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  • SITE UPDATE: SSNG = The Sonic Stadium

    Dreadknux here! You may have read about the new site change-over happening at SSNG Towers. Because of all the problems that we have been having recently, this site will now be known as The Sonic Stadium (a hark back to my old Sonic website), to give this place a fresh start.

    I have removed all the obvious 'stolen' material there is in this place, now that we're under new management - I say 'obvious' because there may still be some stuff that I don't know about that looks suspiciously copied from one Sonic site or the other.

    As you know, I hate stealing content, or even possessing stolen content, so if you see any more apparently 'stolen' stuff on this site, please please please get in contact with me as soon as possible, so I can take it down, or edit the material in some cases. I flushed the most of the nicked stuff, but there may be some stuff I missed, or didn't know belonged to sites like Sonic HQ or The Green Hill Zone, so tell me if you see any.

    There was no time to edit all of the pictures, but they'll soon be changed too. As for Sonic_Hedgehogs' departure as former co-head of SSNG... he will still be a working part of The Sonic Stadium team. He'll be doing the news mostly, but he will also contribute to other projects here when they may spring up. When the time comes, he may come back as a co-head for the Sonic Stadium, so good news all around!

    I hope you enjoy your stay here - and hopefully, this site will continue as a well-respected Sonic site!

    By the way, ignore the 'www.sonicstadium.org' URL seen on the banner on the other pages - I'd thought to get a URL, but I haven't yet. One other thing - be aware of broken links - it's been so hectic trying to get everything back to the norm in such a short space of time, that I'm moving things left, right and centre - because of this, some links to artwork and downloads may be missing. This is only temporary. Thanks.

    Update soon - but from now until September things'll be a little bit on the fragile side here. See ya soon!

    The Sonic Stadium may link to retailers and earn a small commission on purchases made from users who click those links. These links will only appear in articles related to the product, in an unobtrusive manner, and do not influence our editorial decisions in any way. All proceeds will go to supporting our community and continued coverage of Sonic the Hedgehog. Thank you in advance for your kind support!

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