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It's not often that I actually see Ad's containing Sonic all over it.

Was browsing KissCartoon then this came up after clicking the ad.


Any of you seen this before?



Oh btw I wouldn't download the content. It seems to be a virus: :(

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If a site has adaptive ads that are specialized according to your internet history, then you're prone to see a lot of those, even ones with Sonic.

But yeah, I would never recommend downloading or signing up for anything that comes from a Flash banner ad.  It's a good way to get a virus or your identity stolen or something like that.  I'd advise avoiding clicking them as much as possible in fact.


EDIT- I also removed the links since they contain viruses.  Don't want anyone to accidentally click that lol.

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None of the LINKS contained virus. Only if you had clicked further and actually confirm downloading the addon (for Chrome obviously), then according to alot of reviews, the app, or game itself would be bad for your PC.

Just wanted to let you know, since it was not meant as an attack of any kind :P Only as discovering facts.


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