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Rank all the Non-Dr. Eggman villains


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If People ask me what my favorite character in movies, videogames, comics or tv series are, than my answer would be most of the time the same: The villains. Even though most of the time they do really horrible things and are overall really unlikable characters, the villains are still for me the most interesting character to watch. The villains actually for most of the time are the reasons why the heroes have a motivation for their journey in the story or even sometimes the villains give our heroes a backstory for their own. A villain is sometimes pretty much the important aspect for a story to happen. The Heroes has to overcome his emotions, his feelings and his personal issues so that he can defied the bad guy and can save the loved ones he or she cares the most.

Their are many franchises out there who have a great portfolio of interesting villains. Sometime their are even more of he star of the show than the actual hero. The Batman series is a great example of that. It has so many great villains with their own tragic backstory like with Mr. Freeze, the Penguin or Harley Quinn. Those are some really good example for creating some great bad guys. Just like the heroes the bad guys also have to have a motivations for their actions. And if they do not have real motivations or a tragic backstory, than at least their have to be entertaining in their own rights like with Lord Hater from Wander over Yonder or Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants. 

Also the Sonic series over the past years offered us a big variety of villains that are not Dr. Eggman. Some are good, some are interesting to watch and some are downright awful excuses for villains. I also only want to talk about the villains in the game series. So no villains from the cartoons or comics. It would take ages to analyze each bad guy Sonic and his friends ever faced of. So their for I only want to focus on the main bad guys from the games and want to see which of them, that isn't the  awesome and really entertaining Dr. Eggman, is/was actually a very good villain ant want to rank them from best to worst. 

I personally do not count Shadow, Rouge or the Babylon Rouges because I see them more as rivals rather than villains. So let's finally get started. 

1. Merlina / Dark Queen
Believe it or nor but in my eyes I see her as best written villain in the entire series. I mean it. She has everything a good villain needs. She has her own goals and motivations, she also explains to the audience why she is doing all those horible things, she is unlike the others not evil for the sake of been evil and the best part of her is, that we the audience do not know that she will be the true villain of the story. So bonus point for that Sonic Team. I also like it that she was not killed at the end of the story and also sees that her action were wrong. Merlina is over all a very realistic portrait villain. And a good example how Sonic Team and Sega should have written their villains. Don't give them stupid goals, don't make them just evil, let the audience see that their are just as humans as the heroes are. If Sega will ever make another villains again, they really should take Merlina as a template for this.

2. Chaos
Chaos was the start of a trend of overpowered beasts / demons / gods / monsters that Dr. Eggman tried to control for his own purposes and goals only that they bite him at the end of the games. Chaos does actually a pretty decent job for the first monster of the week in this series. He has a backstory with Tikal, he has some sort of own motivations for his actions, since he is pretty much chaos himself in a physical form and he has also got a really nice connection with Tikal. I also like it, that Chaos is just like Merlina not evil for the sake of been evil. He actually is a really heartwarming creature and only gets corrupted if someone uses him and his power for their own selfish and vicious goals. 

3. The Deadly Six
Okay no we are going more into the mediocre side. The Deadly Six are actually okay in my book as villains. I actually like the Deadly Six. Sure they pretty much one dimensional personalities, but so does almost every other character in this universe. I find actually all of them entertaining in their won ways. The only real downsides with them is that they are villains with out a backstory and with out their own motivations. We actually learn nothing out about them. We do not now what the Deadly Six actually are. Are their aliens, demons, devils or evil spirits? In my opinion their are just wasted potential. I really want to see them again in a next game. Because I think they can be really good recurring villains. 

4. Metal-Sonic
I see Metal Sonic at this point as the secondary villain of the franchise after Dr. Eggman. And so far Metal Sonic did not really a bad job of being Sonic's second worst nemesis. He has his own motivations for defeating Sonic, because Metal things he is the real Sonic, he also has a conations to Dr. Eggman because Eggman was the one who created him and he also has a really threatening design and appearance. The only real downside on him is, that they used him more as a simple boss in most of his appearances. It would be more interesting to see him interact with Sonic or other characters more, so that we can understand his motivation a bit better.

5. Lyric
He is just like the Deadly Six wasted potential. He could easily be just as a great villain as Chaos or Merlina. He has got his own motivations, he actually has a reason to hate the nature because of what the other ancients did to him. Lyric has everything you need to create a good villain. But since Sonic Boom is such a butchered mess of a game it also seems they had to cut everything revolving around Lyric's backstory. To bad. I really thing he could be a great bad guy. 

6. Erazor Djinn
This guy is just a big waste of time. He is nothing more than the next evil dude to defeat. Nothing more I can tell about him. He has a really moronic way to get to his goals and also has no real motivation for his evil nature. He is just evil for the sake of been evil. The only good part of him is his connection with Shahra. I actually like this idea that Shahra was in love with him. That could actually be a good way to bring in some drama. I just wish they could focus a bit more on it. You wouldn't even notice that part of the story because it was mention in s split of a second.

7. Mephilies the Dark
Mephilies is by all means not a good villain. He is just a stereotypical texture book villain: He tries to bring Shadow on the dark side, he has no real motivations besides destroying time and space for the heck of doing it, has no interesting personality besides been evil and he has not even got a good design. He is nothing more than recolored crystal version of Shadow. And the way he tries to achieve his goal is really the most idiotic way of doing it. He manipulates so many characters in the story so that they can do all the dirty work for him. But in the end you can see that he did not had to go true all of this. He could easily kill Sonic by himself, he could easily collect all the chaos emeralds by himself, he could easily merge with Iblis by himself, because he can time travel at will. Their is no real motivation in all of his actions. Mephilies is with out a doubt one of the most moronic villain in the entire series. 

8. Black Doom
Black Doom is just a big bore to watch. Out of all the villains on my list he is definitively the most boring to watch. He has no real motivations besides killing or enslaving all humans for the sake of that he can do it. He has no real personality besides being evil. The worst part of Black Doom is however his backstory with Shadow. Black Doom played a big part in Shadows creation but we never see those two interact in a meaningful way, we barley see how Black Doom tries to convince Shadow to become one of his minions, we barley see any personality traits, motivations or anything from this guy. Not even his design is really interesting. He is easily one the most forgettable villain of this series. The only kidna cool thing about him is his Dr. Claw like voice, but that's about it. 

8. Iblis
Their is not much to say about Iblis. He is just an elemental beast like Chaos but with out a personality or a backstory. He doesn't even have a really cool, memorable design like him.  

9. Dark Gaia
Their is also not much to say about Dark Gaia either. He is just another elemental beast of the week only this time with an earth theme. Okay Sega and Sonic Team. We have a water beast, a fire beast and an earth beast. So where is the beast of the wind? If you do an Avatar styled villain theme than also have the guts to finish it!

10. Dr. Eggman Nega
Okay, a lot of you guys will probably disagree with me here, but for me Dr. Eggman Nega is with out the doubts the most boring, forgettable and over all uncreative villain this franchise ever created. He is just a re-colored version of Dr. Eggman. He is not an one-to-one clone of Eggman. He has his own character quirks but at the end he is jus like Dr. Eggman. He is just not very interesting and memorable. It would be better if Eggman Nega was also a gender swapped version of Dr. Eggman like Blaze is for Sonic. Why not having a female evil genius like Dr. Eggman? That would have been more interesting for me. At teh end, their both egg shaped, mad scientists who want to conquer the world and have an colorful anthropomorphic animal as their archenemy who can turn into a super form with the help of seven colorful magical gems. Nothing about him screams originality.      

So what do you thing. Do you agree with me or do you think that these villains are actually all good or bad? Let me know in you comments.

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I'm not going to bother ranking most of them, because most of them are trash. Black Doom, Mephiles, Chaos, Dark Gaia, Iblis, Ifirit, etc. are all boring and forgettable. Metal Sonic works best as Eggman's minion, not a solo villain. However, I will make mention of the non-Eggman villains I actually like (and yes, there are a few). In no particular order:


Professor Gerald Robotnik - The true main antagonist of Sonic Adventure 2, Gerald orchestrated his revenge scheme to destroy the world from beyond the grave, setting everything into motion - playing Shadow and even his own grandson for pawns in his sick game. Gerald comes across as more than just a generic "destroy the world" villain, however, as he has a real element of tragedy to him. He was once an idealistic scientist who wanted to help humanity, and lost his sanity after being betrayed by the very government he conducted his research for, who destroyed everything and everyone that mattered to him. His descent into madness even gave Eggman pause, who reflected in disappointment on how far his childhood hero had fallen.

Fang the Sniper - A secondary antagonist of Sonic Triple Trouble, Fang displayed a ton of character without a word of dialogue. He was an arrogant show-off, but also cowardly and quick to bail once things didn't go his way. A villain motivated by monetary gain rather than power, Fang brought a new angle to the series, and I think it's a crying shame that he hasn't appeared in the modern games at all. Bonus points to Bark and Bean, who I'd also like to see return along with Fang.

Grand Battle Kukku XV - The villain of Tails Adventure, this was the first time we saw an animal character with aspirations for world domination. I think bringing him and his army back as a rival faction for Eggman and his robots could be interesting, because they aren't these darker, edgier bad guys like the Black Arms; They're just as colorful and goofy as Eggman himself is, and could make for some interesting conflicts between the two villainous sides.

Witchcart - A crazy old crone who rides around in a minecart, threatening to turn dissenters into crystal - an ability that she never actually demonstrates in-game. I love this character because of how absurd she is. Is she a witch? Is she just a loony old bat pretending to be a witch? What's her deal? I feel like Witchcart would be absolutely hilarious in a modern game, and I definitely appreciate Ian Flynn (kind of) bringing her into the Archie comics.

Eggman Nega - He pales in comparison to the original, but he's not awful. Nega is to chaos what Eggman is to order; While Eggman wants to conquer and rule the world, Nega wants to plunge it into disarray - creating, in his own words, a "glorious age of chaos." Nega is basically an Eggman without any of the original's redeeming qualities. Eggman seeks to build an empire, but Nega seeks to destroy what's already there. So while I think Eggman is a far more compelling and likable character, Nega is still an interesting dark reflection of Eggman, and could be a decent antagonist in - say - an Eggman game.

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