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You really cannot expect Sonic Team to account for every single insignificant detail though, right? It's just us being annoying fans running through every game with a fine comb in order to spot any inaccuracies. I guess the important point is the main plot works and their are no major holes, just a few leaps of logic maybe.

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Then again not all of the fans sat there and wondered how Tails was able to get to apotos soo fast, just a small amount.

Anyways.... I'm waiting to see what continent is next for download.

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The main thing I want to know is: What hit Tails in that cutscene? Did Eggman shoot him with a missle? Did one of Eggman's robots hit him? Did Tails randomly have a seizure and spin out of control?

As far as I remember, the game never revealed it...

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LOL I'm assuming that eggy shot him down with the eggyland defense system.

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Maybe the signal that Eggman was using to control different parts of Eggmanland was on the same radio frequency as Tails was using on the communicator, and that somehow malfunctioned and caused the plane itself to malfunction.

Or not.

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Also it isn't all that surprising that Tails would be waiting for Sonic in Apotos. Look at Wing Fortress Zone, the tornado gets shot down and fixed in the same act, I actually think he fixed the damn thing in mid-air. And the Egg Dragoon and Dark Gaia fights plus the cutscenes take at least 15 minutes in total, while the tornado levels are about 3 to 5 minutes max. I reckon Tails had more than enough time to fix his plane, calculate Sonic's most probably meeting(landing) place and fly to him.

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The main thing I want to know is: What hit Tails in that cutscene? Did Eggman shoot him with a missle? Did one of Eggman's robots hit him? Did Tails randomly have a seizure and spin out of control?

As far as I remember, the game never revealed it...

To me, it looks like Dark Gaia's laser.

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To me, it looks like Dark Gaia's laser.

Kinda weird though considering at that point Dark Gaia hasn't awakened.

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Considering that Eggmanland is powered by Dark Gaia, It wouldn't surprise me if lasers it fired were made out of the same juice. That might be why the spikes other spinney things that hurt you are purple as well.

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Does anyone have any clue what their highest speed was? I just got what I think is my highest speed of 2899 MPH on Shamar Day Act 1.

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Nice find Shad... I hope they translate this to english because i'm really interested to know how the Hedgehog Engine works. Everything over there looks interesting and shows how hard it is to bulid engines because it is very complicated... I managed to bring along some screens because i know some people are lazy...[Warning 56k dial-ups]

Empire City...[Original]


Empire City...[Wired... thing mode]


And check this one... Shamar [Original]




Really good stuff.

See ya.

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Sega...may I ask...

...just one thing...

WHY don't we have a replay/screenshot option? :(

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Behind the scenes of the Hedgehog Engine -


Looks complicated :blink:

I can't get a good translation on it so I'll just ask here: what exactly does it say about Team Fortress 2? son105.jpg

I don't care if it's the Werehog. This is awesome.

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Cool stuff. It looks funny without the polygons, haha.

I can't get a good translation on it so I'll just ask here: what exactly does it say about Team Fortress 2?


"Speeches about "aiming at a Pixar touch with 3D game graphics" are heard occasionally.

Visuals of Valve's "Team Fortress 2" also introduced a unique lighting technique in order to reproduce Pixar touch."

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I like how SEGA says they feel limited by the XBOX 360 and PS3 power, they must really hate the Wii.

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Thanks, core.

I like how SEGA says they feel limited by the XBOX 360 and PS3 power,
I can understand that. I mean, the 360/PS3 version of the game demands really powerful hardware to run- the stages are not only extremely well detailed and well lit, but they're absolutely massive-it's no wonder that they would feel like they wouldn't have enough power to work with.

Unfortunately this shows in Adabat act 1. Still though, it's impressive that the game is able to run as well as it does.

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Current generation of 3D graphics for games, are hoping that users will not only improve the resolution and texture resolution rendering, a new visual experience is possible because there were no improvements in hardware performance. This "new visual experience of a unique generation," PlayStation titles will take a more realistic implementation of the action games 3/Xbox 360 for "Sonic World Adventure" ( "Sonic WA").

"Sonic" Speaking of series, this title was more interesting to focus on the game content, the film now, the next generation of 3D technology now likely become the new standard in game graphics, "real-time Global Illumination "(the real-time GI) has attracted keen interest in technology was incorporated.

This is a real-time spot to address this growing GI, WA Sonic want to look at the graphics.

"Sonic World Adventure" - now also GURAFIKKUSUPEKKU of Sonic the PORIGONKYARA 18,000!

His second of the CS SEGA's Hashimoto Yoshihisa PUROGURAMUSEKUSHONGEMUDIREKUTA and the Technical Director of Research and Development Department, the programmer Hiroshi Iwasaki (Nagasaki is the exact shape of the lettering old) and Mr. Ogino Humiaki is three. However, Hashimoto's 2008 Game Developers Conference was held in 2009 and held CEDEC2008 year in the United States in GDC2009 "Sonic WA" People have been on stage in the session.

First "Sonic WA" I want to organize the 3D basic information about the game graphics. Now the number of polygons in the film is the story of Sonic games about 18,000 polygons in the model, the cut scenes are about 26,000 polygons. The typical NPC's character, about 4,000 villagers of polygons, the polygons about 1,800 villagers in the crowd scene, a robot-type enemies that around 5,000 polygons. 1991, 16, also made his debut in Sonic the Hedgehog, sprites of the character-bit video game, now that 18,000 polygons for the character of our senior players are emotional information.

A total of polygons constitute the background of the stage house, and it also depends on the configuration stage, roughly about 400 million 10000-500. A frame around it, the only background 100000-13, it's about the number of polygons.

Frame rate is 30 frames per second on the design (30fps) and it is, Xbox 360 version, PS3 version and the implementation is slightly different due to various circumstances. Xbox 360 version in many cases over the 30fps to 30fps is set to a fixed, PS3 version due to the huge range of upper and lower fixed frame rate of 30fps and the implementation of variable frame rates without.

PS3 version is rendered resolution, Xbox 360 version of both the base and 880 × 720 dots, the method used to enlarge the time scale. Also, Xbox 360 version, PS3 versions of both anti-aliasing mode x2 MSAA (multi-sample anti-aliasing) is applied. Either increase or decrease the number of polygons of the objects according to the distance from the viewpoint of the LOD (Level Of Detail) system is what was implemented?

Hashimoto "LOD is not doing anything. For the case of Sonic, WA, I had the most impact in terms of the geometry. LOD for multiple polygons, a low PORIGONMODERU and that is the only preparation I had, if we consider the cost-effectiveness, would be required to implement the見送RIMASHITA. LOD in the "Sonic WA" is about the implementation of the texture MIPPUMAPPU I? "

Ogino, "PS3 version of the Playstation Edge JIOMERIPAFOMANSU fear was not so used. PS3 is so tight in the case of main memory, LOD RAREMASHI might consider taking up the memory by the introduction of low PORIGONMODERU treasure, I was already introduced as a result do not (laughs) "

Generation is now, and feel a little limited in the number of polygons in the titles of recent years, the story is tight and the impact geometry is no longer heard. However, recently, that will appear in the same character in the scene of numerous small fish that are fashionable, "Shin Sangoku Musou", "DEDDORAIJINGU" If the title, but still LOD system is required be. "Sonic WA" If many titles have見積MORERU and simultaneously the number of characters like the LOD seems to have in many cases no system.

The physical simulation "HAVOK5" is used. HAVOK Physics and collision detection between the dynamic character, and used to control the behavior of the scattering of debris when the destruction, the attitude control of the interaction of character and background and IK (Inverse Kinematics: reverse kinematics) HAVOK Animation is the process used. And his performance in the main event scene is also MOSHONKYAPUCHA. They're persistent, and now it's Sonic's SUPURAITOKYARA IK age and Motion Capture is used.

However, the "Sonic WA" engine was developed for the "HEJJIHOGGUENJIN" (Hedgehog Engine) and is named, the future for PS3, Xbox 360 for a standard for the Sonic series that will be used as a development library.

Development of the engine from mid 2005, the development of game content from the start about the end of 2006. The engine is started by a small team of people, during the height of the development team of about 40 programs, the designer / artist for about 80 people, other planners, directors, producers, and the total staff, including sound They were 10 to several hundred people. In that sense, "Sonic WA", it was a pretty big project.

Pixar CG graphics ambient feel of the movie game

"Sonic WA" visual, such as to mimic the real world, "Photo-realistic" is not visual. However, not so pure cartoon series, ambient drift of the unique sense of visuals, and visuals are very unique.

If種明KASHI first, the "Sonic WA" used in "real time GI" it said in effect. After all, this real-time GI opportunity to introduce the technology and what was what.

Hashimoto "now-generation game graphics are great, but was SHEDARITCHI, parallel light source (light sources such as solar rays to the whole scene), a point source (light source to illuminate the all-round local) directly当TARA that had been omitted where no shadow of the "void" or not getting, and I began to start. And then the famous Pixar feature-length works as a CG film production studio Real-time goal to recreate the atmosphere of the group GI is the development of乗RIDASHITA "

The real world is littered with Hashi Akira spread in the air, others to shine a new light and reflected light hit the object itself or direct the light source 2. The real world is going to roll simultaneous reflection and diffusion in such complex environment of the true light that (Ambient Light).

To computer graphics to do it properly in the "Radio City" (Radiosity) and "ray tracing" (Ray Tracing) is thinking. To implement the current generation of game graphics ray tracing and radiosity are still missing GPU performance. Therefore, invented a way to simulate them, you have to be implemented in real time.

The development team "in the game use real-time GI" To achieve real-time GI measures taken to implement the two to break in technique. One is for static objects and background objects do not move or be corrupted GI. The second is the dynamic character bent or moved or GI.

"Sonic WA" techniques of GI (1) - to the static object: GI

GI is a static object, and calculate in advance in offline, export the result to the texture (baked into) the approach taken. Obtained in this preliminary calculation GI baked texture information has been indoctrinated in the team "GI texture" was called.

In RIARUTAIMURENDARINGU during gameplay, this GI textures to be applied to the light map. In other words, as the core technique to map the same light, the extra load is not rendered.

, "How many different maps and the light in reverse," but this means that, GI Generation of textures, objects and props of the scene / object to place the large props, lighting setup and local light sources and light spheres will be held at the big picture in all light source set.

"Sonic WA" and a careful look at the graphics, and other units of the texel to the ground surface or building (particle) will look like. GI is a unit of calculation in a texture (for convenience of explanation, called the GI texel).

GI to skip to the appropriate direction from the texel Ray each GI is calculated by prior conduct or seek to have received the light of any color texel. By the way, Ray and skip the shield (or crash into others), reflection / diffusion and may have made a calculated effort to avoid divergence in this situation.

Principle to a brief explanation. First, a single individual, Ray GI skipping from texel Ltd., of finding a collision GI texel. The blast took place close to the normal angle of incidence at the time of this collision, if he is close to the collision at right angles, ie, high density, Ray, as a strong transmitted light, ie, all the GI calculated from the texel do. In this scene by making a GI to complete the formation of the optical transmission network in the texel.

At this writing has not yet, then paste the contents of the texture image is considered polygons. I have pasted in the red texel texel of texture images from the GI, for example, as reflected by the red ray. This is essentially a feature of the GI effects "and the red light is illuminated by the light source or two of red:" I have to realize that.

After this, proceed to calculate the actual writing, is used as a light source, parallel light source, point source, three types of celestial light. All this appeared in three games to move to the calculation by placing the light source type. In that place the light source after all, the light from our light source and, if we get to the GI or texel (or are writing a direct light) and calculate it in advance. GI is the image that corresponds to the calculated initial value of light intensity.

The flow of calculation,

(1) GI for each texel, the lighting calculations for all direct light coming through the optical transmission network. A buffer is calculated to result

(2) GI for each texel, the lighting calculations for all indirect light coming through the optical transmission network. Results to calculate the buffer B

(3) GI calculate the amount of light coming in each texel buffer A → B and the total content.

(4) calculate the amount of light radiated by each texel to the next iteration of the calculation.

(1) to (4) in the calculation of a cycle.

Points are calculated for each cycle in order to not affect the calculation but are calculated in double-buffer. Repeatedly bounce the light (the reflected ray can skip) and the results will be reflected as a cross. Incidentally (1) through (4) a one-time only because it was only equivalent to the direct illumination of light, no GI would happen if there is no meaning. According to the team's three物足RINAKU bounce, it's overkill in the sense that bounce, was 4-6 with a moderate drop far enough to bounce.

Iwasaki's "GI texture unit is calculated roughly that it is a variable side or it's about 2cm ~ 3cm. Daytime scene is discreet but very broad terms, the scene of the night lights and street lamps make GI , so come out and clear to the eye, is used to adjust the problem. "

In the case of a transparent material that has a conflict of Ray skipped, then through the right, and doing something like riding a transparent colored material. Of clarity, the keel was attached to the tent area MAZURI with the motif of Africa (canopy). Shows that it has spread its pale color of the tent and see the inside of the eaves.

Ray GI fly from each of the texel is designed to be adjustable, "Sonic WA" in the development of many cases that was used by about 250. Skip to the radial direction, but from all directions toward the base, the vertical direction (normal direction) close to the horizontal (tangential) have been designed to be sparse. However, this complex calculation of GI for the entire stage, with the texel 250 from GI and it will also skip the Ray, the complexity is staggering.

Hashimoto "500m × 500m terrain on one PC and is calculated in two days I have hanging. GI finished texture is about 100MB. 1 approximately 15km from some stage, and the simple estimate GI number of texture size is 100 MB to 1GB up to about the time I calculated it and found a few months (laughs). This is awkward to say, GI distributed computing tools to generate the texture We respond to. "

The computation time of the texture of the GI number of 10, the maximum is reduced to one hundredth, a calculation of the stage that day was shortened to two days to about.

Hashimoto "in the GI department for calculation of distributed computing for PC is enhanced texture and dozens of cars. Lack of electricity and it is then, in the office when you turn on any equipment It now falls to the breaker (laughs). HAME I went to work to increase the power after all. "

"Sonic WA" development was the development of various tools, including, GI is a tool to create texture "GI-TRACER" is named. The other, for that fine irregularities are reproduced in the normal map texture GI generation, another "MI-TRACER" to develop tools that support the naming. MI is a term coined in the team "Micro Illumination" is the abbreviation.

Basic GI GI-TRACER create texture in the texture could OBUSHEKUTO like fine irregularities observed in close proximity to the players they used MI-TRACER. MI-TRACER first applied to the concrete and stone walls and a fine irregularities.

The computation time was shortened by the GI generation capacity was now a realistic texture that gradually put TEKUSUCHAATORASU the texture, the place to save on memory is still too big by any means.

因RU to the stage, around a total size of the texture size GI stage, small stage at about 200MB, 1GB is a big stage and that was about to reach. Memory can not afford the PS3 and Xbox 360 graphics to keep hold of the bulk is not. Needed to move in sync with the sonic textures where appropriate GI media (PS3 if Blu-Ray, Xbox 360 then DVD-ROM, HDD if you have installed on the HDD) method to dynamically read from the stream adopted.

Iwasaki said, "Instead, the game's BGM and sound with my on memory. The relationship that my sound is a little limited capacity, but still about 40MB is allocated for use in a sound stage and BGM The amount I事足RIMASHITA. because Sonic is running at 100m per second or higher GI or time I was anxious to read the texture of the paper in time to calculate the GI was designed to load the texture streaming, as a result is The shower does not matter was "

The following screen shot, the scene only apply texture of GI, GI lighting are usually done only with textures, lighting on a regular GI's did a comparison of the screen until the completion of applying the texture .

No GI's texture looks more like video games are. What is this, like the circular OBUSHEKUTO place, no sense of unity as a scene. Appear to lack a sense of perspective or as a three-dimensional images.

GI visually easy to understand the relationship between three-dimensional position of the object enters the scene and their textures, but the perception to feel like a sense of touch and sense of air.

Furthermore, GI MIPPUMAPPU texture structure (pre-generated techniques to keep a low-resolution textures to apply to a remote location from the viewpoint) is to read the GI for high-quality texture close to the viewpoint GI a distant location for a low-resolution textures from the GI to the texture are included. GI dynamic and will run through the texture is loaded, or GI is happening but the texture switching, have been made to adjust well to this strange-looking.

The "Sonic WA" After the release, additional downloadable content (DLC) has been released, here is the hidden content, the main knitting of GI is also recording high-definition version of the texture. "Sonic WA" user is added to get the DLC at all risks, to play a regular GI stage let's check the difference in texture quality.

"Sonic WA" techniques of GI (2) to the dynamic character GI

GI effects of the texture is great, because of pre-calculated using the method may not be applied to move the character. This implementation is a dynamic character shadows, but it can not be without a sense of identity with the background. Specifically, buildings and props and background / large props for the object is indicated by light texture GI / I have made the representation of mutual reflection, dynamic character of the direct light from the light source is only dynamically and they are writing.

The development team, now the generation of 3D graphics for games like GI and dynamic character is essential to apply the technique, working on this theme. A simple dynamic technique GI, GI MODOKI if the approach of some already have been put to practical use.

The most simple and classic is set to a constant light environment. The methods have since the PlayStation era, the technique would be limited to a particular uniform color to the color of the light-filled area. However, "ambient light" is in name only, at first, only direct light from the shadows of the light source is too dark and if the "shadow of the bank raising" was often used for the purpose.

The evolution of this "hemispheric writing" techniques. This is calculated in advance on the scene asked the GI based on the information, the appropriate approach to writing will be added to the dynamic character with the direction of the direction of ambient light. To extend the previous concept of ambient light, ambient light that the two methods can have a single direction, the two will switch positions depending on the dynamic character of the scene sets the direction of ambient light in indirect light in each location of the local scene, it can be represented quite a cross-reflection.

PS3 techniques of writing of this hemisphere "METAL GEAR SOLID 4" was also adopted. However, "MGS4" in case of implementation had been put right hemisphere of the craft by hand the level designer. Either way, writing hemisphere while the classical approach, cost-effective quasi-GI still often used as a method.

Hashimoto said, "I consider that the different, we decided to introduce the concept踏MI切RIMASHITA forward hemisphere than writing. In the light field at the team's technique is called, the two hemispheres of the lighting direction will be calculated automatically been placed in the space environment from the direction of light than light. "

And walk through the scenes and manipulating Sonic, Sonic the bottom of the body in the back of the Rino Akira will notice that the ground has the effect of color was pale color of the ground. The approaches to the colored walls, pale colors on the wall ride was like lighting from the side of the sonic wall. The flower head is a lush who came directly under the sun that helps to dilute the color of the flower染ME上GE. If you look at the whole picture, GI-textured backgrounds and props / appropriate and consistent shading of the objects look like large props GI There is also a dynamic character and writing.

"Sonic WA" used "light field" is to be placed with the ambient light in the direction appropriate to the spatial separation of the scene to be brief. "Sonic WA" in the implementation of ambient light, it is a radial design and direction of light. The stage space in the sense that, at appropriate intervals and eight images glow in the direction of the light source arrangement.

To explain in simple cases by using this figure, the dynamic character surrounds himself will be writing 8 in light of the environment. Implementation is different, conceptually, is that Valve "Half-Life 2" had been adopted by the "cube environment" (Ambient Cube), or "volume radiance" (Irradiance Volueme) but are close to it. "Half-Life 2" is also a character in the average volume W120cm × D120cm × H240cm separated by a space interval, space (volume) to a single one, comes in light of what (I will out ) and the data tables and precomputed offline. When RIARUTAIMURENDARINGU, refer to the volume that corresponds to where the characters come out of that volume to obtain the light of the six directions, as the ambient light with the direction. Concept is "Sonic WA" near field light.

Hashimoto "Sonic WA, at each point of light as a data field is a light that gives the direction, in relation to specifications PIKUSERUSHEDA constant x, y, z 6 direction orthogonal from the conversion, and lighting. 8 cases like the ambient light field across the light unit is made for writing the second sentence of the sample-weighted average of the last decent light field "

This setting is not the light field over the whole stage, was set by hand so that designers face is too time and effort, but concerns remain in terms of accuracy. So "Sonic WA", in GI-TRACER earlier, prior to calculating the light field.

Iwasaki, "props and background / large props for the object that generated the textures to GI, the GI value is calculated on the basis of the light field was applied to the scene texture. Spacing of the light field depends on the scene , 2m ~ 3m are generally based on, there might be a little more detail and also the buildings that are located near many objects. However, if you lack the light to change in two adjacent fields into a single for treatment would have been hard, in fact, the distance between each light field is variable length "

The light field sample of not engaging in the dynamic character of each polygon is performed from the point system was set to represent each character. If the representative is on the increase too high, the effect of ambient light from below, so that they have problems to affect the character's upper body, appropriate adjustments for each character are generated. In Sonic's world view, so many characters that did not appear in the giant, MATAIDA to do if more than one light field is the vertical direction and no place.

Hashimoto, "The fact is material, the field is not just the direction of normal lights, but now we see the reflection vector in the direction of the light field relative to the eye vector. Penetrate the other side of the light environment in this way as it come out even in this moment, I can taste the subtle shading effect. "

Representation as a rim light to penetrate the more the sun (Rim Lighting) or to call the expression. Light Rim expression is usually, as the light source relative to the eye, and often used as a highlight of the added effect of the sun at next stop. "Sonic WA", but rather to express the light field in the rim light on the sun position. This way, we can get a sense of transparency and shadows on the pale, such as subsurface scattering or even indirect light a scene as if, further, the dynamic character of the scenes feel溶KE込NDA in GI It can be expressed. In particular, this effect is the development team "GI rim light" is called.

Iwasaki, "The light field spherical harmonics (SH: Spherical Harmonics) I was considering to implement using the memory to use, very meaningful when considering the balance of the effect can be obtained is not Careers見送RIMASHITA we know. We like the implementation of the 8 ambient light with the direction of implementation, SH seems to get off to a good quality "

Spherical harmonics method is a lossy compression of data values are distributed radially in all directions has been applied to 3D graphics, the first two spherical harmonics with coefficients even if the unit required by Section 9 , so the balance is not bad when you calculate the amount of data you want to implement the theme and sometimes I'd decided not to adopt. "Sonic WA" in the case said it would be very likely.

"Sonic WA" run through so many action scenes and careless, this could make some GI benefits気GATSUKANAI users of the system. When you play the game in progress without any meaning, like a Sonic game in the world and the things we近寄RA background, I want try to check the ambient lighting of this unique feeling. The cut scenes (RIARUTAIMUMUBISHIN) Quest and village scenes can be observed and effectively, and explore the village of GI's fun to have the effect of the Quest system.

"Sonic WA" in HDR rendering technique

"Sonic WA", 3D and followed the recent trend in graphics as a game, of course, HDR (High Dynamic Range) rendering, which uses the. , "Sonic WA" is almost the whole of the outdoor scenes, and "night" because it made the stage show to the user in the form of a time change, HDR out the front, especially the effect of rendering have been used in the form.

It now offers PC and HDR rendering 16-bit floating point (FP16) in FP16-64 is becoming the standard as a buffer-bit generation of home machines are now 8-bit integer (int8) for int8-32-bit buffer Most cases are still employed. Last covered "METAL GEAR SOLID 4" was not an exception. Home of the GPU is now the generation Xbox 360, PS3 and 128 both are connected by bus and bits of video memory, the current GPU for the mainstream PC 256, so half the bus bandwidth of the bit, lack of fill rate but in many cases.

Iwasaki, "Sonic's HDR rendering WA 8888 8-bit integer integer 32-bit buffer specification, Xbox 360, PS3 is the same. 0.0-2.0 assigned to 0-255, so-called pseudo-HDR is the rendering. Development FP16-64 during the first performance and quick and I tried using a bit, and specifications. "

This is exactly, "Valkyrie Profile 2" and how to implement the same. This way a normal LDR (Low Dynamic Range) rendering 0-255 brightness 0.0-1.0 weaknesses have become compared with half the resolution was assigned to the "Sonic WA" in gameplay As long as the pseudo-contour (Mach bands) that are barely visible.

Hashimoto, "Sonic, WA, you get the scene we had so much high-intensity, brightness up to 2.0 was sufficient. Backseat of Mach bands,少NAKAっobject and surface expression was much NOPPERI or blame? "

"Sonic WA" HDR rendering the method is implemented as a pseudo-brightness 2.0 or "real" HDR rendering which may require the process of rounding to the tonal range tone mapping to display the results for rendering.

For example, the tone slowly and look into the dark side and a dark section of the bridge beam, causing the jump to see the view of the white sun. Details of the place was slow to jump out to a bright white from the dark to reverse out of sight. When you're playing, this will × HDR rendering many people noticed that the effect of the tone mapping stage.

"Sonic WA" tone mapping process is a classic technique for correcting the tone value based on its suitability for the average brightness of the frame. However, in a given location in the map, and place a special BAUNDINGUBOKKUSU, and has been calibrated to give the required correction to the average luminance in real time.

Hashimoto "It is considered easy to play, and reasons for directing the firm to make a scene, I have many, but the adjustments I'll need. Textures begin to draw the designer at design This would be colored in any color, it is the gray level, I could not correct the colors in some situations. "

HDR rendering is a full expression of the popular effects of high-intensity, "Broome" (Bloom) and "Star" (光芒) for expression, such as "Sonic WA" implemented using the buffer reduction trends in generation are now in that you use. Specifically, the extraction buffer for the different low-resolution high-brightness in the frame, apply a Gaussian filter response, the synthesis is to expand the size range in BAIRINIAFIRUTA. They rotated and compressed to the extraction buffer for the low-resolution and high brightness stars, a technique for the high-intensity stretch radially to expand the composition. "Sonic WA" Star in the direction of the radiation is represented by 4-7, used mainly in the night scene.

Sonic the night "UEAHOGGU" secret of the fur

"Sonic WA" It is a hot topic and sonic transformation. Sonic is now in the works of man and the wolf in the night wind "UEAHOGGU" they changed into. Or run the UEAHOGGU四TSUN這I be, or to a special arm NOBASHI Action ... and in the Sonic series to enjoy it but could not see the unique gameplay, 3D graphics games The terms, be fascinating to the appearance of a hairy UEAHOGGU.

"Sonic WA" UEAHOGGU expression in the hair of the so-called "FASHEDA" (Fur Shader) is used. FASHEDA have to approach some of the UEAHOGGU used in which the cross-sectional view of the hair texture, 3D approach to multilayer formation on the skin of the model polygons ... so-called "shell-FASHEDA "has been adopted.

Shell (Shell: rind) of type FASHEDA "Shadow of the Colossus" (SCE, 2005) and expression of the Colossus of fur, "Lost Planet" (Capcom, 2007) used the expression of fur in the neck for winter clothes We are many opportunities to see a relatively big way.

Iwasaki, "The number of Far laminate is generally about 15 layers. The development was to be adjusted and the number of layers and density of hair designers. Polygon shell is to apply the far side to create a dynamic engine How so, the polygon character modeling phase multilayered exodermis. number of layers in the game scenes and events are changing, in the event scenes are a lot of the large number of layers to be a shot-up character MASU "

"Shadow of the Colossus" Colossus of the layer 3-6, "Lost Planet" in the winter clothes because it was about eight layers of the shell layer of UEAHOGGU far will be quite high. "Oh raw wool," so UEAHOGGU identity, it's here to say that put a high value.

However, this "animal" in the expression, only the far-足RINAKAっor shell of the hair density, and that was growing like掠ME relationship (ie, near the ridge) the density of hair物足RINAKU to be felt, to put this character to apply textures to polygons depicting the hair seen from the side fins (Fin: Tenderloin hair) and often used type of fur.

Iwasaki, "Tenderloin our hair is also in the development stage, but I tried it, Sonic, WA UEAHOGGU is that more the number of far-laminated shells, to absorb the feeling of lack of hair density of less Since the adoption or取RIYAMEMASHITA "

In addition, the expression of fur UEAHOGGU is small but includes an interesting twist. It is a cross-section of the fur texture and every hair on the slope of the information, the shell of each layer (pellicle) applied to the texture of the fur of this section polygons is designed based on the information put off the slope. To be formed off a section of hair texture in each layer slightly This expression is the growing realization that as a fall in the direction of hair. Yes, "coat" that made the representation.

UEAHOGGU I notice that is different from the direction of the coat around the wrist and the coat of arms around, it has been achieved by this device.

Hashimoto said, "Besides, we do have a shadow processing SUPEKYURA like bristles in the direction, to say that that is a shield around the lower inner shell, where the bright hair, darker than the fundamental I put the shadows to be adjusted.'s Sonic in WA's far, but it went well, however, when the Boca expression in depth of field problems, and it also blurred hair I'll be a little unnatural. FASHEDA or rather the weakness of this system shell, but future issues will be solved "

The "Sonic WA" is used in the character of the FASHEDA non UEAHOGGU. Realgar chip (comb) and that one. Play so that there are other, Let's look in mind.

"Sonic WA" in the shadow generated

"Sonic WA" Maine is a game of outdoor scenes, in visual terms, the large presence of shadows. And that the gameplay will have SERUFUSHADOU, notice that there are fairly elaborate shadows are also supported by shadow projection projected to cross the shadow of his colleague.

According to the team, "Sonic WA" for the generation of shadows, a kind of improved techniques DEPUSUSHADOU "Light SHADOUMAPPU PASUPEKUTIVU space" (LSPSM: Light-Space Perspective Shadow Maps) and employing the techniques . Archives for this series LSPSM "3D for Xbox 360 gamers, graphics / physics engine course" I want to find, but the rules LSPSM is not to implement. "Sonic WA" So, GI's are able to implement such an interesting and well system.

First, the drop shadow and background terrain, is actually generated by the GI-TRACER is the shadow of the GI as a texture. SOFUTOSHADOU and avoid jaggy "Boca" is applied, the shadow that fell to the ground if you say this is a pre-generated shadows, and shadows will be static .

However, the dynamic character and move around a static shadow, a shadow projection of the object is a static dynamic character counts. Pre-production GI was like a shadow on the texture Burn, looks as if the character is a dynamic real-time projection. This is interesting, I wonder about that?

Actually LSPSM static objects and dynamic character, and will generate both SHADOUMAPPU has a unique adaptive processing stage with a shadow drawing SHADOUMAPPU. First, in principle, the shadow of a static object on the object is static描KANAI. In other words, the shadow of a tree, for example, LSPSM real-time shadows on the ground as they描KANAI.

However, the dynamic character LSPSM renders all shadow based. Sonic and Shadow, for example, to draw also on the ground, the shadow of a tree to get a projection that Sonic is not to draw the body of Sonic.

Stated differently, when a GI static to dynamic character shadows crossed Burn texture, it has to seem as if the projection of the dynamic character shadows Burn static . In fact, for the dynamic character LSPSM just have to dodge the shadow real-time projection of the objects created by static.

Iwasaki, "should all the shades drawn as static objects, GI and shadows on the texture, the focus is not about the match. It is, for example, the shadow of a tree that fell on the ground, whether I have the same shade of the trees are projected to Sonic, players will also keep in mind. The range probably a mixture of characters and dynamic generation of static object SHADOUMAPPU requires "

In other words, this technique, you can skip most of the real-time shadow rendering static objects extensive, real-time shadow rendering object is also to reduce static, so I just laid down and is projected to the dynamic character there would be. A clever way. The "Sonic WA" in LSPSM, generate a texture for a 1,024 × 1,024 SHADOUMAPPU and are using the texel.

Hashimoto said, "By the way, the shadows around the root of the sharp-pointed後RO髪3ds MAX Sonic the fix I was burnt in sophisticated shades. Nuance is really obvious in some locally baked in the emphasis on looking into it I have "

Other "Sonic WA" The highlight of the graphics

"Sonic WA" So, NPC characters that appear in many people as the deformation, the writing is writing for the Valve Half-Lambert is famous for the practical.

Lambert is a common writing system for treatment of diffuse reflection shadow, surface orientation and direction of incidence of the light source does not depend on gaze direction (normal) it is calculating shading technique only. This technique is "the brightness of the point,織RINASU angle of the incident light direction and orientation of the plane of θ proportional to COSθ" "Lambert's cosine law," but as defined by the shadows and lighting in this way tend to get pretty intense out different.

GI VALVE is closer to the expression for diffusion-like reflection, lift the tone of a twist on the dark side of the bias in this rapidly changing cosine curve. The curve in half so that the cosine of the Lambert cosine law "1 / 2" all the "1 / 2" and adding a further two from the shadows to make the process of gradual transformation to square the curve " "Half" Writing Lambert, "he said.

Half Lambert writing this, "Sonic WA" field by the quasi-GI GI light texture and good as well, in harmony with pale shades of light from the field to take a calm tone of expression HAFURANBATO but, certainly, "Pixar" has a sense of visual醸SHI出SE like.

The dim light from the viewpoint to make clear the fine irregularities of the normal map "light camera" that焚I. This is just beginning to move a little to change the highlight of the fine irregularities are explained by the appearance of fine feeling of ruggedness. Technique is fine, fine irregularities represented by the normal map at low light is the hard part of any game studios, lighting techniques and camera skill but it is simple but effective.

"Sonic WA", a game pushed to the fore the interaction with less water, the ripples represented by normal maps, and have been to control the mirror image of the Fresnel reflection from the surface and bottom, pretty elaborate water are represented.

Iwasaki, "The development started with a ripple expressions parallax mapping, I was to achieve a three dimensional representation of significant ripples. But, GPU落CHI着KIMASHI normal expression map of the current ripple in the load problem or "

-PS3 and Xbox 360 version of extra hard luck story of the development version

GEMUSUPEKKU as a result the Xbox 360 version and PS3 version and are not difference at all in at the development stage, it had a specific difficulty.

First, Xbox 360 version of KITSUKATTA capacity of DVD media. Except for the space that are occupied by the system of game content is available in two-layer media at 6.8GB. Games HAIDEFU content generation DVD-ROM now one had to cram into a tough job. Also, Xbox 360 HDD is because it is also not a model, DVD-ROM must be the only guarantee of work, the content compression techniques to expand the HDD使ENAKATTA. When Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 "next-generation game media network, not the optical disc is" next-generation optical media, not to say that the DVD-ROM drive that uses a decision that will impact very well developed not seem to have given the side.

Xbox 360's three CPU cores PowerPC970 HADOUEASUREDDO with a single run, so for convenience, can be run a total of six threads simultaneously. "Sonic WA" in the 0-5 thread in the six threads, thread 0 is the main thread, the thread 1,2,4 HAVOK, three threads of control is dynamically loaded, the thread 5 is assigned to the surface DETAMANEJI and that.

Xbox 360 has appeared in a relationship where you, the Xbox 360 games are doing the basic design in a parallel way to transplant it into the PS3 version in development.

Ogino, "PS3 version was a very significant development. Xbox 360 features and functions substantially equivalent to that provided by the library and ported to the PS3. It was hard to handle in main memory. PS3 in time for DMA above, the data 128 is not a performance at the border is not aryne characters. Furthermore, Xbox 360, unlike the 512MB of available free, PS3 main memory in 256MB, and 256MB graphics memory to be so divided into different applications and MASU and ... "

PS3 version of the standard Blu-Ray optical media to be in an even layer 25GB capacity. Because of this, Xbox 360, that's such a tight space, but in media, PS3 but the emerging problem of the lack of main memory.

After all, they insist that the main memory is short, PS3's HDD can use virtual memory which are predicated on board, decided to use this feature. "Sonic WA", in terms of results, HDD to use as virtual memory to 255MB and the 50MB of main memory is to use a swap space here. The audio is stored in virtual memory, PVS decision, HAVOK the POOL, font / text information, HUD data, save data, RSX (GPU) and other management areas.

Ogino said "the PS3 version in development of library and SCE, Playstation Edge was quite helpful. Which includes, CELL processor in the SPE (Synergistic Processor Element) to use the vertex shader in the Edge of the geometry I著SHIKATTA. KARINGU is, of course, is really the effect of skinning, especially when the PS3's RSX is the only treatment it was 10 times better performance (laughs). Xbox 360 version of the common data has become, in relation to the use of Edge geometry, 3D model data, the PS3 is optimized specifically for charity. "

PS3's CPU, CELL processors are available for duty seven SPE is based on features, PS3 version of "Sonic WA" in the use of SPE, SPE1 and SPE2 used in the system, audio system with an empty SPE2 running. SPE3 ~ 6 is HAVOK, Playstation Edge and, SPE7 management is in charge of drawing in

Writing of 3D game graphics to evolve in the direction of GI

Finally, as the Sonic team for the upcoming 3D伺TTA technology trends and I would like to try the game graphics.

Hashimoto "GI means and how it relates, SUPEKYURA (specular reflection) I think I could like取RI扱ERU information. Now our GI's are handled by the technique of diffuse reflection I only. Spherical harmonic function with things, I think I can have things like a very beautiful glossy盛RI込ME if information like whether the light came on what each side of the unit or object in the scene. manually and cube map I do have many ways to place a space in the manual to set here, but also artists, we want the system to automatically generate the data. room to adjust on the artists I think it's best to have.

As a related story, the look is becoming popular recently Radiosity Normal Mapping, I had omitted in the interest of time, but had developed a concept close to what we have implemented a system of lighting calculation is going to do I want from you soon and relatively easy. Then I realized the dynamic GI. The demo level is already in the public came out in the next generation is going to be such a performance, I would not do IKANAKYA, I would. See it at the man ... next generation is much larger in terms of architecture I want to change. Many high performance and low memory, you want to be like the current evolution of the architecture (laughs) "

Generation of 3D graphics the game now, as we have noted in this series "HDR rendering", "generate dynamic shadows," "normal map represented by fine irregularities" that "three sacred treasures" of fashion and the essential he was featured in the "Sonic WA", in addition to the three, global illumination (GI) has been a challenge to implement in a practical real-time.

GI is not a flashy-looking technology, but "the game really CG" a visual, look as if it is actually alive in our screen as if it "live" for good, the hidden potential to boost the number of stages as the reality of the image.

The "Sonic WA" real-time system was adopted in GI, and run the machine in the current budget, yet highly effective, and will get the feeling that going to greatly affect. We expect the evolution of HEJJIHOGGUENJIN.


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Have you just translated that whole article yourself then, without using an online tool? :blink:

If so, you win the internets :o

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Have you just translated that whole article yourself then, without using an online tool? :blink:

If so, you win the internets :o

HA! no way, that's like impossible, i used google, but... it was still hard... that thing is like 3 chapters of a book. It wouldn't translate the site fully, so i did each paragraph individually.

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HA! no way, that's like impossible, i used google, but... it was still hard... that thing is like 3 chapters of a book. It wouldn't translate the site fully, so i did each paragraph individually.

I was going to say, when I saw you say your hand hurts I thought woah :lol:

Still, good job ;) but I'll have to read it tomorrow though as its 12:27am and I'm tired XD

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It's quite interesting, yet long. Funny how they had trouble fitting it onto one 360 DVD.

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