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  • Happy Sonic Stadium Holidays! Win What's in SONIC'S SACK! [ENDED]

    Post festive fan art, win festive prizes!

    The Holiday season is nigh upon us, and we here at the Sonic Stadium are getting in the festive mood already! To kick things off, you may have already noticed that we have brought back our awesome "Sonic X-Mas" theme - only now, since we unified our entire site, this seasonal look now applies across both the forums and news sections of the 'Stadium!

    If you're logged into your Sonic Stadium account, you can switch to any other character theme if you like - the 'Sonic X-Mas' theme will be active as the site default from now until December 31st!

    I also wanted to celebrate the holidays by launching a brand new community event, which I like to call "Sonic's Sack". Imagine, if you will, a Santa-dressed Sonic the Hedgehog, much like this one:


    Well, imagine what kind of goodies this Santa-looking Sonic might have hiding in there. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, we will be giving away a different prize, straight out of Sonic's Sack!

    What You Need To Do

    First off, you must have an account with the Sonic Stadium. Only members of the Sonic Community here will be eligible for these prizes. If you don't have an account with us, take the time to Register by clicking here.

    Secondly, to be in with a chance of winning we want to see your awesome festive Sonic artwork. We recently launched our Community Gallery, and we would like to see it full of holiday cheer - so get your pens, pencils, digital inks or whatever out, get drawing, and post your Holidays-themed Sonic the Hedgehog fan art into our Community Gallery.

    It doesn't have to be a new piece of fan art (although it would be nice) - we will count any Christmas or Holiday themed Sonic fan art that is uploaded after the date of this post.

    Every week, on the Saturday after the deadline date, we will pick a winner and announce the prize for the next week. Good luck!


    • Deadline for Week 1 Prize: Friday 8 December, 11:59 PM GMT (UK Time)
    • Deadline for Week 2 Prize: Friday 15 December, 11:59 PM GMT (UK Time)
    • Deadline for Week 3 Prize: Thursday 21 December, 11:59 PM GMT (UK Time)

    Week 1's Prize - [ENDED]

    In Sonic's Sack this week is...


    A copy of Sonic Origins Plus on the platform of your choice! Get yourself a copy of this fantastic collection of old-school Sonic games, faithfully remastered by Christian Whitehead (available for the first time on consoles and PC), with a brand new remaster of Sonic 3 & Knuckles from Sonic Mania developer Headcannon! Throw in a new playable Amy Rose for all games, Knuckles in Sonic CD, special missions and the entire 8-bit Game Gear back catalogue, and you've got one tasty compilation to make your Christmas holidays jolly!

    Winner: Congratulations @spriteshadow56for your colourful piece showing Fang the Hunter getting his just desserts in a Christmassy Sonic Superstars:

    We will be reaching out to you via DM very soon, to send you your copy of Sonic Origins Plus!

    Week 2's Prize [ENDED]

    In Sonic's Sack this week is...


    A copy of Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack: Paths Revisited on CD! A physical copy of this fantastic soundtrack from Tomoya Ohtani will be flying its way to you directly from Japan! It's the perfect complement to the already-exhaustive original soundtrack that came with the release of Sonic Team's 2022 Open Zone adventure, and a great addition to any Sonic fan's collection!

    Winner: It was very difficult to pick a winner this week, but @Lilli_The_Artist just pipped it this time around for their awesomely homely illustration of Amy and friends decorating the Christmas tree. Congratulations - we will be in touch very soon about your prize!

    Week 3's Prize

    In Sonic's Sack this week is...

    superstars-prize.jpg superstars-famitsu.jpeg

    A digital copy of Sonic Superstars on the platform of your choice, plus a copy of Weekly Famitsu with a special Sonic Superstars feature on the front cover! Spend Christmas Day with the latest Classic Sonic 2D adventure, full of fantastic stage gimmicks, lush environments, new characters and multiplayer action! When you're not playing the game, you can sit by the fire and admire the themed special edition of Weekly Famitsu. As long as you can read Japanese, that is. Otherwise, just look at the pretty pictures.

    Winner: We had an intensely hard time picking just one winner this time around - all of you have posted some incredible artwork!

    But our main pick was this piece from @Mezoo; we felt that it set a perfect Christmas scene featuring Sonic, Eggman and pals. Definitely we would see on an official Christmas card!

    Well done Mezoo, we'll be in touch about your copy of Sonic Superstars and issue of Famitsu Weekly magazine!

    BUT that's not all she wrote. We wanted to recognise some other pieces that came incredibly close to winning. Both of these members ALSO win a copy of Sonic Superstars on a platform of their choice!

    First, this wonderful artwork from @Sage, featuring Dr. Eggman and his spiritual 'daughter' frolicking in the snow. It gives us huge 'The Snowman' vibes and we just adore it. Great work!

    We also wanted to celebrate this Herculean spritework from @ManiaMadnez! It's so intricately drawn and looks like something straight out of Sonic Mania! Amazing job!

    Many thanks to all who posted their magnificent festive Sonic fan art over the last few weeks - we hope you enjoyed this contest, and we loved seeing your amazing talent. We'll definitely be thinking about more of these kinds of events in 2024, so keep an eye out!

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    2 minutes ago, MGA_Gamer said:

    What's stopping us from using AI to create something for those who aren't artistically gifted?

    I am sure they will just pick one at random no matter the quality, with AI it would be obvious that it was generated.

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    33 minutes ago, MGA_Gamer said:

    What's stopping us from using AI to create something for those who aren't artistically gifted?

    Why would you want to use AI? Even if we couldn't tell and picked it, would you risk everyone else hating you for it? AI art is bad and using it should make everyone feel bad.

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    Can’t draw to save my life lol so I’m not entering, but just wanted to say that this is a neat idea and fun way to spread some holiday cheer! Looking forward to seeing all the artwork!

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    I'd really like to take part of this contest, but I probably won't sadly... after my hard disk broke last year, I still didn't fully recover, I didn't install some of the software that I used for art on my PC and the real life situation around me is holding me back, I don't even have much time for it either (I'm pretty slow at drawing and especially coloring/shading).

    But maybe I could try, unlikely but still...

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    On 12/2/2023 at 12:49 PM, MGA_Gamer said:

    What's stopping us from using AI to create something for those who aren't artistically gifted?

    I read your follow up to Dread, but I feel obligated to specify why it's wrong. In general it's just disrespectful and undermines everyone else entering the contest as well as the artists whose work was scraped without their knowledge or consent to build the model to produce the image. It's theft and the equivalent of Googling someone else's art and presenting it as your own.

    Art is a skill. One that anyone can learn and develop.

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    SuperSonicFan Gui

    Posted (edited)

    I'm not going to participate, because if my Sonic already looks like a Sanic, imagine that

    But good lucky for all

    Edited by SuperSonicFan Gui
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    Week one's winner has been picked! Congrats @spriteshadow56! We're now kicking off our second week contest, where the prize is a physical copy of the Sonic Frontiers Expansion Soundtrack!

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    Week two's winner has been announced! Congratulations @Lilli_The_Artist! It's time for the third and final week, where the prize is a copy of Sonic Superstars + Famitsu Weekly issue! Best of luck to all!

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