Sonic Comic Con comes and goes

Ah, you thought we forgot didn’t you? 😉 Well, we thought it was pointless covering it AS it was going, because people update stuff halfway through and it all gets very annoying. So we did a complete coverage report for you now, when it’s ended, so you can see our review on the event. Also, did you notice? HUH? DID YOU? That’s right – we updated. When? The other day. The 5th August to be exact. But we didn’t put anything here did we? No, we indeed did not.

Take note of the ‘Latest Updates’ feature on the left hand side there – it will tell you when we last updated, and what exactly. This bit will only be updated when there is an important announcement, or when I can be bothered to do some sort of random blog-esque… thing. You’re happy – you know what’s updated and when. I’m happy – I don’t have to make a huge speech when I’ve only added a Box Art scan 😛 We all win. BTW, sorry for getting Sonux confused with Rally the Cheetah a while ago, regarding the most recent Box Art scans. It’s been sorted, so bleh. Send us stuff, remember amigos!

SAGE and the FTP Service

First of all, the SAGE 8 coverage is finally finished. We’re not usually this slack, so apologies to the SAGE crew for being so tardy, but given the amount of troubles we’ve got at this time, I guess it’s understandable. The next event that’s due to start are… well, THREE actually. June marks the start of SonicVerse Team’s Sonic Comic Convention, Prower Power is going to launch it’s very first Chaos Con, and then of course you have TSS’ very own Sonic Site Awards 2004. 2004 marks a slight change for the SSA, so that the original aim of awarding smaller lesser known Sonic sites can be focused on a little bit. But more on that when the time comes.

On a side-note, Prower Power is a new affiliate of TSS. How did he do it? He didn’t ask. ;P Think about it. If you’re desperate to have a link on TSS, then there is the Links Section that gets a LOAD of attention every day (trust me, I’ve seen the figures… wait, hang on, they stay here, obviously… honest. They just like to know about other sites… heeey, my site is good.. isn’t it? :D). Oh, and as a gesture of how 1337 buddies we are, Sonic CulT and TSS have decided to make a little banner exchange with each other. So TSS visitors can see a link to the CulT and CulT Members can snoop around on TSS if they’re that bored. ^_^ Continue reading SAGE and the FTP Service

SVTcc – New Deadline Details

As it nears to December… well, it is, isn’t it? Not much, but neh… SonicAdventurer of SonicVerse Team is hard at work getting sorted for the year’s first SVTcc (SonicVerse Team Comic Convention). The Sonic Stadium has been given new information, including a new deadline for comics that are wanting to get a place for the December event:

“…on the Comic Convention website, I took the liberty of adding a countdown timer for November 1st, the day when registration officially begins. What that means is on November 1st, I’d like to get everyone’s link for their booth so I can set it to my predeveloped website layout. November is the month when things fall together, so when the countdown reaches zero, please be sure to have your booths ready and send them on over to me.”

There you have it – if you want to show your comic to the world in the first online Sonic comic convention, then best get it sorted before November 1st.

SVTcc (Comic Convention)

Hello, ladies and germs. This is SA speaking of the SonicVerse Team. I recently announced a big event that’ll take place three times a year. It’s an online comic convention called SVTcc. Of course, the name is pending upon it’s first event so we’ll see how that goes. But anyway, for those of you who want to get an idea, refer to the past few SAGE events (for those of you who are famliar with SAGE).

SVTcc will commence starting this December and from there it’ll take place every March, June and December. Basically, this is an open event/contest that’ll span for two weeks. Anybody who creates fan comic can enter. You are required to make your own booth (like in SAGE) using your own webspace (sorry, I’m not offering any due to the already many hosted sites).

All your booths will be linked back to the main SVTcc page under the booths section. When the event opens, people will come and look around. It’ll be the biggest fan comic event ever with a GREAT sum of comics to look through. At the end of their reading, they’ll vote for their favorite comics (by category) and at the end of the two weeks, the polls will be counted and winners will be issued with small custom awards handed out. Continue reading SVTcc (Comic Convention)