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My thoughts on the Sonic shows.


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SatAM isn't really in my league. It's pretentious as all hell and the intro is misleading. Sonic X wasn't all that great. The strongest part of the show was Eggman. Sonic Underground was a bad idea from the getgo. Sonic Boom is really funny, but Knuckles' stupidity reaches depressing levels. Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog is...really good to me. I like slapstick and visual gags and this show has plenty of them. The show is poorly written, but it doesn't need a solid story if it's supposed to be comedy. It does what it's supposed to do and does a good job at it. It falls into the "So bad it's good." category.  I've never read the comics but I've heard they follow Sonic SatAM's continuity so I probably wouldn't enjoy them very much.

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Archie was never directly the same continuity as SatAM. It was built off of the same story outlines and occasionally had similar problems because the setting was pretty much identical, but it was generally fairly different in tone and charaterization/writing (for better and worse) than SatAM was and it never had the more blatant problems that SatAM had due to being a Saturday morning cartoon in 1993. The comic was almost always left to its own devices instead (again, for better and worse).

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I always thought Archie Sonic was a pretty good mix between SatAM and AoSTH.  At least, it was up until Ken Penders started shoving his DeviantArt OC's into every nook and cranny and the whole story went to Hell.  But I mean, it legit started out really good, and the post-reboot issues are also pretty entertaining in their own right.

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