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  • SVTcc 2002 Coverage: Sapphire Luna and A Bright And Shiny Future

    We look at the first couple of booths on show at SVTcc.

    SVTcc continues, and we look at Shadow & Light, and A Bright & Shiny Future...

    Shadow & Light


    Sapphire Luna is the writer and creator of her comic, titled Shadow & Light. In the comic, which is set some time after Sonic Adventure 2, Dr. Eggman has created a complete copy of Shadow, called Shadow-0. Shadow-0 looks exactly like Shadow (except for the blue markings), but the difference is that this copy is totally lifeless - responding only to fulfil Eggman's requests and orders.

    Using Shadow-0, Sonic's mental state is attacked as well as his physical state - Shadow-0 is just as strong as Shadow once was. And for once his plan seems to have worked. But with Sonic snapping Shadow-0 to get a conscience, and a new adversary to Eggman by the name of Valantino B. Uteefull, what tricks may the hard boiled Egg have up his sleeve?

    Sapphire Luna's booth is the first in the SVT Comic Convention, and a fantastic one to lead the pack - a great storyline that keeps surprising the reader, and introduction of some really cool new characters and civilians.

    Click here to go straight to the booth.

    A Bright And Shiny Future


    A graphically excellent comic, A Bright and Shiny Future takes the Sonic Verse into a new timezone - a future where Robotnik's robots rule the streets, with word of a new Heir to the throne. And Sonic? Powerless to stop any of the corruption in the City, as Eggman destroyed Sonic's home and his entire life...

    This comic is certainly one for the older audience - and although very accomplished, seems a little disjointed in story. Maybe it's just us. Colour could have helped this comic become even more exciting and less hectic on the page - but with the preview on the booth for Issue 2, this may be already coming into effect. And the preview page for Issue 2 looks so much cleaner already.

    This comic could well be one to keep an eye on, if you managed to understand the story during the first few pages...

    To enter the Bright and Shiny Future Booth page, click here.

    Stay tuned for more SVTcc 2002 Coverage right here on TSS!
    Check out SVTcc's website by clicking here.

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