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McGroose's Sonic Forces Bosses and Story revisions.


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This topic will be filled with several  spoilers.

I’ve never designed a game or game story before, so please give me any criticism you can, constructive or harsh, I don’t mind. It’s all good in the end.

I can’t emphasize enough just how much Sega screwed up with Forces. I’m used to them messing up the gameplay, but them wasting the story is so depressing. This could’ve been the SATAM style game I’ve been waiting for, but it was so hollow and poorly fleshed out.

I should clarify something first here. In this version of the story, Infinite is only able to make one copy of each villain. They are fully fleshed out and have all of the powers, capabilities, and memories (slightly altered?) of the originals, With Shadow’s case being a SA2-STH hybrid of his memories. Their memories have been altered to have absolute loyalty to Eggman though. Later much weaker variants can be made, nowhere near as good as the originals, which explains why the resistance didn’t get their ass kicked on the final battle. Really, that made no sense. One Shadow, Chaos or Metal Sonic alone should have been enough to devastate their army, right? Either that or they’ll be replaced with generic robots in said battle and the villains could only be copied once throughout the whole story. I like the latter idea more.

The first half of the game, along with getting back Modern Sonic, will focus on rescuing those under Eggman’s rule to form a real resistance. At the beginning, the “resistance” is hardly a resistance at all and they have very little to start with. The second half of the game will be the actual attack against Eggman.

Bosses and Ending:


Metal Sonic

  Would be the implied leader of all robot-led assaults against the resistance where Eggman is not directly involved. He would be a type of general of the forces.

His boss would still take place on the bridge level. Instead of instantly appearing gigantic, he would appear as his normal size at first, with P.R. effects changing his size in two or three phases. Sonic would announce only “Metal!” Before the P.R. effects knock both characters backward. The beginning of the boss would proceed normally. The boss would have two phases, the first phase being very similar to what we have now and he would use a remix of the JP Stardust Speedway instead. There would be more references to the loss Sonic Xtreme boss.

There be more P.R. distortion attacks that send you to an alternative boss track where a remix of Sonic Xtreme’s Lost Boss track would play. Metal Sonic, in this phase, would look like Sonic Heroes’ caped Metal Sonic just for the creep factor. In the distortion world, you would see the Death Egg about to slowly about to crash into the planet. The water below would also be replaced with oil and there would be oil refineries in the oil. It might be hard to tell it’s oil though because of the red filter.

The second phase would occur after the two do that lame ass double boost thing. The double boost would be as fucking lame and would be much harder to pull off. There would be obstacles to avoid, and if the character fails to hit Metal Sonic in time, he gains enough HP for one-two more hits and you have to restart. Careful, if this goes on long enough, the race will end and Sonic and the avatar will die.

Metal Sonic does not “die”, the Double Boost cutscene, if the player succeed, shows the two jumping and, then in slow motion, boosting/homing attacking Metal at a 45-degree angle with such force that Metal bashes right through the road and into the water below.

After the typical gloat/happy scene after beating Metal Sonic, the fight isn’t over yet. Sonic walks forward about to continue in the path, but the Avatar hears something in the Water. Sonic asks, “Yo buddy, you coming or what?” or something like that. While the Avatar still looks in the water, Sonic approaches him and says “What’s taking so long” or “What are you looking at? We took care of Metal!”. During this, the Avatar was looking through the impact site at the water where Metal landed, where a few faint P.R. red cubes can be seen above and in the water, slowly multiplying. When Sonic gets close enough, Metal Sonic bursts out of the water, now reappeared as an equally sized Mecha Sonic.

The two run away further through the bridge and into a tunnel that leads into the city, all the while dodging attacks by Mecha. The camera shows them running through the tunnel into the city, Sonic tells the avatar that there’s no way they can let Metal into the city because it’ll cause more havoc than any Death Egg Robot could. This is the phase of the boss where the US remix we already have would play. They chase off Mecha to a closed off parking lot or something that resembles it.


When the Player is hit by the phantom ruby effect, the background changes into a more standard, plain dark city with the Death Egg incredibly close to the planet and seemingly getting closer to the Earth at an alarming speed. (Ya, as you can tell, I based a lot of this boss of of the Sonic X-treme boss). Again, the same lost boss remix would play here. While under the P.R’s influence, the arena will also have random spots that flash to indicate an energy beam will hit the player there and they need to stay away from it.

One of the attacks that Mecha can do is based on that dummy ring attack he had in S3&K. First, he will stand a still pose like in this manner and the rings will appear and float around him. Throughout the majority of the fight, he will be surrounded in electricity that prevents the player from being able to hit him. The electricity is powered down only once, that being when he is creating the rings (but reactivates once the rings are all ready and are turned into projecticles). The rings will then quickly flash with a red block around them (P.R.) and turn a reddish brown. Mecha will then use them like projectiles at the player. While the rings are still normal, they can be collected. This’ll be the only means of collecting rings outside of a small circle of rings in the arena center at the beginning.

Many of his attacks will be him hitting you in his spiked ball form and he will try to do a lock-on Spindash and a lock on homing attack into you. His impact with the floor and wall will show impact craters and make debris. Other attacks include him bouncing around the arena like a ball and quickly finishing by doing a stomp attack on the center that sends a large shockwave that damages the player and must be jumped over. At this point, Mecha slowly rises to his neutral pose to create the rings and he can be attacked.


Mecha crumbles on the floor and is reduced to the red cubes that disintegrate away and the level is won. This is where the Avatar can start panting from being tired.


I wondered where would be the best place for Chaos since Sega did absolutely nothing with him, but I decided Metropolis would be perfect. Why? Because Infinite’s chaos using the Phantom Ruby there could have been replaced with Chaos instead.

All of those strange Infinite-looking creatures could have easily been replaced with Chaos-looking creations.

The stage would have been flooded at some points, but that doesn’t mean that Chaos can’t form a hand or flipper that could knock the bridge/street down with you on it just the same. It’d be pretty trippy with all of the screen/terrain rotations, but now underwater.

The infinite boss would be replaced with Chaos and it would be strictly for the Avatar. It would be set in the interior of a ruined building in Metropolis with some spots exposed to the water underneath and a large hole filled with water in the middle. It’s solid terrain though, nothing breaks. It’d be similar to the Chaos 4 fight, but Chaos would also be in water and in land. He’d take six hits.

Chaos 1-3 would be typical of the normal Chaos fights; I don’t really need to add much. They’d have the usual attacks, stretchy arms, jumping over terrain and what not.

Chaos 4 would be completely underwater and would only be seen for a little bit. You’d be able to see it swimming through the exposed areas with the right camera angles, and it would jump out from the water looking to land at you, turning into a pool of water on impact, but it still hurts you and pushes you to the side. Chaos 4 will turn back into Chaos 1-3. Which of the three is random, but you’ll still get plenty of times to attack Chaos 1.

Chaos 6 will be underwater in the center of the room, using its long tail and tentacles to randomly attack the player underwater. This is where his P.R distortion attack comes into play. If he hits you, you’re sent to the P.R. version of the map where it’s flooded. It won’t last long enough for you to drown, but it’ll last long enough for the drowning them to start and you’ll just barely escape drowning. When the scene is now normal Chaos 6 would then transform into Chaos 4 to do that jump attack and transform back into Chaos 1-3.

Chaos would change forms between Chaos 1-6 several times here. Chaos 7 would only be seen in the background as strangely deformed versions of Chaos 7 destroying and flooding the city.


Shadow would be Modern’s boss. He would fight him on the Death Egg, where Shadow is in charge of all operations going on there (Under Eggman’s orders of course). The cells were a cool detail in the Zavok boss I really wish was expanded upon in the story to show how the Death Egg contained hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of prisoners. Well, now it does and Shadow is in charge of said prisoners, all awaiting their robotization for either putting up the most resistance against Eggman, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

The first part will be a mixture of the SA2 Mystic Forest and the Rise of Lyric Shadow boss (alright, hear me out on this one). By this I mean that he’ll keep his dash attack from Rise of Lyric and shoot Chaos Shards in a similar manner. He can also homing attack Spindash. He’ll also shoot a small Chaos blast charged by the P.R which, if it hits you, shows all the prisoners in the cells being pushed outside into the abyss below by the backwalls of the cells moving forward and pushing them out. You’ll also see a massive Eggman Empire banner in the background. Shadow would take a total of 8 hits.

Shadow will only provide a few opportunities to let you homing attack into him, mainly because he’ll either be surrounded by a field of red energy during the dash attacks, he’ll be too high up shooting his Chaos attacks at you or because he’ll be in his ball form and Sonic will just bounce off of him. You’ll only get a few inbetween moments to homing attack on him. Once his health reaches half way, a cutscene shows Sonic dodging a Chaos shard and Homing attacking Shadow off of the edge of the platform. Shadow falls and Sonic watches, but Shadow gains his composition midway through the fall and boosts to a track that wraps around the Death Egg interior walls. Sonic frowns and then jump boosts to the same spots Shadow’s at. The boss is pretty much the same as the Shadow’s fight in SA2 now, only the path is now circular and isn’t level since it winds upward. Once Shadow gets hit for the last time, Sonic roundhouse kicks him midair off of the track and into the abyss below. Midway through the fall, Shadow explodes into a small burst of red cubes, revealing he was a fake. Sonic looks around at his surroundings and jokes about how he’s going to need more than one ship probably won’t be enough to free the prisoners.

Once the real Shadow joins the resistance, he’s still looked upon with a cold shoulder by other non-important resistance members because several of them were held prisoner under Shadow’s watch.


Classic would’ve been assigned with the rescue of all of the slaves being held captive here being forced to work inside and outside of the mines.

Zavok would be Classic’s boss and instead of using the Hornet, he would use Metal Sonic Kai from Knuckles Chaotix!. He’d be fought in a new level, an idea I had was something like Lava Reef, but Eggman-ified (something like Mustafar?) filled with mines.

The dragon would occasionally shoot a P.R, powered beam from it’s mouth, that, if it hits Sonic, shows meteors and lave falling from the sky in an apocalyptic type manner with all of the captives/slaves He’d have all of the original attacks that Metal Sonic Kai had, just with Zavok being on top. Once you hit Kai enough, Zavok would fall off and he’d be on the floor where Classic Sonic can hit him. Zavok only has an easily dodgable punch and when he’s hit once, He’ll quickly jump back up to Kai’s head. Zavok will only have 4 hits, but the waiting period between each hit won’t exactly be brief.


For the last hit, Kai will try a kamikaze type move and try to “bite” the level terrain Sonic is on, and Kai’s head will be so submerged in the terrain & lava that Zavok will be close enough to hit. The last hit triggers a cutscene that shows Sonic pushing him off Kai and Zavok stumbles off into a pit of lava.

Once Zavok is defeated and falls in the Lava, with a small little burst of Red cubes from the Lava implying his death, Silver and Charmey announce to Amy that Zavok’s been defeated and that the prisoners are ready for rescue, and Amy says that ships have arrived and are ready to transport prisoners. The camera pans out and you can see several resistance ships coming from the background ready to pick up the prisoners, with loud cries of joy being heard and everyone cheering Sonic's name. Then the stage ends.

I also made my own completely revised ending since the one we got in the game was pretty dull... along with the rest of the game itself.


By the end of the game, Eggman is captured. The pre-final scene shows Eggman in hand-cuffs, dragged by Vector and Espio before being thrown on the ground before Sonic, Knuckles and Tails. Charmy was just following for now. Knuckles announce that he’ll be held on trial for his crimes and will be imprisoned until further notice (and most likely for life… until he obviously escapes in 2 or so days after his sentence). Eggman tries to manipulate Sonic by saying that without him, Sonic would have been a nobody, to which Sonic responds that he doesn’t care about purpose and that he just wants to make sure that insane people like him can’t hurt anyone anymore and that he’ll never win because he’s never known anything about friendship once in his life and how he’ll always be alone. With that, Eggman, grumbling to himself and looking more saddened than angry is dragged away by the Vector and Espio. Charmey stings Eggman’s ass while saying “move it, Egghead!” Eggman jumps back up to his feet and quickly gets angry, calling him a “lousy, good for nothing bee” (because he really is sometimes). The actual final scene is something you unlock if you get all of the red rings.


A remix of Robotnik’s AOSTH theme plays. Eggman is in a courtroom, judged Nuremburg style with several generic guards/soldiers in the room and the judge is a bear in typical judge’s attire, wears a judge/parliament wig and has a white beard. It’s slightly serious, but still clearly goofy. One side has a jury’s box with a bunch of random animal characters, along with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Classic, Silver, Shadow and the avatar on one side and on the other side is a jury’s box with more random characters and the rest of the main supporting cast (Rogue, Charmey, Vector, etc). The judge says “Dr Ivo Kinbotor “Eggman” Robotnik (is that his full name?), you’ve been charged with the following crimes and atrocities” he then pulls out a long scroll that rolls all the way down from his desk to Eggman’s chair. The judge then starts to read a grocery list of all of his crimes, which, as the subtle fade away + timer indicates, takes 30 minutes. Sonic has his arms crossed while Knuckes is wide-eyed and Tails says “This’ll take a while”. Each transition shows a progression of five minutes in, each with the jury having their own unique reactions to the charges being listed and Eggman uncomfortably shifting in his chair awkwardly and anxiously while hearing them.

By the time the judge finishes reading the list after 30 minutes, Eggman is covering his face with his hands because he’s both tired and worried. Sonic is trying to stay awake and Tails has to kick his foot to keep him awake, smiling when Sonic suddenly wakes up startled and then recovers his composition. Eggman protests, demanding that one of his rights is that to an attorney. The judge agrees, and tells the guards to send him in. Eggman hesitantly asks “Wait, who is “him”, your honor?” Big the Cat then comes stumbling in the room in a 4-piece grey suit with a briefcase filled with papers leaking out and sits next to Eggman with a loud *thud*. Eggman says “You’ve got to be kidding me…” while Big says “Me and Froggy are here to defend our defendant!” Froggy then jumps on the Eggman’s desk. Sonic starts laughing, then everyone starts to laughs after that, even the judge is laughing as he’s trying to call for order in the court. While everyone is laughing, Froggy then jumps on Eggman’s head and He makes a depressed frown and sighs. Froggy croaks and the screen blacks out. Roll credits.

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I hope the courtroom ending is just a trick meant to distract players from the true Last Story of the game: here’s how it could go.


If you meet certain criteria in addition to the Red Rings, the screen shatters when Froggy hops on Eggman’s head, revealing Infinite again.

The first part is a Mega Man-styled teleporter room with six teleporters that warp you to various bosses. These battles are rematches of the prior villains, but redone in a new way. 

Chaos has finally become Perfect Chaos, with more of a snaggletoothed look akin to its Fleetway Version. It fights Super Sonic within the ruins of the Death Egg 1, throwing bits of ruins to attack in addition to all of its original attacks. Occasionally, it also calls in the Finalhazard to open fire. Make the Finalhazard shots hit Chaos to deal extra damages. When all seems lost and Chaos is about to chow down... in comes the REAL Chaos (and Tikal) to aid you! Once this faker dissipates, she guides you out.


Metal Sonic’s fight starts with a gauntlet of prior Sonic-bots, in chronological order. Once that’s done, he turns into Neo Metal Sonic, ready to fight Modern. Neo Metal Sonic turns into Metal Madness as Classic  leaps in, and then Metal Overlord As the Avatar arrives. He then swats away classic after taking enough hits, and turns into Metal Sonic Kai. The real Metal Sonic can also be seen cheering in the background.


Shadow turns into Super Shadow to duel the Super Sonics. After beating him, the real Shadow appears, seemingly dying as he takes down his faker. “Tell Tikal I love her...” are his last words.


Zavok is now riding Dark Gaia as his mount, which also does attacks like Iblis and the Biolizard as a homage. You have to knock Zavok off of Dark Gaia to attack either one of them. After this, Zavok merges with Dark Gaia, and becomes Perfect Dark Gaia with an aura around her. Classic flies in 3D on a Modern-driven Tornado to hit the weak points on the shield, while Modern dives down onto Gaia’s eye. After that’s over, Zavok and Dark Gaia finally dissipate.


For Infinite, he attacks by summoning translucent illusions of spinoff villains (Erazor, Black Knight, Black Doom, Nega, Captain Whisker, etc.)


Eggman uses a gauntlet of prior mechs to fight.


after beating them down, Classic Sonic fades away for good, resembling Blaze’s “death” in Sonic 2006. His smoky spirit enters Modern, reminding him of Chip. The next part reveals Black Doom and Mephiles were in on this, and together with Infinite, they Escape. You’re headed for the ARK. Eggman’s courtroom is seen again, where Big unzips himself to reveal Blaze, in Sonic meme attire. She orders Eggman killed. He is sent to an execution chamber to be slaughtered for his crimes. 


On the ARK, Mephiles challenges you to consecutive fights with Black Doom, Devil Doom, Infinite, the Kyodai Eggman Robo, Alf-Wayla-la-Layla, and the Ifrit before he re-awakens Iblis from within Tikal, has you fight Iblis, and merges With Iblis, Black Doom, And Infinite to become a new Solaris. The Avatar stayed behind in court to watch Eggman’s execution. Sonic then turns into Hyper Sonic, joined by Hyper Knuckles and Hyper Silver. After defeating Solaris in a battle that appears across continuities, Knuckles and Silver head home, as Sonic and a grieving Tikal return to the planet to find it worse than before. Meanwhile, Eggman, in a new body and voice, does a Pieta on Blaze whilst seething “It’s Showtime...” 

“To be continued” is shown.


My point is that the secret ending should be more satisfying than goofy, and a game of this caliber deserves a Last Story. but very nice work on the bosses.

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"whilst seething" I laughed way to hard at this.

Well, what I had in mind wasn't quite as... extravagant as that, but I've got several more story details I plan to add. I'm trying to work in the possibilities of realism here, and as great as a clusterfuck like that would be, I don't think Sega would ever make a game like that. Even 06 didn't go that far and beyond story-wise.

I'm basically just trying to make Sonic Forces feel more fleshed out in terms of story content like Unleashed was.

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4 minutes ago, McGroose said:

"whilst seething" I laughed way to hard at this.

Well, what I had in mind wasn't quite as... extravagant as that, but I've got several more story details I plan to add. I'm trying to work in the possibilities of realism here, and as great as a clusterfuck like that would be, I don't think Sega would ever make a game like that. Even 06 didn't go that far and beyond story-wise.

I'm basically just trying to make Sonic Forces feel more fleshed out in terms of story content like Unleashed was.

That’s cool. So you plan a true and more satisfying finale in addition to the courtroom one? And also, I was planning on whatever sequel/DLC that happens after to be even more epic.

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8 minutes ago, Miragnarok said:

That’s cool. So you plan a true and more satisfying finale in addition to the courtroom one? And also, I was planning on whatever sequel/DLC that happens after to be even more epic.

My inclusion of foreign bosses, besides previously made Eggman machines, ends with Shadow, Zavok, Chaos and Metal. The court room is an absolute end, a joke scene mimicking the final cutscenes with Eggman we see in Unleashed, Colors and Generations in terms of humor. My description of the ending isn't complete either.

The end, final level and it's battles and all, takes place in Eggmanland. Eggman will be the pre final boss against Modern while an enraged Infinite, for reasons I'll explain later, will be the real final boss against both Sonic's and the avatar.

I'll describe a little scene foreshadowing future possibilities with Infinite for the final cutscene later. That comes after the court cutscene.

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Bosses sound nice, but I think you're overestimating the budget Sonic Team had.

But ending... no, just no. Sorry for saying this but you're replacing straightforward lacking ending, with complicated lacking ending.

 Putting Eggman in jail is pointless if we know he'll escape for next game. It's just raises questions why Sonic never did that. And that "manipulation" just comes from nowhere, not sure if it fits Sonic/Eggman relation. They not Lex Luthor/Superman.

(Also, I would put Chaos in Chemical Plant. Not only this zone lacks a boss, but also combining him with Mega Muck would add unique spin to the boss. Finally I would show his Chaos 3 and 5 forms)

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I like the idea of characters reacting to shadow being, or rather fake shadow being bad. But I would kind of like it, shadow was... shadow's boss. Like if we are creating hypothetical game scenario's, that would be a fantastic like surprise. You get mid game, you think are gonna fight shadow, real shadow shows up, he fights and beats himself. He explains why he's been gone unlike the game. And then you unlock him. 

Do you know how hype that would be. They didn't tell you, no DLC no nothing. You get to the mid point of the game, you unlock shadow and he gets his own remixed levels and shit. 


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9 hours ago, MetalSkulkBane said:

Bosses sound nice, but I think you're overestimating the budget Sonic Team had.

But ending... no, just no. Sorry for saying this but you're replacing straightforward lacking ending, with complicated lacking ending.

 Putting Eggman in jail is pointless if we know he'll escape for next game. It's just raises questions why Sonic never did that. And that "manipulation" just comes from nowhere, not sure if it fits Sonic/Eggman relation. They not Lex Luthor/Superman.

(Also, I would put Chaos in Chemical Plant. Not only this zone lacks a boss, but also combining him with Mega Muck would add unique spin to the boss. Finally I would show his Chaos 3 and 5 forms)

With the exception of new locations, many of these game choices wouldn't have really impacted the budget much. If they couldn't put slightly revised bosses in their game and add one boss, their budget is a joke.

Sonic isn't really the one arresting him as it is everyone else. Imagine Sonic telling the resistance to just let him go because he'll just escape anyway. What kind of resistance would just say "lol alright" and let their crazy arch nemesis just leave? It's Eggman, he's always able to escape, but the whole point of the resistance is to at least try to oppose him in the first place. Regarding Eggman, Silver once said "That;s one more thing he'll answer for". That gave me the impression that they were trying to capture him. I doubt the resistance would just let him go after giving him a time out. My description of the ending isn't finished yet either. I'd hardly even call it complicated. 

It also doesn't really fit Sonic/Eggman's "relationship" to have Sonic tortured for 6 months now, right? What even is their relationship? It goes all over the place and Eggman has been manipulative plenty of times. He's quite manipulative in fact. He manipulated Knuckles and Shadow in multiple games, he tried to manipulate the world into thinking he was now a good guy in Colors, he manipulated the Babylon Rogues and he's probably manipulated several others in the comics.  A lot of the story in this game comes from "nowhere", but I wouldn't say it doesn't fit Eggman's character, minus the possibility that he may have fucking died at the end of the game.

You're right about Chemical Plant lacking, I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

As far as episode Shadow is concerned, I'm not quite sure what to do with them yet. Shadowlax's idea of Shadow fighting Shadow is a great concept, I'm just not sure how to implement it.

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