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(Spoiler?) Sonic Mania's First Boss Fight Revealed on twitch.tv (check inside for footage)

Indigo Rush

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26 minutes ago, Sonicfan287 said:

So, I love how they're using this boss again, Makes a cool little surprise for the first level. 

Having said that, I hope the rest of the Act 2 bosses aren't just reused bosses from other zones appearing in different places. I could see them reusing the Final Zone fight in some capacity or even other final bosses. I could even see them reusing the Angel Island boss in Chemical Plant, using it to set the chemicals on fire or something. Again, I love this boss, just hoping for new Robotnik bosses in future levels. 

I think it would be interesting to mash up the Final Zone and Quartz Quadrant bosses, but I agree that I don't want all the bosses to be quite so heavily referential.  Some, maybe; Death Egg Robot really sells itself.  That boss is really good for the pure bravado of it - the iconic final boss of the most popular Sonic game is the very first boss of the game - and it kind of exemplifies the agenda of the Mania project of reviving and renewing old material with new ideas and a new approach.  But I'd like the relationship between other bosses and classic material to in general be a bit more... oblique?  We're already pretty certain that classic minibosses are drastically reimagined versions of the original zone bosses, so that frees up the bosses themselves to have fewer limits in where their ideas are sourced.  Of course, I expect the bosses in the new levels to be truly new, so I'm not complaining if the bosses of the classic zones don't set themselves to that standard, but they can homage the classics without always being ruled by them.  They played Death Egg Robot comparatively straight, and it works really well, but it would be interesting too to see a classic boss do something completely crazy and unexpected.

Basically, I want Mania to embrace all possibilities, all positions on the scale of classic to new.  That will mean something for everyone.  Well, that might be an impossible ideal, but from what we've seen so far I believe the Mania team can approach it.

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