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  • Tomoya Ohtani Teases Work on "The Next Chapter"

    What could he possibly be planning...?

    It seems like the back-breaking hard work Tomoya Ohtani has put into the amazing Sonic Frontiers soundtrack hasn't put him off from making music for a while, as he appears to be already working on some "cool new thing"! We wonder what it is...


    The Sonic series sound director posted the above photo of himself in the workplace earlier today, with the phrase: "Working hard on some cool new thing. We are moving on to the next chapter." What a tease!

    Thinking about what this all could mean, we have a few thoughts. He could be hinting at some new audio work for Sonic Frontiers (we are due some significant story DLC in the second half of this year, after all). Aside from that, the musician has been involved with the Sonic Symphony live show, which is debuting a World Tour in London and LA in September.

    Or, and we're just speculating here, he could of course be talking about a new Sonic project entirely..?

    No doubt we'll find out soon enough! What do you think Ohtani-san is working on?

    Sonic News Tips Credit:
    Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

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    It could also be related to some kind of rehearsal for Sonic Symphony? I wonder if he will make the trip to London or LA this year... would be good to meet him!聽:wave:

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    I think it鈥檚 fair to say now that he鈥檚 most likely working on the Sonic Superstars soundtrack? Maybe with Tee Lopes (I鈥檝e seen him do some mega-heavy teasing on social about the music in this)?

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    7 hours ago, DaBigJ said:

    But didn't that Fadel guy say it was chiptune-y?

    Yeah but that doesn鈥檛 really tell us anything. Lopes has collaborated with Jun Senoue in the past on a number of tracks - some of those sound chiptune-y too聽(and some of them don鈥檛, obviously).

    Just fun to think about, I suppose.

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    I'd love it if Ohtani and crew got to work on a classic game using live recordings, but something about the timing of both announcements seems off to me, so I'm gonna temper any expectations till we've got something more concrete.

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    4 minutes ago, Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon said:

    He described it as "Tee Lopesey".

    Yeah, as well as chiptuney too

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