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  • TSS Update: Moving On Up, Moving On Out...

    Hi you all. I feel fantastic!!! Know why? Because, I've buggered off from my old school to a spangly new College! Ya....y? Excellent news, I flew right through my GCSE exams it seems, with my lowest grade a C. I literally have about 9-10 GCSEs, but it doesn't really feel like I've done anything at all. I still feel like... me. And, I also feel great because I've changed the look of this place a little, and something about Sonic SatAM you may want to read...

    First of all however, there is something VERY IMPORTANT that you must read! Since the 'Stadium opened you have been using the domain www.sonic-stadium.com to get here. Soon that domain will go, possibly (ironically) on the Sonic Stadium's birthday. -_- Do not fear! As soon as that domain diminishes, I will be purchasing the very same domain name, so that all fears of future domain closing will be banished.

    The domain could close at any time from now - when that fateful day arrives please use the following link instead to get to the Sonic Stadium:


    I promise this closing-down-domain thing will only be temporary, so I'm just giving you a bit of a word in advance, so you know what to do.

    Moving on a bit from domains, it seems that the Sonic Site Awards 2001 is fast becoming the biggest Sonic-related thing on the internet, and no mistake. Some of you may have noticed that after August the 30th, the page was actually not there, in a sense. Well, that was deliberate to prevent any cheating submissions going on. Fear not though, I have counted the results and the page is back up. Let's talk about the Sonic Site Awards 2001 - PHASE II.


    PHASE II is the second stage in the great lead up to the awards. The last stage was a free-for-all, anyone who thought they deserved a certain award simply submitted their site in (if you missed your chance this year, don't worry - The success of this year will almost certainly pave the way for a sequel) for a chance to be in the final polls. PHASE II is the face-off, FIVE of the most submitted sites have been placed in a poll, and what you have to do is simply vote for your favourite site. More details on the page - Beware, it looks like the battle could get more heated than this summer has been.

    PLUS - and I said I'll finish it soon, here's some sort of proof - the first, complete Sonic Adventure 2 guide is nearly upon us, courtesy of... me! Aren't I good to you? You know there's no other place to go to for walkthroughs, cheats, or anything Sonic really, so this debut is basically a trial of the SA2 guide, to get YOUR opinions on what you think of it. At the moment, you can access 'A' Rank guides to the first levels of Tails, Eggman, Sonic and Shadow. I'm keeping Knuckles and Rouge's away for a bit, because I have a special addition which is unique to this guide, can't be too careful eh? ^_^ Here's the link to the trial of the first ever complete SA2 Guide!

    I've been getting good comments said to me about the Music Zone, which is good news! Unfortunately, just recently the new midis that I have uploaded have disappeared. This is in no way a fault of mine, just to get something clear. It appears my server, Topcities, has been having a whale of a time deleting people's accounts for no apparent reason, and my music account seems to have gotten the treatment too. Thank god the Stadium's account is still up and running, otherwise I wouldn't be able to tell you guys this at all, then you'd be pissed eh? ^_^

    Good news is ahead though - MP3 Downloads will be online soon, you mark my words! Here's how the rota goes - first the MP3s will be EXCLUSIVELY featured on Sega Sonic Radio before any other Station, then a month later, you will all be treated to MP3-ness in the new Update! Yes, before any other site!

    Speaking of Sega Sonic Radio, watch out for a celebration of Sonic Adventure 2 music - EXCLUSIVE! For a week you will be hearing Sonic Adventure 2 tracks as well as the tracks found on the GOLD SA2 LIMITED EDITION CD, in the Limited Edition Box Set! How Cool? It's coming soon, just watch out for the Update on the Sega Sonic Radio Website.

    Remember the dirty old Links section that I never used to update? Well, I have a reason to now - The Sonic Links has changed its name to the SONIC DIRECTORY! The point? Well, I was nearly about to make a new Sonic website, that basically had a listing of every single Sonic Website on the internet to this current date. After I realised that there was nothing I could on the new site that I couldn't do on the Stadium, I decided to implement the Directory in here instead.

    The links are there as before - just a little revamped page - and new ones have been added this Update. The main aim is to get a list of EVERY SINGLE SONIC SITE OUT THERE - period. Submit your site if it's not in there and help us achieve that goal! There is also a section that I'm currently in development of, called the Sonic FAN Directory...

    Yes, the third SAGE expo has happened, and YES, it has finished. What, you say? Well, to be quite honest I was disappointed with the way SAGE was recently held. They used to keep expos running up to a month, letting people actually get a glimpse of the Fan Game info, plus it gave me a chance to do some reporting (like last time). With all the server crashes that SAGE has brought recently, two weeks just wasn't enough. I only managed to get on the website once, for a whole week there were server crashes. I will forgive it all this time because of a new controller of this month's SAGE, but here's a tip - keep SAGE open for longer, OK? Cool... ^_^

    Notice the new Background? Cool isn't it? Made it myself - for those who can't tell what it is, it's a silhouette of Sonic and Shadow. ^_^ I used this in the development of my Sonic Adventure 2 Guide, and liked it so much, I've implemented it here too, with some other changes to the main page so everything is less hectic around here. Uh, bear in mind though that not all the pages have been altered to this theme - you'll still find some pages with the old white Sonic background, so I'll change those in due time, just have patience in one's self.

    Things are truly coming along here, that's fantastic, but slightly weird. I find that I get more visitors when I don't Update for a long time then I do when I manage to Update regularly. o_O Odd, but interesting, maybe I'll take a leaf out of Kulock's book... only kidding! ^_^ The reason I didn't have time to Update is due to everything that's going on around me at the moment - College means more work -_- Ah well, enjoy...

    BTW, hope you are all paying attention to the The Sonic World League. For those not in the know, the SWL is (or will be) a League championship table for those who play Sonic games. Challenges will open regularly and YOU (the visitor and Sonic games-playing fan) must prove your worth and try to beat the challenge, and stay on top of the League tables at the same time! Sounds fun, no?

    The first challenge is pretty easy, but I may change it soon... to something worse, so if you don't want anything worse, best submit your best scores. I'll see you in the League! Oh, and there's the new Fan Fics sent in, the new Hoaxes by Ultima and Super Sonic Fan #1, The Sega Sonic Message Board is now up and running, Dr. Dre(ad) has been inundated with your queries, and... that's it until next time. Make sure you post, send in your League scores, and Vote for your fave Sonic Site in SSA:Phase II!

    Aaaand, this just in! From the very person who started the Sonic SatAM petition themselves, Team Artail! DiC, the company that brought you SatAM in the first place, could not do Sonic SatAM anymore because they were previously owned by Disney. BUT! Recently, DiC have bought themselves back in a shock to everyone! The only people left to convince now, is Cartoon Network!

    Team Artail, the people behind this, are actively involved, and as I also want to change the lives of the Sonic community for the better, I will also encourage you all to actively involve yourselves! Click here for the Official Sonic SatAM Petition Page for the addresses and what have you, OR head to the Ask Dr. Dre(ad) questions section for the addresses and the official word!

    The Sonic Stadium may link to retailers and earn a small commission on purchases made from users who click those links. These links will only appear in articles related to the product, in an unobtrusive manner, and do not influence our editorial decisions in any way. All proceeds will go to supporting our community and continued coverage of Sonic the Hedgehog. Thank you in advance for your kind support!

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