fun afterwards. 


I much prefer achievements that suggest different ways to try and play the game, like the one for Sonic Colours Ultimate where you have to complete a stage without getting any rings. 

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I've never been a huge achievement hunter, but I recently have gotten into getting fast times/S ranks on Sonic games. I'll dabble in achievements on occasion and enjoy when I feel like I really achieved something.

Some games give you 'chieves for just progressing normally. Though if that achievement is given with the XBOX 360 sound effect/ui, I'll instantly enjoy it, because I love XBOX 360 UI.


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