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Your own Sonic storyline in the comic?(IDW, Archie or otherwise)


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If you could write your own storyline for Sonic(like our resident Ian Flynn eventually got to do!), what would it be?  Me personally would be another take on the Metal Virus storyline Ian has employed(and has become very relevant in our current day and age), where Sonic and co. have to deal with roboticization from a Robotnik who dealt with a situation like the Coronavirus and saw the worst in humanity.   He would reason that "free will" is the ultimate problem in human society and if only one person with a strong enough will had to deal with the decisions of every day life, it would "free" everyone else of all burdens kind of like an MCU take on Thanos seeing eliminating half of all life as a "necessary measure" for humanity to thrive, Robotnik would see roboticization of all life as a means to ultimate salvation.  The roboticization process would be more permanent as well...roboticization in this version would turn the subject into a standard Egg Pawn, their memories totally wiped so as to erase the burden of "free will".   Sonic would be constantly battling the Metal Virus but ultimately, as there is no cure and Sonic's speed ultimately not stopping the spread of it throughout his body eventually, Sonic and Robotnik in their final battle would come to an understanding as he ultimate found he had no control and that his vision wasn't so "glorious" after all as he feels the effects of his own virus upon himself as Sonic ultimately infects him to nullify his threat.  The world may fall but at least Robotnik doesn't get away with it and can't hurt anyone else.   It probably would have to be toned down for an actual comic but it would be a testament to Sonic's will to never give up on free thought and to do what's right versus Robotnik's twisted mirror version of that.

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Interesting thread and question.

I suppose I'd have to start with trying out on backups or something in order to test the waters and gauge a working relationship with SEGA as well as the publisher. Then it'd be a matter of deciding what characters I can use and what I can do with them 

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Alright, so my grand vision is a massive, multi-dimensional event.

The story would center around Game/IDW Sonic, Fleetway Sonic, and Movie Sonic, along with their respective casts, as they are forced to team up, and utilize Warp Rings to travel across familiar realities, such as Sonic X, Boom, Archie, the OVA, and others, to stop some great threat against the multiverse, not unlike the Worlds Unite story, but exclusive to Sonic.

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Well I had an idea for Archie Reboot Sonic Universe about Metal Sonic


It starts with Eggman building army of Pseudo Sonics, tiny childlish robots that will be Metal Sonic's sidekicks. Metal hates the idea, but orders are orders. Except during the mission the little guys start worshiping him as "the coolest dude" and are really helpful, and to his own surprise Metal starts liking them.

The mission is failure, Sonic and Tails stop them anyway. But Eggman isn't worried, that was just a test to  see if those guys are fast enough to catch up with Sonic. He reveals to Metal that he put bombs in Pseudos and plans to surprise blow up them while they fight Sonic. During a night Metal walks on sleeping Eggman. He hesitates what to do, but ultimately he just steals detonator.

Next he takes Pseudos to abandoned lab and tries to fix them, but his hands are made for hurting, not healing. He kidnaps Tails and forced his to work on Pseudos. Sonic tracks searches for Tails and finds him alone with Pseudos. After learning what's going on he agrees to help (Tails could probably escape on his own, but decided to stay too). Metal finds with new friends "fraternizing with the enemy". After quick battle that he loses, Metal demands they attack Sonic and Tails, but Pseudos refuse. In anger, Metal pushes detonation button. Sonic grabs everyone and escapes, because Metal wasn't' aware that all bombs were already removed and right next to him.

Sonic brings all Pseudos to Breeze and offers to pay her if she takes care of them. To his surprise she agrees for free. She takes one of Pseudos in arms and looks outside with somber face. Meanwhile Eggman recovers barely working Metal and complains that "he shouldn't doing the plane alone". Metal says nothing, brooding, his hatred for Sonic only rekindled.

also vaguer story about Rouge in Preboot


Rouge is in Felidae/Wolf region. The orb has been stolen again and both countries are ready for war. To stop it, Rouge claims SHE stole the orb. Now she has to find the real culprit, while avoiding pursuers from both sides.


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I would do an espionage story with Espio, Knuckles, Sonic, Tails, and Amy.

I always liked the idea of the spy team Freedom Fighters that were at some point in the Flynn Archie stories... with the redeemed original Mecha Sonic and other characters I'm blanking on; I think Geoffrey St. John was part of it, but was actually becoming a good character? I don't remember the details, I just liked the idea of "Stealth Sonic."

And I like Mission Impossible / spy teamwork stories, but I've never liked most of the "yeah teamwork!" stories in Sonic (Heroes, Forces) because they're sooooo corny. 

So, there's some important list, or gem, or whatever that they need to get, but it's locked away in a vault in the center of a heavily guarded base that hides in plain sight with the front business of a casino / resort with a lot of traffic / people / mobians roaming around. They can't just bust in because bomb locks or xyz plot device, and they can't endanger all of the people there.

Sonic, Espio, and Knuckles have to take on disguises to orchestrate some switcharoo plot mechanics to break in, like Ocean's Eleven, while also goofing up the whole time.

Sonic / Espio / Knuckles would be like a three-way buddy cop dynamic... Sonic is the cool jerk, Espio is the annoyed veteran/ getting too old for this shit, and Knuckles is the hothead who is always getting confused or blowing their cover. 

Tails and Amy coordinate remotely and give conflicting advice to the team. Eventually Amy has to go in for a rescue that only she could do by going undercover with the alias "Princess Sally", a dignitary from another land who deserves royal treatment (and she uses this to gain access to where Sonic/Espio/Knuckles are in the base). 

They would definitely encounter Rouge the Bat already stealing the thing by the time they finally arrive. Rouge swipes it away and then flies away. Tails, in the van, hears this in comm-link and takes flight to chase her down.

To cover her escape, Rouge set an alarm. Sonic, Espio, Knuckles, and Amy are trapped with the full force of G.U.N. coming down quick. 

They tried the stealthy way! Sonic and Knuckles are relieved to be able to drop the disguises, run and bash their way through GUNbots and robot guards. 

Espio and Amy, though, realize there is still information to be gathered. Espio's like, but Tails isn't on the comm-link to coordinate, how will I know where to go? This place is a maze. Amy is like, 'hello, I'm right here. I got the maps, that's what I was doing. Go this way.' Espio and Amy sneak around to download files/collect gems/lists/whatever from different secret rooms around the vault base, while Sonic and Knuckles provide distraction and take the heat and blast their way out through force.

Tails catches Rouge, but she destroys/throws away the macguffin, and she ultimately gets away and gives him a cryptic clue to puzzle over.

The full team regroups later. So, mission:... kinda failure? Tails assesses. It was a tie at worst, says Knuckles. And with the information that Espio & Amy downloaded on the way out, they're back on the hunt and off to the next mission, and Sonic can't wait!

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Shadow: World of Immortal

(Set in the Archie reboot series)

After Eclipse promises Shadow he will be back when everyone he loves will be dead, 100 years into the future, Shadow has conflicted feelings about his immortality, he doesn't want to give in to the darkness and wants to keep Maria's promise but it will be hard without his GUN family, while Shadow doesn't say anything to his friends, Rouge knows what he's thinking, she and Madonna hibernate themselves for 100 years to return just in time for Eclipse's return, by simpling telling Shadow they would go on a mission, but something goes wrong, the emerald they powered the cryogenic machine is removed and they wake up even more years later, the world has changed into something unexpected... a wild and law-free future, where nature has taken over (as well as weird techno/funky culture). But where is Shadow in all of this and what is his alignment right now? What happened to Omega? Is Eclipse back already?


GUN is corrupted, like in the Ark days, led by a descendant of Commander Tower, there is no real law, everyone lives like a rogue, including Shadow, who runs lonely with his classic motorbike in the streets of Green Westopolis and usually drinks and listens to music at a karaoke bar led by singer Miriam Mongoose, Omega is a rusty piece of junk when they find him, Eclipse strangely hasn't returned yet, but Rouge and Madonna haven't found Shadow, when they do find him... he's talking to his half-brother who is JUST now back. I'm thinking Amanda Tower also hibernates along with Rouge and Madonna, meanwhile Julian Snively time travels to the future, to ally (and secretly conspire against the team).

Shadow is reclutant towards both Eclipse and Rouge, but he still wants to do the right thing and decides to join this future version of team Dark, they rebuild Omega, are joined by Madonna, Amanda and Julian Snively, and battle against Eclipse and his now grown aliens, the 4 Dark Knights, as well as their rivalry with New GUN.

I will reveal the ultimate fate of the heroes (and their possible legacy) when I write the story, but I already have it in mind.

I've written down various pages of the fan fiction, in english although I'm not mother language, and though... I'd love if somebody joined me to draw a comic out of it, since I'd love for this future to be really SEEN. It's not dystopian or dark and gritty, it's a weird future, not too bright, not too dark, just... wild. Includes new looks for Team Dark, like Shadow gets a red jacket, Rouge gets a dark blue spy suit and Omega is tinted purple and violet (as a reference to Pumpkin Omega).

I've always wanted to see explored the legacy of Shadow and the issue with his immortality, that kind of controversy, that he will be alone when everyone else dies, so I want to see his future and how Team Dark and Eclipse fit into this. Shadow is NOT a villain in this series, he's the perpetually conflicted protagonist.

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I would do a story where Sonic comes into contact with our universe and has a life crisis when he realizes how much of a joke he has become to people.

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