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Remove Customizations Warning Suggestion


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The option to enable a background customization image for your profile is a wonderful idea, but do you think there could be a warning appear before you choose to remove customizations? I've removed the background on my profile twice by accident while I was trying to edit my profile and my finger slipped by mistake.

It's a pain to search for the image you had, copy the URL, paste that URL on Imgur, copy the Imgur URL, and then paste it back onto your background. ...Or maybe it's not a pain for everyone else and I'm just a lazy bum? Either way, thanks for listening to my suggestion. Sorry I couldn't come up with a longer description.

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We've gotten quite a few suggestions for warnings before certain features are enacted, and while none of us are against it, they're not technically possible until an IPB extension comes along that allows us to enable it.


Instead of just searching for the image and copying it to Imgur, I recommend saving the image and uploading it to Photobucket so that you can go back to it anytime you need to.

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This would be a good place as any to bring this up.

Does IP.Board have a main forum? if so, does it have a suggestions area?

Theres allot of suggestions I made in the past that I was told wasn't capiable because of IP.Board's limitations. would be good if I suggest it to the main developers.

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