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How the Elemental Shields can be put into the next Sonic game.


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Assuming that Sonic will play similarly to how he played in Sonic Adventure in the next game, I know how the Elemental Shields can work for Sonic. Yeah, a lot of these ideas have been used, but I know how they can be implemented into a 3D-style game.


--Regular Shield--

This is the most common shield. It will allow Sonic to take one hit of damage without actually having him lose rings. This is a traditional shield. There is a minor tweak, though. Smaller bullets won't actually damage the shield. Unlike the other shields, these are somewhat out in the open and will be the most common shield.


--Electric Shield--

Just like the original titles, this shield will draw in rings. However, since Sonic already has the homing attack, this won't enable him to double jump. Also, since this is a magnetic shield, this only draws in rings. No protection. Entering water will cause this shield to vanish.


--Bubble Shield--

Unlike the original titles, this shield will allow Sonic to walk across the surface of water. If Sonic were to lose this shield, he'll sink to the bottom. It's either that, or it'll act like the original shield that'll allow Sonic to breathe underwater. Perhaps it'll be both. Maybe Sonic can sink with the press of a button, and when it's released, he'll rise back up to the surface. Also, unlike the other Adventure games, Sonic can stay underwater until he needs air. Also, if Sonic is on land, he can bounce, but not with the homing attack button.


--Flame Shield--

The flame shield was originally created to give Sonic a non-homing homing attack. So, if he has the homing attack, what use would that have? Well, I came up with a solution. This will give Sonic an even FARTHER homing attack range. Also, it will allow him to move across lava and be protected from high temperatures.


Thoughts? :)

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Some good ideas but overall I would just prefer new shields that replace Wisps by having Wisp-like abilities

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I somewhat enjoy the wisps. Sure, some wisps are just downgraded versions of others, but they provide a nice experience.


Maybe the Hover wisp should play similar to Adventure Tails, and the Spikes wisp should climb like Knuckles. Granted, they do, but... then again, why use wisps at all?

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Some cool ideas. I enthusiastically support the notion of bringing back the elemental shields (why only electric?? wahh!), but as you clearly recognized, there are some difficulties incorporating them into the modern style.


I fail to see the relevance of the bubble shield, though, considering how uncommon underwater levels are in 3D Sonic games. I mean, not that I would mind including water levels again, it just hasn't happened much.


Speaking of things that haven't happened much in recent games, one thing I liked about these shields is that they gave Sonic a fun special ability of his own that Tails and Knuckles didn't have, which again is irrelevant today (unfortunately).


Personally, I'd like for elemental shields to displace Wisps...because Wisps being in the game without any story justification seems profoundly wrong to me.

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Yeah, I agree about the wisps. Can't have aliens in every single game they make... I hope.


Hm, I feel like the electric shield should also keep electricity from harming you (like from the spinny robots , though, but not a shield, yeah.

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