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  • April Fools Day 2023: The Return of Omochao

    Keep an eye out for our helpful robot friend!

    Happy April Fools Day to all who celebrate! And celebrate the Sonic fanbase is certainly doing right now, after SEGA released a comedy game for the occasion. And it’s really good! Give it a play if you haven’t done so already.

    April Fools Day is a festive time of year we love at the Sonic Stadium, and we always love thinking of new light-hearted pranks and jokes to share with you all. This year, we’re doing something different by… not doing anything new at all and instead reheating some old stuff instead!


    Enter (once again) Omochao. He will spend the day with you all by flying right into your browser and offering some helpful hints on how to use the site (and life in general). He first appeared during April Fools Day 2014, and we’re excited to have him back nine years later to annoy you all once again.

    If you see Omochao on your screen, take some time to listen to what he says. If you take a snapshot and post it in this forum/story comments, you will be eligible for a special Achievement on your Sonic Stadium account!

    Of course, if Omochao annoys you a bit too much you can click on him to make him go away. But beware, he may never come back……….

    So what are you waiting for? Make good friends with our good robot Chao friend, and enjoy April Fools Day 2023 responsibly! Don’t believe everything you read today, and be sure to not prank your friends and family with anything too mean!

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    Literally as I was reading this announcement post lol



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    Star Road Savior CC14



    Didn't have to dig deep to find the little bugger. (He also popped up four times after that, haha.)

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    There you go:


    Already found him about 3 times before I knew about the achievement (and he just popped in as I wrote this).

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