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  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

     Created: by Dreadknux
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    Production Companies:

    • DiC Entertainment
    • SEGA of America

    Original Air Dates:

    • 20 Aug 1992 [Pilot]
    • 06 Sep 1993 [First Episode]
    • 03 Dec 1993 [Final Episode]


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    There are large preconceptions about Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Launching at the very same time as SatAM did, AoStH kept many viewers entertained in a very different way than SatAM did. And very rightly so - AoStH and SatAM were made by the same people, but were two completely different shows. Now, many years after it's run, we have fans of SatAM that have now grown out of AoStH, which has led them to believe that AoStH is rubbish in some form or another.

    Don't worry, it's happened to us all as teens, thinking that something as goofy as AoStH is naff. However, many preconceptions come also from the new generation of Sonic fans - the 'Sonic Adventure' generation - who had never been a Sonic fan before Sonic Adventure, and thus did not understand the true nature of AoStH. The result was fans thinking AoStH was a similar show to the serious SatAM, and inaccurate comparisons being drawn. This page is to introduce these people into what AoStH really is, a comedy show.

    Season Information

    If you're looking for action and excitement, this is the wrong cartoon to watch. AoStH is a fun, light hearted show, the kind of thing you'd expect to watch on Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network in the daytime. It takes all the original ideas of Sonic from the early games, and brings them to life, taking the crazy surreal ideas to a new level of weirdness. Animation is cheap and tacky at times, but most of the time it is comically exaggerated, sometimes so far it stands next to the likes of "Dexters Lab". Sonic will grab Robotnik's moustache and run around him in circles, tying him up in it, or something similar.

    Robotnik's lackeys are badniks taken straight from Sonic 1 and 2, although they're still pretty altered. We see a Clucker (Renamed "Scratch") without his cannon, standing on 2 legs, a green Grounder, a Coconuts with a lightbulb on his head. Then you get the one-off characters coming from the games, like Roller and Ball hog, who dress and act like gangsters.

    If you have ever played "Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine", you will be quite familiar with a lot of this show. The Dr Robotnik design from it is the one used here, and the first episode involves every badnik you play against. The game was actually based on the cartoon though, rather than vice versa. It's still nice to see that connection though. Mobius is like a strange, twisted Earth with blotchy yellow or pink skies, strange coloured water etc. Most of the characters are animals or robots, but it does involve humans too, although all of the humans seem to speak and act like complete doofuses.

    All in all, this show is light comedy, nothing to be taken seriously by anybody, just something to giggle at. It's enjoyable to see Sonic and Tails, in a surprisingly accurate adaptation, in pure comedy which never takes itself too seriously. Some episodes can become so annoying and stupid that it gets silly later on, but the majority of them are enjoyable. There's also a feature length movie episode in the UK called "The Quest for the Chaos Emeralds", in the USA it can be found in 4 parts as normal episodes, but either way it is probably the best episode(s) in the series and shouldn't be missed. Just don't forget, the show is designed to make you laugh, not to make you sit on the edge of your seat. If you watch this expecting another SatAM, or an action cartoon, you will be disappointed.


    A comprehensive list of characters can be found in the AoStH > Characters subpage.

    • Big Grizz: One of "Da Bears", a pair of bears who drive around the desert in their jeeps, and idolise Sonic. Sadly, although very strong, they're both a little slow, and are easily tricked.
    • Bounty Hunters of Mobius
    • Breezie: A female robot hedgehog designed by Dr. Robotnik to trick Sonic into falling for her, and then capturing him, unexpectedly, Breezy falls for Sonic's charm.
    • Bubbles
    • Captain Rescue
    • Catty Carlyle
    • Charnok: The prince of the planet Rhombus is a jolly alien who loves to be a tourist. He arrived on mobius when returning to his home planet to become crowned king of Rhombus, and was sucked in by Scratch and Grounder's "Electro Suction Beam". He is never seen without a camera snapping photos saying "we've nothing like this on Rhombus!". His weak point is the fact that he becomes distracted by his photography and gets into danger, only to have Sonic zip in and save him.
    • Coconuts: A badnik (from Sonic 2) created by Dr. Robotnik, with the appearance of a monkey. He specialises in throwing Coconuts, but is often given the dirty jobs, like sewer patrol.
    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik: The scientific mastermind who started the whole mess and the wars over mobius. He has an IQ of 300, although he acts rather childish and goofy. He wants to use his mind and inventions to take over the whole of planet mobius.
    • Easy Eddie
    • Fuzzywuzzy
    • Groopster
    • Grounder: A badnik (from Sonic 2) who was supposed to be an ally for Scratch, and the other half of the SSSSS Squad, but due to an error in the programming of the badnik generator (thanks to Scratch), it created a Grounder instead. "Am I that ugly?" was Scratches response.
    • Harry the Hawker
    • Henry Walrus
    • Henrietta
    • Hodge Podge
    • (King) Saline
    • Leaders of Mobius
    • Lawrence
    • Lucas: A man who was Dr. Robotnik's rival when in high school, because he is close to Lucinda, Robotnik's crush. Robotnik locked him in his dungeon, and 30 years later, Lucas, who is now in the form of a decrepid hairball, is saved by Sonic.
    • Lucinda: The Lover of Lucas, and Dr. Robotnik's crush. She lived a life of heartbreak after Dr. Robotnik locked Lucas away.
    • MacHopper
    • Mad Mike: The other member of "Da Bears".
    • Mama Robotnik: Dr. Robotnik's mother is locked away in an insane asylum (thank god) but she has been known to have broken out before...
    • Masonic: A Mobegyptian ancestor of Sonic, the fastest bricklayer in Mobegypt.
    • Merlinks: A old, wise, but dumb, wizard from medieval times. He spends his days trying to perfect a spell which will make him young and fit again, but constantly fails.
    • Miner Moles: A team of moles, with Scottish accents and kilts, for some reason, who dig mines, but aren't very fast at it. They come to Sonic for help on how to dig a little faster, and he lends them all some power sneakers.
    • Miss Possum
    • Mr. Beaver
    • Professor von Schlemmer: A very intelligent, but not quite with it, scientist, who can create some contraptions even Dr. Robotnik hasn't figured out before. Of course, this makes him a victim of Robotnik.
    • Robotnik Jr: A robot "son" Dr. Robotnik built for himself, who later decided to help Sonic, because he's "nicer".
    • Sgt Doberman: A big strong dog who used to be sergeant for army training.
    • Scratch: The first member of the SSSSS Squad, and very dumb. Scratch is new type of badnik, which looks like a tall Chicken.
    • Sloth Family: A family of very slow sloths, who are so slow they hardly move. Their son, Rocket is the only one who ever really moves, and he calls himself "ttthhee faaassstteeesstt slooooottthhh oooonnn moooobiiiiuuusssss". They often need Sonic's help, and Dr. Robotnik likes to use them to attract his attention.
    • Sketch Lampoon: An annoying comic artist bird, who writes a series of comic books called "CrackUps", but is locked away by Dr. Robotnik for making fun of him in his comic. Robotnik then forces him to make the next issue all about him.
    • Sonic the Hedgehog: Our cool speedy blue hero himself.
    • Spelunk: An old miner mole who tunnels underground and collects gold in the Marble Zone. He's very protective of his gold.
    • Splorg: A flying amoeba who assists Prince Charnok. He panics a lot when his ship is crashed.
    • Surf
    • Tails: Sonic's best bud, Miles "Tails" Prower, follows him anywhere he'll go. Sonic is Tails' idol.
    • Wes Weasley: A fast talking, irritating door-to-door salesman for a company who specialize in selling gadgets for supervillains and tyrants. He pays Dr. Robotnik a visit, and sells him contraptions. Scratch and Grounder fail miserably to use them, but Robotnik blames it on the contraptions.


    AoStH VHS advert from UK Sonic the Comic

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