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  • SVTcc 2002: Voting Polls Currently Down

    SA talks about the polling system at SVTcc.

    Some awkward news for the last leg of the SVTcc today, as the final polling booths for the event appear to be functioning incorrectly. Organiser SonicAdventurer told The Sonic Stadium that the cause could either be due to overwhelming activity, or bad actors trying to fix the vote. He's working on it, hopefully things should be back up and running soon.

    The below is a note from SonicAdventurer on the news:


    SCC related: The polling system for SCC's vote page seemed to have an error while viewing the results. This could be from people trying to view the results of the voting page without voting again (aka direct linking or just plain hacking).

    This is an offense, of course, and if the problem persists I will either have to work my butt off putting up new voting booths OR cut out the voting option all together. So please, if you've participated and want to know how you're doing so far, ask me. My AIM is: AshuraStreaks

    Right now, I can't tell you who's winning, because the results page is down. When or if it comes back, I will let you know.聽-SA

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