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How would you rank Robotnik’s assistants from the cartoons best to worst?


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Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts (Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog)

Snively (Sonic The Hedgehog)

Sleet and Dingo (Sonic Underground)

Bocoe, Decoe and Bokkun (Sonic X)

Orbot and Cubot (Sonic Boom)

I have a soft spot for Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts as I grew up on that cartoon.

I can’t decide what order I would place the others though.

What order would you place them in best to worst?

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Honestly, that chronological order with Sonic X being above SATAM works well enough, depending on how crucial Eggman's involvement is.

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Best to Worst?

I feel like I can't do so properly because I haven't properly watched all of SatAM to judge Snively. I've only got my opinion of him from the Archie Comics and he's great there but I don't know if how good he is equivalent to how he is on that show.

I tend to not like ranking things from best to worst anyway. Instead, I usually just rank based on what I like. I never like proclaiming that something is the best or worst of something for some reason.

1. Bocoe, Decoe, and Bokkun - I just think these three had the best dynamic with Eggman. They came off more like this weird dysfunctional family more than a boss and lackey relationship. I found it really endearing. I wouldn't be as huge a fan of Eggman as I am today had Sonic X not shown me the more eccentric and fun side to his character. At that point I only really had SA2: B and Heroes to go off of and while I liked the way he was portrayed there, he really became larger than life to me when I saw him acting like an insane cartoon character on that show. I'll never forget him riding around on his Egg Mobile with Bokkun, screaming his name and how awesome he was. It got me jumping up and down on my bed doing it with him. 

2. Orbot and Cubot - I really like them. It kind of seems like people don't and I can see why if you're someone who just can't tolerate characters on the sidelines that exist seemingly just to be background fodder. That's mostly what they get used for in the games at least, which is a shame, because there is some potential there. You see flashes of it on a consistent basis, even within the games. Boom was honestly a great place for them to shine. I think that show took full advantage of what they could do with them. Eggman's relationship with them was very much more abusive which led to them being more subservient. It works on the level of someone who's supposed to be considered a tyrant after all. Now, how much fun it is will be left up to you.

3. Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts - It's been too long since I've watched AoSth but I feel like if I did I'd probably have them here. It's strange because I feel like I should be able to draw upon more from my memory as far as specific things I like about them but I really just remember the voices and how overly animated and weird they were. It's just endearing. I don't remember Coconuts, hardly at all. Again, except his voice.

4. Sleet and Dingo - I dunno, I really like Sleet. Maybe it's just because he's Kif from Futurama. Dingo was alright I guess. I didn't quite understand the gimmick of using the remote to turn him into things but whatever. The idea that they were bounty hunters that just stayed to work for Robotnik because he yelled at them was an interesting idea. I can see why people might not like them but I guess I'm just fond of weird shit. 

5. Snively - Again, I don't have much to recall with regards to Snively in SatAM. To this day I've seen maybe 4 or 5 episodes and that was well over 10 or so years ago at this point. Comic book Snively, I'd put right below Orbot and Cubot though.

I don't think any of the lackies were bad. Even with them written out in this order, I can't say I feel they're too strongly far apart or anything. The gap would at most be the size of a pin-needle. 

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I was just gonna leave it where I did at first, but then I started thinking more and it'd be a shame to let that float away too:

Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are a memorably fun trio of suckup dumbots. The first two were presumably the first to start the trend of Eggman having lackeys to boss around and they formed the 6S with the explicit purpose of destroying Sonic while also frequently trying to outdo each other at sucking up to Robotnik. Scratch is a possibly malfunctioned attempt to create the perfect Badnik for the job and Grounder is an altered clone of him meant to double his efficiency; together, one is a limited degree of clever but mostly powerless while the other is particularly dumb but armed to the teeth with loads of nonsensical hidden weapons. And then there was occasional Coconuts, an older Badnik who had failed to deal with Sonic and so was kept around to maintain janitorial duties, which makes him particularly grouchy and maniacal about redeeming himself enough to get a prrrromotion. Together, they can be a little annoying for some, but otherwise lovable minions for the Doc.

Snively was originally gonna be higher than the X trio, but what ultimately tipped it is his dual usage interdependently and how much I liked Bokkun. Colin Jr./Julian is notable for being the only human cohort of Robotnik, seemingly to working tirelessly under him, and eventually taking the opportunity to strike out for his own attempts at conquest. He's most often distinguished  for his scheming treacherous nature, but what needs to be remembered is that he originally got there over time through his diligent respect of Julian/Ivo; he was initially quite pleasing of his uncle "Sir," but it was the constant abuse and increasing ineptitude that embittered to the point of delighting in his undoing. 

Dingo and Sleet are kinda middling and have even been mentioned in negative lights by a few compared to the other lackeys. Now I didn't watch much of Underground beyond certain "notable" episodes, but I remember sorta liking them a bit for what they were: successful bounty hunters who Robotnik forced to work for him exclusively to pursue the on the move Hedgehogs while he handle political business back in Robotropolis(was that the name?). Sleet is funny in that I kinda liked his vibe thanks to his color scheme and being voiced Maurice Lamarche, but this is one of those duos where the lesser of the two is the more interesting one. I mean Dingo was basically your Dumb Muscle type who was [to put it un-kindly] pretty ugly, had an Australian accent, a robotic arm that I don't recall there being any reason or maybe even purpose for, a crush on Sonia(don't know how deep or legit this actually went, but he did find her pretty from the get-go iirc), and most notably, the capability of transmogrification into any sort of useful form via a remote Sleet possessed that was oftentimes unwilling on his part? That in particular, if the show had been a little something more lasted longer to reach a solid conclusion, seems like it could've been something more. Sleet on the other end, while kinda sinister in a  campish way, didn't have much else since the vast majority of the action was handled by that show's Swatbots or Dingo, he didn't seem to have much of an agenda or at least vanity aside from maybe cursing their fate a few times, and I can't remember him doing much of anything beyond clasping his hands and being vaguely scheming. Overall, if there's a bigger weakness to them that leads to some people considering them the worst minions of Robotnik, I'd say it's that they don't really stand out for a right reason and feel like a thing of their own. Something that most other continuities or franchises like TMNTs Bebop&Rocksteady(or Dogpound&Fishface) and by extension what Mr. Flynn wants to do more with Rough and Tumble is have those two bad guys have little adventures or at least a plethora of moments to call their own. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there was presumably never an episode dealing with their past, jobs for other employers, or that explored how they might feel about going straight/being on someone else's side; they don't get room to show their stuff as individual bounty hunters nor they feel that at home being Robotnik's henchmen.


(Stiff about Decoe Bocoe and Bokkun that I have to rewire because fuck this phone sometimes)


Orbot and Cubot unfortunately have to be last on this list. Now I like the Shapebots, but the reason I have to put them here is because they really don't do or add much compared to all the others. Sonic Boom was a very different show from recent times that brought in these two straight from the games in lieu making its own henchmen(not counting Dave, who went on to be a multituse feature in his own inefficient right) and Eggman operates different than he does in other things. And unfortunately, they don't bring much to the table here compared to even the continuity of value they do to the games, be it providing logistics, doing menial work, snarking about Eggman's bad habits or failures, or in SA-55's case, piloting mechs when Eggman himself is busy with his many bigger scope plans. Now they had a bit of a usual use or two for a couple of episodes, some other nice moments that I can't really remember since there's a plethora of episodes and I haven't watched most in years, and a surprising if strange backstory that even the games never bothered with. But as minions and characters, they couldn't really do much beyond give Eggman someone consistent to talk to in his lair.


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1. Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun are maybe not QUITE my personal favourites, but I think they worked well in terms of their dynamic with Eggman, in how they were abused put upon (and often snarky) drones but also the nearest to cohorts that he could fool around with. Bokkun was also an interesting third wheel, a mischievous little troll among the group. Actually I wouldn't mind if Bokkun got into the games, he'd probably be one of the easiest to translate. I think the biggest downside for Decoe and Bocoe is, not only their rip off designs from a previous TMS show (though they look okay without that knowledge) but that they lack much physical use outside being another set of hands to pilot artilery. The show teased them being capable of combining into a fighter mech, but then only used that briefly for all of two episodes. They are surprisingly quite fun in how down to earth and contemplative they are in the Japanese dub where they lack the non-stop robot puns.

2. Orbot and Cubot I think shine the most in Sonic Boom, where they get FAR more limelight (including their own episodes and even a backstory) and their chemistry with Eggman and the rest of the cast is looked into. Their dynamic with Eggman is mostly akin to the Sonic X bots; mostly having to deal with Eggman's childish behaviour and petty abuse, but still having some sort of teeth bearing bond of sorts. They make a point that Eggman still considers them an item or 'family' in whatever he does, in spite of insisting he doesn't give a crap about them, this Eggman seems to get he has SOME sort of responsibility for these guys, as much as he hates it. Orbot and Cubot's personalities are also more defined in agency than the very lethargic Decoe and Bocoe, with Cubot being the idiot prone one and Orbot being something a precautious straight man, even willing to bring in Sonic when he knows a plan of Eggman will worsen on its own accord. It's also cute seeing cases where the doctor becomes especially worn down from defeats and the two try to bring back his enthusiasm. The same downside occurs as with Decoe and Bocoe in that, these guys don't really have distinctive use to the doctor besides generic machine activities for gags like being a paper shredder. They have cool enough designs but they don't apply any sort of extra agency to them most of the time.

3. Snively seemed to become a favourite in SatAm, season two has a lot of limelight devoted to him. He's probably the most effective case of character development in the show. Whether it be the character not fully defined yet, he's fairly passive and subordinate in season one, even eager to please the doctor in some cases. Season two however, where Robotnik's ego and cruelty towards Snively escalate, he clearly shows resentment to him. The main issue with Snively is that he doesn't really get to act on it, he's a Starscream type that never makes his proper power play. If anything he just becomes MORE ineffectual as time goes on, with Sonic and even the super cautious Sally deeming him a joke by the end of the series (though his chemistry whenever alone with the equally pathetic Antoine was rather funny), and all his insults quickly subsided whenever Robotnik becomes suspicious (supposedly he knows Snively hates him just as much as vice versa, but he knows all he needs to do is glare at him and he is at bay). This is arguably because the series was cut short JUST as Snively was going to gain a dynamic role, attempting to take the role as top dog at last and then shifting from side to side according to convenience afterwards just like in the comics. Still it's not like the show was THAT short lived, you'd think they could have done at least one episodic power play from him like any 80s/90s treacherous underling does.

I should probably make a small side note for Cluck since he is in the same show. Though barely much of a character (besides the pilot where he is a bit more comedic and expressive), this thing did serve as good contrast to Snively in demonstrating the doctor's personality, being perhaps his one redeeming quality in how he almost uncharacteristically loved the little bird bot, which helped shown Robotnik's greater love for manipulatable machinery than independent and impudent organic life. Cluck disappeared in Season Two, likely because they wanted a truly vile to the core take on Robotnik (and another bit of streamlining of the cast dynamic), though that fawning over machinery did make Robotnik's ambitions seem less generically evil.

4. Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts really should be my favourites. I loved them in AoSth since I was a little kid. They also probably have the most developed personalities AND agency out of the cartoon minions, even if Grounder is the only one developed in terms of robotic utility, and are probably the most proactive as well, going out of their way to impress the doctor by capturing Sonic (and failing). I guess why they maybe don't hold up as much against the others is the dynamic with Robotnik himself. It's VERY humorous, don't get me wrong, but being an episodic show, it doesn't go much further, having neither any hidden bonds with them (he's repeatedly double crossed or tried to slag them without a second thought) or being malicious enough towards them to chain any character development (they have a couple token moments of getting their own back at him, but that's it, still arguably more effective than SatAm Snively though). Robotnik works well as a catalyst for their pathos, a disapproving boss they delusion-ally try to get on the good books of in a sympathetic manner (often leaving him hoist by his own petard due to making his robots so incompetently needy and overzealous), but he's a bit outshone by the above Eggmen in regards of chemistry. Then again this is probably the true love to hate Robotnik of the lot because of this. He's a user and a bully in every regard and practically wears it on his shirt like a medal, but boy, does he and his goons make it funny. Making Robotnik an abuser from inheritance was also an interesting depth, venting years of wrath from his ball busting mother out onto his drones.

Ironically, I'd also argue that, in spite of their Looney Tunes-ish formula, Scratch and Grounder were also maybe the nearest to effective lackeys. Not only did they often work on their own by Robotnik's orders, but they did manage to be a hassle for Sonic on spaced occasions, and were often FAR more menacing against Tails or other residents. No other minion quite tops Mass Transit Trouble in terms of effective use in one of Robotnik's plans, even if that was a one off moment of competence even for them.

5. Sleet and Dingo are hard for me to really rate since I didn't really watch most of Underground, I do remember Robotnik only occasionally appearing and interacting with them however, and it generally just being typical mean boss with none of highs and lows of other shows. They do at least sort of run the full gamut in terms of roles, they work as a brains and brawn (with Sleet being manipulative and sarcastic, and Dingo being the dim shape shifting artillery), and have a lot of the token henchman roles, trying to please the doctor one minute, betray him the other, and do their things solo in other cases. Besides Underground's general weird asthetic however, it didn't quite have as memorable an execution as the other lot for better or worse.

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Out of nostalgia, I'm rather fond of Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts. However, I might have to place Snively at number 1. It's interesting to have Robotnik have an assistant that really doesn't like him and is genuinly scared of him.

I also rather like Bokkun, since he brings something new to the table in terms of Eggman's assistans by being strangely innocent and cute.

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Eh, I'll go for whole top 10. And no Metal Sonic, cause he would crash competition. He's more of a "enforcer" than sidekick anyway.

0 Eggette (To good to be canon)
Ok, to be honest I feel like giving human daughter/niece/something would humanize Eggman a little too much, when part of his appeal is ego-maniac that cares only about himself and his toys. It's also hard to imagine her when he's shattering the planet or starting zombot apocalypse. I'm not sure she can pull of this "goofy but scary" feel.
BUT if one wants to focus on Eggman as a funny villain (like Mania Adventures), then Eggette would be perfect addition.

1???? Orbot and Cubot (Sonic Games/Boom/ etc)
My options about those two are all over the place. I hated them in Colors/ Lost World because they made Eggman look like idiot. I don't like how much screen time they got when Knuckles must be humiliated by pigs to get some screen time.
But in Boom they worked great for THIS SPECIFIC VERSION of Eggman. And Flynn and Sonic Forces makes them work by basically keeping them in background when things are serious and letting them out for comedic moment.
So I hesitated a LOT where to put them, even considering very bottom, because no other sidekick made Eggman look worse. But if THE Eggman has to have some kind of permanent sidekick, those two are best choice. They negligible enough to not draw attention from him, but useful enough to keep around. They can be audience for his boasting, slaves for him to boss around, comedic foil to look silly, they even color match his uniform. They work, but for Chaos sake, under a competent writer.

2 Dr Starline (IDW)
Character create from ground up by Flynn & IDW staff is on top? What a shocker. Starline's first edge is that he's designed by competent artist to fit Sonic world, which I can only say for Orbot/Cubot and maaaaybe SSSS Squad. He has fun dynamic with Eggman and enough traits to work as solo character. He's definitely fun foil to Eggman, but like I explained with Eggette, I can't imagine him staying for ever.

3 Snively (Sonic Satam/ Archie)
Satam Snively was kinda boring, mostly existed for Robotnik to look more menacing (also writers couldn't decide how competent he suppose to be). And everything pre-Flynn ranged from Satam-like to "why the hell he's reformed now"? But Flynn added him some extra depth (Iron Queen stuff was okay, but I really liked what he had with Hope) and idea of "The Game" Eggman plays with all of his underlings and was one of his best traits in the comic. I wish he had better design though.

4 Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts (Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog)
They duo bumbling sidekicks (and Coconuts), you seen this formula over and over and over again. SSSSSS don't bring anything new to the table, they just do their thing competently (now that's a word no one used to describe them yet). Not great, just fun.

5 Agent Stone (Movie)
Look, he has 5 minutes of screen time, I'm not putting him higher. Charming, pushed against the wall, love his latte. It's miracle he's this high. If he shows in sequels, maybe he'll deserve 4th or even 3rd spot.

6 Bocoe, Decoe and Bokkun (Sonic X)
I will always defend Sonic X version of Eggman. Yes he was softy, but he was INTENTIONALLY softy. It was recurring part of his personality. And Decoe and Bocoe were part of this feel, their bickering made sense. With that said, they were incredibly boring looking and their personality is "complaining a lot", basically beta versions of Orbot & Cubot. I give few points for Bokkun, he was kinda charming robot/demon/thing???? Yes he had one gag, but at least he create convenient way for Eggman to talk to Sonic.

7 Sleet and Dingo (Sonic Underground)
I have some illogical sympathy for Undergroud, but those two were pretty bad. Idea of duo bounty hunters with shape-shifting ability have some potential, but their characters were bland, stupid names, ugly designs (and illogical. Why Sleet wears heavy armor, when he's not a fighter?). And why they made Dingo fall in love with Sonia? Did NO ONE though it's a bit creepy? The whole shape-shifting thing with a buton was incredibly stupid, but so stupid it's actually entertaining and can be considered their best trait.

8 M & Adam (Archie)
After seemingly killing Sonic, Eggman build himself robotic children. I'll admit it's a little interesting to see Eggman trying to fill void in his life with family (which is more interesting if you consider what he did to his human family), but as characters themselves M & Adam were bland and didn't had any chemistry with Eggman. Sure Adam stepped his game later, but not as lackey.

9 Grimmer (Fleetway)
He was ugly science assistant that was  blindly loyal to Robotnik, even when  he was seemingly dead. That's all he had going for. He's Starliine-but-so-much-less.

10 Eggor (Martin Adams books)
Ok, so I ran of lackeys and I really wanted full top 10. But there was obscure book where he had a robot called Eggor... you know, nevermind. He sucked anyway.I should go with Cluck or Crabmeat in Archie. Someone would remember those two.

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I’m gonna put Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts as personal favorite alongside Orbot and Cubot. It’s honestly mostly due to the nostalgia of them being part of the first Sonic cartoon I grew up watching, not really anything of competence. Orbot and Cubot are bit of a modernized take on them.

Sleet and Dingo were actually somewhat competent, but I can’t say that much about them.

If I were to rank them, it would be:

1) The S6 Squad

2) Orbot and Cubot

3) Sleet and Dingo

I left out Snively because I actually like his comic counterparts more than his character in the cartoon, and that’s not really fair to the question. :P 

Bocoe, Defoe, and Bokkun...I’m sorry, but I actually did not care for them one bit. I actually didn’t like Eggman’s robot designs in Sonic X all that much. I won’t say they’re hopeless, but they don’t really catch me all that well in the show. If anything, they made me miss Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts more.

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Truth be told, while I think Snively's ROLE was fully realised in the comics, I kinda preferred his more comedic impish personality in the cartoon. His more formal lethargic demeanour was amusing and made him a bit more than just a in your face contemptuous weasel that the comic version sometimes felt like. Also while some of his interactions and chemistries added distinction to him by the end of the pre-reboot, I sometimes feel like they convoluted him and in some cases brought him into the soap opera territory the comics are known for. Snively having a sincerely poignant moment has potential but OF COURSE in Archie it would be getting slapped and disowned by a family member. I kinda feel like THAT sort of melodrama should only be played tongue in cheek for a minion character.

More over that I think Snively was legitimately FUNNY in the cartoon, despite ironically working against a usually more sinister version of Eggman (though maybe that's why, Eggman's character kinda overshadowed his).

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I forgot to make up for what I lost regarding the Sonic X trio, possible old nepotism or no:

Basically, I like a decent of degree of what they provided, but when it comes to them individually, it's definitely a 60-20-20 sorta deal. Decoe and Bocoe were pretty serviceable lackeys for Eggman who had a few neat things about them(the short silver & gangling gold distinction, Decoe handing Eggman his card, defending Eggman's base from GUN while he's away, loyalty to the Thorndykes for salvaging them, the combination concept), but is it wrong to say they were mostly interchangeable? And then there's Messenger ROBO--I really liked Bokkun, to the point I continually looked to seeing him appear in the games even after X was over. The mischievous robot/Chao/Cyborg/heartheadedthing just had such fitting, yet distinct style to him that he just brought a nice extra energy to the already bombastic Eggman's side of things.

What else can I say?(A fair bit if I can recall enough, probably) The only reason they're not first despite being in my first real dip into Sonic is because the Super Sonic Search and Smash Squad just stand out more individually on top of having a basis that their expansion still fits well on dual senses.

On 5/22/2020 at 3:55 AM, MetalSkulkBane said:


3 Snively (Sonic Satam/ Archie)
Satam Snively was kinda boring, mostly existed for Robotnik to look more menacing (also writers couldn't decide how competent he suppose to be). And everything pre-Flynn ranged from Satam-like to "why the hell he's reformed now"? But Flynn added him some extra depth (Iron Queen stuff was okay, but I really liked what he had with Hope) and idea of "The Game" Eggman plays with all of his underlings and was one of his best traits in the comic. I wish he ad better design though.


Oh yeah, there was that.

On 5/22/2020 at 3:55 AM, MetalSkulkBane said:


7 Sleet and Dingo (Sonic Underground)
I have some illogical sympathy for Undergroud, but those two were pretty bad. Idea of duo bounty hunters with shape-shifting ability have some potential, but their characters were bland, stupid names, ugly designs (and illogical. Why Sleet wears heavy armor, when he's not a fighter?). And why they made Dingo fall in love with Sonia? Did NO ONE though it's a bit creepy? The whole shape-shifting thing with a buton was incredibly stupid, but so stupid it's actually entertaining and can be considered their best trait.

Probably to look more menacing than he generally is.


On 5/22/2020 at 3:55 AM, MetalSkulkBane said:

10 Eggor (Martin Adams books)
Ok, so I ran of lackeys and I really wanted full top 10. Putting Metal Sonic would be cheating, but there was obscure book where he had a robot called Eggor... you know, nevermind. He sucked anyway.I should go with Cluck or Crabmeat. Someone would remember those two.


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On 5/22/2020 at 8:55 AM, MetalSkulkBane said:

3 Snively (Sonic Satam/ Archie)
Satam Snively was kinda boring, mostly existed for Robotnik to look more menacing (also writers couldn't decide how competent he suppose to be). And everything pre-Flynn ranged from Satam-like to "why the hell he's reformed now"? But Flynn added him some extra depth (Iron Queen stuff was okay, but I really liked what he had with Hope) and idea of "The Game" Eggman plays with all of his underlings and was one of his best traits in the comic. I wish he had better design though.


I prefered the original SatAm design really since it kept the streamlined 'lightbulb' head with no chin, while Archie gradually tried to make him more human-like and kind of generic.

Concerning Snively's competence, it felt like they were going for the same thing as Megatron and Starscream, where Snively was a weasel not nearly as threatening as the main villain, but seemed to have more common sense in terms of scheming, only to be ignored because the boss only valued them as a kiss ass and stress ball. Granted this worked better for Megatron because Megatron was SUPPOSED to be a prideful buffoon with a track record for failure (and also because Starscream was far more openly impudent and effectively treacherous towards Megatron giving him far more justification to not believe a word he says), while Robotnik was meant to be sinister and competent enough to keep hold of the whole planet for nearly a decade, and yet kept making big blunders based on his arrogance and refusal to accept some lackey telling him a rodent might ever one up him (no matter how many times it happened before).

I could argue this is where Eggman does fine tune the dynamic, since while he is dismissive towards Snively and makes mistakes because of this, the plot seemed better woven to make this work, especially since Eggman is at least smart enough to have multiple backup plans and be an opportunist. He will also begrudgingly listen to Snively SOMETIMES if he knows there's no other way about it. Eggman also seems wiser in how he KNOWS Snively will betray him at any moment but just let's it slide because he enjoys this 'game', while again Robotnik just assumes no one would ever dare usurp him (but Naugus maybe, the one guy he's legitimately terrified enough of to listen to Snively's warnings of right away). Comics Eggman does admittedly still seem in this odd situation with the status quo, where they do intentionally play off his failings as a villain but still want to keep him on top like Robotnik, even if they can explain it better than the show did (I feel like Eggman also benefits from having more than one sapient underling in the comics, explaining how the scales can tip either way depending on who other fractions in his squad favour).

Snively and Robotnik's dynamic by the end of the show seemed to exist to show how incompetent both of them were because they couldn't work together (basically a contrast to how Sonic and Sally's co-dependence developed), and to show how ultimately Robotnik was not just very cruel but also a very narcissistic and complacent being who never learned from his mistakes, a very Eggman-ish trait admittedly, which might be interesting as a dynamic if they weren't trying to give this Robotnik a huge threat level to amount to on his own. How exactly did this dynamic have any success rate in the past decade of rule?

I think this is why the more buffoonish Eggmen work better with minions, because often they punctuate his negative qualities and pomposity, something that works when he's MEANT to be a failure.

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