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Badnik Mechanic

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6 hours ago, JackIsInTheStadium said:

But besides that, I have something to say, we did something, and it was something that no other gaming franchise fans have ever done, we used memes like we always did in the past, we ignored the internet, instead of making whatever there is as a meme, we made a huge mistake, and while we were making memes like we did, it was too much, we brought back something, it's not Sonic, because we always talk negative about him, it is Bubsy, We are Sonic fans, only to revive Bubsy, we have went too far with what we had and now, because jokes become reality, they are not jokes, they are seriouses but we need to remember this, What could possibly go wrong.

lol, Aaron already said that they had no idea or acknowledgement of the Bubsy thing.

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Just wanted to clarify what I said in an earlier post, I like Sonic 2006 and don't like the Shadow game for several reasons, however I do like the CG cutscenes. I never played Shadow, because I bought it from goodwill for $5 and it was so scratched it didn't work. I have the Xbox 360 version of Sonic 2006 and have not experienced any major glitches, except one with shadow on a couple of levels where teleporting you wind up falling off a cliff or out of the level, other than that none whatsoever. I like 2006 mostly because of the CG cutscenes, the number of playable characters, removal of weapons from Shadow and also not being able to play the adventure Sonic games because of only having PS2, 360 and 3DS and not being able to find a Dreamcast or Gamecube in good condition cheap. Sonic Boom Fire and Ice I haven't tried yet, the classic games are alright but I like the Modern Sonic and Boom games more, however I can't play Rise of Lyric because I don't have a Wii U, unless they port it over to other systems. If Rise of Lyric was multi-platform it might've been better for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360/One, Wii U and PC.

I also have Sonic Unleashed and Generations for 360 and Lost World for 3ds and Sonic Mega Collection Plus for PS2 and plan on getting Sonic Boom Fire and Ice for 3DS to try the Boom games mostly because I like the show. Now the other games in my collection are better than Sonic 2006. I like 2006 a little more than the classic games, but I still like all the Sonic games in my collection alot, because Sonic is my #1 video game franchise above Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank.

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So, any word yet on who is preforming the vocals for Park Avenue (Custom Character)?

I can only assume that at this point everyone involved with the OST is under some sort of NDA until closer to release. Still, this does bode well; vocal tracks are something that has been sorely missing from recent Sonic games.

Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the full version of this song.

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19 hours ago, Roger_van_der_weide said:

Hmm, I find it hard to care about what the badniks look like for the quarter of a second they're on screen before Sonic/ Bob the Accountant flamethrow/Boost their tragic remains into outerspace. As long as the bosses/ Set piece induced stronger enemies look more impressive.

Call me crazy, but I'd consider that less of a defense of poor enemy design and more of a denigration of how enemies are way too wimpy to justify even being in the game.  There does come a point in power disparity when the stronger party and its victory stops looking awesome and just starts looking boring, and right now, based on how it looks in action, the Sonics' and OC's simple elimination of enemies feels less like a mongoose or honey badger defeating a venomous snake, and more like me stepping on an ant with my shoe.

Shocked as I am to say it, I think Shadow the Hedgehog had more of the right idea on combat; not as in, we should give everyone guns (although the OC is getting them, anyway), but that it's alright to put in enemies that have some HP and can truly kill you if you don't stop what you're doing and fight them.  That's especially true because they seem to be going all grimdark again with this game.  If they really want to sell me that something's at stake from these rampaging robots, they should nail it home by showing how said robots can kill me.

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Lost World had enemies a little like that, and I think the problem there is that the players, and often enough the designers too, don't want Sonic to have to slow down or stop to defeat an enemy.  It runs contrary to the principles of the Boost games - and furthermore, the nature of the Boost games is such that you don't have any way of defeating enemies which isn't an easy blunt instrument.  There are only really two ways to approach an enemy in a 3D Boost game: You either beat them easily with the Boost or the Homing Attack, or you just go past them.  It's hard to make enemies both "quick to beat" and "actually dangerous."

In the 2D games, when confronted with an enemy, you basically had two options for how to attack them: Horizontally, and vertically.  That is, you could spindash into them or jump into the side of them, or you could hit them from directly below or above, depending on the nature of the badnik in question.  This also applies to how you'd go about simply avoiding them, actually.  But neither of those processes were as automated and one-button as the Boost and Homing Attack; you needed a certain measure of precision.  And yet because the speeds are lower and your movement directions more limited, it's comparatively easy to make relatively sophisticated movements to hit even a complex enemy - and if you can't figure out where to hit them, then you can still figure out how to dodge them and move on.  But in the Boost games, there's only really one direction you can approach most enemies from: The front.  You Boost into them or Homing Attack them, both of which are basically just one-button procedures with no timing element, and other than that, there's no other option for how to confront them.  Jumping on them in the manner of, say, jumping on a Motobug isn't really viable because of the speed Sonic moves at and the extra precision it requires in 3D.  You would also gain nothing from jumping on them, either; no boost in height or momentum.  So in a Boost game, if you don't attack them from the front, you just go past them.  This is why a lot of enemies in Boost games are more like platforming gimmicks; Homing Attack chains to get you to higher ground or to traverse platforms quickly.

As such, my approach to making more dangerous and sophisticated enemies in a Boost game would be to make ones which are harder to hit, but also easier and more legitimate to dodge.  You can stop and figure them out if you want, and maybe you'll get a reward for doing so, like a shortcut or a red ring.  But you can just as easily decide that you don't want to bother and choose any direction to go around them.  Enemies like that can be more complex obstacles rather than things which just die usefully or stylishly.

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