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Anywhere in the UK to get Archie Comics? :-)


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Hi all, I'm presuming Ebay is my only solution for Archie Comics, but I'm very new to collection anything other than figures so thought I'd ask if anyone knew of any comic book stores that may have some Archie comics here in the UK. I was quite lucky and went into my local Comic Book Store and they had 9 issues for £0.50 each, but other than that I've really struggled to find any Archie stuff (for obvious reasons).

There's a fair amount of great lots on eBay US that I'm considering, but the shipping is an absolute killer (often around $50-$150 for the bigger lots).


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It's hard to say now that the comic is over.

The London comic store Orbital Comics usually had a few back issues, but I haven't been there for over a year, so I dunno.

For online shopping, the only other place I'd recommend outside ebay is mycomicshop.com

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Forbidden Planet had them, as well as their variant covers. I picked up SU94 (variant) when I saw the notification on here that Archie no longer had Sonic on its website. 

Comixology is good for digital copies. 

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If you've got an Android phone, you can still get them on Google Books (I haven't checked to see if they're all on there, but the singles a couple of bucks apiece, and they have quite a few of the collected arcs).

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