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Game 35 of 52: Fortnite - Chapter 5, Season 2 - Myths and Mortals - 16/04/24



Back again with a brand new battle pass, we're returning to the very first game that got a entry within this series - it's Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2! So, what do I think?


it's fine.

yeah, it's...yeah, it's fine.

Alright, well no, that's not fair. I do actually think that it's still a pretty fun update, all things considered. Mount Olympus and the Underworld is really interesting additions to the island map, and the gameplay is still as fun as ever, really. 


So, Pandora's Box has opened, and with it, the gods have ascended upon the island, deciding that they need to punish the mortals for their actions. Story wise, this is actually pretty interesting, as you find various Oracle ponds in the game, to which speaking with it will give you various trials where you can speak to the Gods and prove your worthiness. This also leads to a secondary storyline where you then need to recruit the Gods to revolt against Zeus, although as the time of this writing, that's as far as the plotline's gone.

The other major change that the island has seen this time is that the Gods have become bosses. You can fight Cerberus, Hades, Ares, and Zeus at different points of the maps, this time, all four being pretty hefty challenges, which can easily shred you if you decide to fight them, compared to the bosses from Season 1. Hell, even NPCs this time can easily shred you if you can't careful. You really need to be well-equipped to take them on, but their medals is far better this time, each one offering unique abilities, such as Hades' giving you a rechargeable air dash, or Zeus' giving you a upgraded run and jump. 


The mythic weapons this time around, in both major updates have been really damn good, especially compared to Season 1. They're unique and inventive, highly change up the gameplay, and make for great combos. The Chains of Hades is a extremely fun close-range weapon, and is even more fun in a squad when you can use them to drag allies around, making for a lot of funny moments. The lightning of Zeus is risky, but can do some huge damage, and the wings allow you to fly around the map and air-bomb enemies which as you can imagine is just a lot of fun, even if it's annoying to be on the opposite end of it.

Then the Avatar update hit, bringing all four elemental bending abilities from that show. While I'm not the greatest fan of Earthbending and Firebending personally, Waterbending is sitting pretty high up as one of my favourite weapons in Fortnite thus far. I do think it's a bit lame that they vaulted the other weapons, meaning that the rewards for taking bosses on have dropped a little, but still, it's done a fantastic job shaking up the gameplay loop of the game.


Unfortunately however, I would say that the initial magic of Fortnite has died off a little, if only because that I've got more of the characters I wanted that does come back fairly frequently. Not only did Season 1 have varied and fantastic collabs, with TMNT being the huge one, but Family Guy and MGS being there if it wasn't your cup of tea, this time around, the only two major collabs for this season is Avatar currently, and Star Wars due to come in May. Other than that, it's been brand collabs more than anything.

On top of that, the item shops have just been utterly abysmal. The same collabs coming back constantly, on top of the same shitty Fortnite originals and generic emotes returning. Not to mean that all Fortnite originals are shitty, but more what I mean is what I see coming back repeatedly is the skins that most everyone agree is terrible. It is increasingly frustrating to just see the same bad skins come back after 2-3 days.

It's been even worse this season because Kratos has essentially been dangling over everyone's heads as a tease. Not only due to being extremely rare, not only due to fitting perfectly with this season's theme, but Epic have added GOW back to the store's API, and Kratos has gotten several updates both in skin and store pack. Yet we're still waiting for him, all while these stores have been terrible.

The battle pass this time around I'd also say is just pretty boring. While the Gods are some pretty cool skins, it's just a bit lame that the only collab character is Korra, and even that is only on the bonus rewards track, compared to Season 1 having Peter as a BP reward, while Snake was the bonus page character.

Still, I'm enjoying my time with Fortnite still, especially when I team up with my friends and we do our best to try and win games. They're the main reason I got into the game, and they're the primary reason why the game continues to be so fun, even if this season has been a bit more repetitive in some ways, and the honeymoon phase has slightly died off.

Still, I'm excited to see what Season 3 has to offer, and still hope Kratos makes a surprise appearance before this season ends.


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