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Game 3 of 52 - Unpacking - 05/02/24



A short indie game I opted to give a shot since it was due to leave PlayStation Plus soon apparently, Unpacking is a pretty short game about...well, unpacking boxes lol. The premise is simple enough - you simply play through the life of a young girl who grows up over the years and you follow her life story as she unpacks her belongings in different houses, and follow the different situations she endures throughout her life. as she recounts them via little messages in a scrap-book. It's a very heart-warming and charming little game, with a nice peaceful atmosphere the whole way through it.

I honestly wish I had more to say about the game, but that's honestly a little bit of the problem with it - what you get is really what's on the box. It's a game about unpacking boxes, trying to find where each thing goes, and it has some fun, and fairly quirky easter-eggs, between the goofy means to acquire trophies, such as playing music, or making coffee by putting all of the objects required to do so out in the open. It's just a nice, charming, and relaxing game, and should still be on PS Plus as of writing if anyone wants to give it a go. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's willing to give little oddity games a shot, and enjoys relaxing games with a heartwarming story via a unorthodox means.


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This might be my fault but in my defense I did say it was mostly a leaving soon week.

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Eh? I still enjoyed the game regardless, so it's good either way lol.

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