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ASRT is an outstanding game, but the PC version has been overlooked, what can we do to bolster sales


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Well, as you all know, we have all enjoyed, and had fun with ASRT, however the PC version has bee criminaly neglected, especialy by SEGA's marketing department, and  I think we should try and do something to fix that.

So I decided to make this thread so that we can banter and discuss to try, and figure it out ways to spread the word about one of the best kart racers on PC.


So first thought I had was having segabits doing a review on the PC version, Yes I know you already did one on the console versions, and the 3DS versions, but you didnt do one on this version, and it has a number of additional features. Heck, I would do it myself cept I dont have a video screen cap program.


Second we spread a bunch of additional videos and reviews of it from individual people, and by people who have big facebook followings will really help.

And plain word of mouth, I know everyone has different standards, and how much they like, or some of you might dislike it, but it is great in many ways, so feel free to spread the word around


So go ahead, throw your thoughts and ideas around as well

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I think your main problem with wanting to do stuff, is that you think you need to make a difference, it's not just this game, but other things you've been doing too, like it started out with the Fang/Nack DLC petition and it's moving onto more things like the Sonic statue poll over at F4F's forum, and now this.


What I'm getting at is you act as if you need to do these actions when you really don't, when they are nice ideas you do get over zealous and a bit obsessive over it as if it's duty that needs to happen when the DLC polls, Statue and anything poll based really is just for the OP to get data and to gather interest in their projects, it isn't concrete evidence that if "such and such wins the poll" means they'll definitely get to be chosen.


As for in this case, it is solely down to SEGA's fault for pretty much taking so long to Steam it (to be fair the PC and 3DS version got the worst press because they where the last to be released without any proper advertisement, and SEGA didn't even know when they where releasing until a few weeks before hand) and I think the hype for the game was killed from the months gap between the home console release, which I don't blame them because the game was handled poorly by SEGA which is non surprising in their track record.

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Ya, I know I am a bit overzealous at times, but really thats why this is really just a place to chat and talk about ideas, and for some of those with actual reach to have a chance to make a difference, like Segabits doing a new PC review wouldnt be too hard, and a bunch of people with some youtube articles doing some reviews as well would help get the word out. I know theres not a ton we can do, but there is a bit

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Just tell everyone Team Fortress is a racer.

Everyone will eat that right up.

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ASRT sold remarkably well when you consider all the detrimental factors it had to deal with;

  • no good marketing from SEGA
  • the marketing that was there was extremely clumsy and horribly organised
  • very little hype
  • pre-order bonus confusion
  • release-platform confusion
  • the fact that Sonic has a bad reputation from non-Sonic fans
  • the fact that Sonic spinoffs have an even worse reputation, especially considering he's "waa in a car"

For it to do as well as it has done has probably been almost exclusively through positive reception and word-of-mouth, which, for a Sonic spinoff, is fantastic.


Sure it didn't sell like it could have done if SEGA had marketed it better, but that's not the fandom's job, it's SEGA's. As someone who thinks ASRT is an awesome game, I'm pretty proud of the positive reputation it's garnered, and I'm impressed it ever managed to top 1mil sales. The li'l Sonic spinoff that could.

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The PC version most likely sold well. It has been discounted several times and has had promotions such as the exclusive characters. Team Fortress is even in the game which most likely boosted sales.


I really wouldn't worry about marketing, Steam pretty much sold it to fans.

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I doubt it sold poorly on Steam. I know plenty of people who bought the game, and I've seen several threads on /v/ about the game, setting up online races.

A lot of this stuff seems pointless, to tell the truth.

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Got to say the pc port is amazing, arguebly one of the best pc ports of a game I've ever seen. However I use a controller and I've been told the keyboard controls arn't exactly ideal. I think interest has faded a lot now but there was a long period of time where online was plagued by hackers too, and last but my no means least... WHERE is our segeta sanshiro/miku hastune/ryo dlc from that poll?!

It's sad to say this, but sega as a brand doesn't have the pulling power it once did compared to nintendo. It's why they can keep releasing new mario karts of varying quality and not budge much on the price while sega releases only 2 racing games and the price drops in no time. Past reputation can decide everything when it comes to buissness even though it shouldn't.

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The PC port of this game was simply AWESOME, and I've never had so much fun playing a racing game to be honest. I just wish that Sega would take the PC more seriously and FIX THE BUGS that the PC ports have when it comes to these games!

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