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We should be careful how we approach reviewing Sonic Forces


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Do you really think we haven't tried?

I like to think there is a lot of people here that are pretty verbose and consistent about what they expect from the franchise, to the point that we even have several working proof of concepts of these ideas in motion. It's bad enough that Sega constantly bastardizes any feedback that hear like some kind of dumbass monkey's paw, not that that's ever been in any way our fault, but here's the thing - making Sega's design notes for them should not be our fucking responsibility. If they could just make and polish a good game it'd never come to that - the only reason it has is because Sonic Team has seemingly forgotten how to make games anymore, and is content to coast on the few lucky success stories they manage until they manage to bleed them dry.

If Sonic Team is constantly miscommunicating their western input and consistently fucking up outside of that, that's on them, not us. Nothing will change until they get a team that actually gives a damn.

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Yeah I think what you have to keep in mind with Sonic Team and SEGA is it's not the reaction, it's how they interpret the reaction, and they're pretty tone deaf in that regard. Take Mania for example. A "classic" game is something fans have asked for rather explicitly for ages, resulting in two episodes of Sonic 4 before finally coalescing years later in Mania. Even then, Mania is guilty of a quality that's become an issue as of the late, which is overusing old levels. Blacklighting kinda hit the nail on the head, it's a monkey's paw scenario. You just have to hope that whenever the finger curls you're not going to get shafted too badly.

This is partly why I think a lot of people float the idea of a management shakeup. There's something fundamental in the way Sonic Team and SEGA engage the creative process and feedback that is just busted, and it's clear as day from their business practices, marketing, and the products they release.

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