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    This is an import of information from an old version of The Sonic Stadium website. It might be better for each of these listed items to be broken out into their own individual cameo record pages, allowing for more detail and images to be added. Worth considering! 

    Games with small relation or references to Sonic the Hedgehog. You'll be surprised, thar' be quite a few games that promote the greatest and most popular videogaming mascot of all time. Again, these are listed from oldest at the bottom to newest appearance at the top. Take a peeksie.

    Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

    Nintendo GameCube - 2003

    Relation: There are special Sonic Team eggs you can hatch which include animals such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Chao and NiGHTS. They are pretty much 'copies' of regular animals in their abilities, but they look real cool, no?

    Beach Spikers

    Nintendo GameCube - 2002

    Relation: There's a Sonic statue in one of the playing arenas.

    Virtua Striker 3

    Nintendo GameCube - 2002

    Relation: One of the games hidden teams are a team called "F.C. Sonic" which stars Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, and a group of Chao as players. Yuji Naka stands on the side lines as the teams coach!

    Shenmue II

    Sega Dreamcast - 2001

    Relation: The Sonic the Fighters Capsule machines make their return, the first one is located in the Tomato convenience store in Wan Chai's Golden Qr. The two others can be found in Kowloon, one outside of the Ren's Hideout on Dragon St, and the second is in Dimsum Qr. at the entrance to Thunder House. You can acquire the rare Super Sonic and Metal Sonic figures as prizes in in the potato chips, chocolates, or caramels you can purchase in the grocery stores.

    Alien Front Online

    Sega Dreamcast - 2001

    Relation: Sonic appears on a billboard.


    Sega Dreamcast - 2001

    Relation: One of the games bosses looks a lot like Sonic and spouts little gold rings when it takes damage.

    Daytona USA 2001

    Sega Dreamcast - 2001

    Relation: The Sonic Mountain again. Again.


    Sega Dreamcast - 2000

    Relation: Every once in a while Sonic will flash up on the Jumbotron.


    Sega Dreamcast - 2000

    Relation: In gumball type machines, you can find several types. One if a Sonic Machine in front of Abe's Store which has Sonic The Fighters figurines, consists of Sonic (two models), Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Espio, Fang, Bark, Bean, and Eggman. If you win a Dobuita Tomato store raffle Fourth prize, you might get either Super Sonic or Metal Sonic figurines. The You Arcade in Dobuita and also in the New Yokosuka Harbor Tomato store lounge, you can find the Wakuwaku Sega World machines, which contains classic Sega figurines like NiGHTS (Two Models), also a Chao & Nightopian set.


    Sega Dreamcast - 1999

    Relation: You can create a team called the "Hedgehogs" with the logo being Sonic holding a basketball.

    Toy Commander

    Sega Dreamcast - 1999

    Relation: In some backgrounds there's a Sonic calendar dated March 1999.

    Sega Bass Fishing

    Sega Dreamcast - 1999

    Relation: In the Dreamcast version after completing a few courses you'll receive a special Sonic lure.

    Blue Stinger

    Sega Dreamcast - 1999

    Relation: The upper shelves in the toy store are stocked with new copies of Sonic Adventure. One a side note, the main characters voice is Ryan Drummond (SA's Sonic voice), bet ya didn't know that.

    L.A. Machineguns

    Arcade - 1999

    Relation: There's a neon Sonic Adventure logo in the Las Vegas level.

    Le Mans 24

    Arcade - 1998

    Relation: Using a secret code, Sonic is at the wheel of an off-road vehicle. If you ride to the pits, he turns into a strange dog.


    Arcade - 1998

    Relation: Another AM2 game with a Sonic cameo, near the elevators of what looks to be the mall area has a giant Sonic statue.

    Saturn Tamagotchi

    Sega Saturn - 1998

    Relation: If you treat your Tamagotchi, it'll then turn into the secret Sonagotchi.

    Virtua Striker 2

    Arcade - 1997

    Relation: With a secret code you can access a strange team of wacked out characters including Bean the Dynamite.


    Arcade - 1997

    Relation: The Racer's lifejackets has Sonic on the back of them.

    Last Bronx

    Sega Saturn - 1997

    Relation: Tommy's stage (Cross Street) there's a poster of Sonic in a building in the background, Tommy also has a Sonic sticker on his outfit.

    Fighters Megamix

    Sega Saturn - 1997

    Relation: Appearance of Bark and Bean as secret playable characters, as well as the South Island and Aurora Icefield arenas from AM2's Sonic the Fighters.

    Super GT/Scud Race

    Arcade - 1996

    Relation: Sonic appears on a polygon billboard in the beginner track.

    Fighting Vipers

    Arcade, Sega Saturn - 1996

    Relation: The intro in Sanman's pile of toys is the airship Tails built to reach the Death Egg II in Sonic The Fighters.

    Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition

    Sega Saturn - 1996

    Relation: Same as the other Daytona, with the Sonic mountain.

    Donkey Kong Country 2

    SNES - 1995

    Relation: In Cranky's Video Game Hero awards under a sign that says "NO HOPERS" lies Sonic's red striped shoes.

    Clockwork Knight 2

    Sega Saturn - 1996

    Relation: In one of the games the hidden movies a Sonic toy can be found sitting on a shelf.

    Virtua Fighter 2

    Arcade, Sega Saturn - 1995

    Relation: Play Jacky Bryant against Sarah Bryant or Vice-Versa and you get a hidden stage called "Chicago." Sonic is spray painted on a wall in the background.

    Metal Head

    Sega Mega Drive 32X - 1995

    Relation: There's a Sonic billboard in the distance.


    Sega Saturn - 1995

    Relation: In one of the games bonus stages, Bug must race against Sonic.

    Phantasy Star IV

    Sega Mega Drive - 1995

    Relation: In Motavia there's some book shelves with classic Sega Genesis titles and Sonic is one of them.

    F1 World Championship: Beyond the Limit

    Sega Mega CD - 1994

    Relation: In certain tracks Sonic and Tails heads can be found on billboards.

    Tom & Jerry: The Movie

    Sega Game Gear - 1994

    Relation: In a game level a Sonic ad appears in a book store in the background.

    Streets of Rage 3

    Sega Mega Drive - 1994

    Relation: Sonic is on a signpost in the background of the beta.

    Art Alive!

    Sega Mega Drive - 1994

    Relation: Sonic is a paste-able character in this Wacky World type game as well.


    Sega Mega CD - 1994

    Relation: In the FMV ending Sonic's head is carved in the cave in the background.

    Daytona USA

    Arcade, Sega Saturn - 1994/1995

    Relation: In Three-Seven Speedway track Sonic is carved into the mountain on the right side of the track.

    Popful Mail

    Sega Mega CD - 1993

    Relation: In a cutscene close to the beginning of the game, a little girl is coloring a picture of Amy that's tacked to a bulletin board. Most likely the source of the whole "This game stars Sonic's sister!" rumour - no, this game does NOT feature Sonic's sister.

    Sega 4 In 1 Tennis

    Sega Game Gear - ????

    Relation: Sonic is the Umpire.

    Crusader of Centy

    Sega Mega Drive - 1993

    Relation: On a beach area in the game, Sonic is tanning on a lounge chair. If you talk to him he'll say, "Tsk, tsk. I'm a gallant hedgehog. Don't mess or you'll get burned."


    Arcade, Sega Mega Drive - 1991

    Relation: Flickies did have their own game, Flickies appeared in Sonic 3D Blast and other Sonic titles. The storyline from Flicky seems to be where Sonic 3D Blast and ChuChu Rocket got their storylines. Flicky, a bluebird must save his friends from some mean and hungry housecats.

    Dynamite Dux

    Arcade, Sega Mark III/Master System - 1988

    Relation: Bean the Dynamite was directly inspired by the characters of this game. Bean was a character in AM2's Sonic The Fighters and his alternate costume in AM2's Fighters Megamix looks like Bin, a character from Dynamite Dux.

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