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I'm upscaling to 1080p every cutscene via source .sfd files from Sonic Unleashed Wii (18 vids so far, including the intro)

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Sonic Unleashed (Wii) HQ Cutscenes - YouTube

This is a project I'm currently underway with. I have all the .sfd files from Sonic Unleashed Wii and I'm in the process of upscaling them all to 1080p and uploading and preserving them on YouTube. All files are originally coded at 640x360, but look VERY nice when upscaled. I also provide the original .sfd file as I upload each of the videos for your pleasure (provided you can even view them natively... I can't lol).

This also is hot off the heels of my upload of what may be the world's first ever upload of the TRUE 60fps version of the History of Sonic video from Sonic Mega Collection on GameCube, thanks to Avidemux's dgbob technique. Read the description for the full details!

I've had like a week of desync issues to iron out in all of these videos. I actually forget the exact method for the video above but it feels proper this time. I had to exclusively use Avidemux I think as that's the only program to output in 60fps (Camtasia is 30fps only).

So keep an eye out. I plan on adding 6 cutscenes every two days (looks better for the upload dates and gives me more breathing room). Been busy the last few days... including getting my first vaccine yesterday! :D


Update (May 9th): 18 now!

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