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  • Sonic Socials: It's Rabbit Season with Sonic Man, Silver, and Trip

    Day of the Were-Rabbit.

    With Easter on the way, Sonic Channel has released a new calendar featuring the most Easter-y Sonic game, one where Sonic was killed and rose again.

    Yes, this month's calendar art includes none other than Sonic Man the rabbit, and his good friend Silver the rabbit, as they hunt down the rabbit's natural prey, the Soleanan field egg. While the field egg is often undetectable hiding in the white show of February, it reveals flashy colors in Spring to attract a mate. However, this display makes it vulnerable to predators such as humans dressed as hedgehogs dressed as lagomorphs.


    You can find the full-sized calendar PDF on the official Sonic Channel post page.

    On the Classic Sonic illustration side, the official Japanese Sonic account on Twitter/X has shared a cute drawing of Trip mid-helmet. The post reminds us that she tends to be clumsy in her heavy armor, but I'm more inclined to blame the fact that the helmet's eye holes are on the side, and not out in front. Where, you know, her eyes are. Who knows, perhaps she has retractable eye stalks that we never get to see.


    Sonic News Tips Credit:
    Shiny Gems, Sonictrainer, fia

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    After losing to Mephiles in a fierce battle of votes, Sonic Man finally gets his deserved prize.<3

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    Posted (edited)

    Took me a minute to realize this is also a parody of the Sonic Rivals Boxart

    Here's a large PNG Version



    Sonic Channel Blog English Translation:

    Sonic Man!

    ......Who? There seem to be a lot of people saying that, so let me explain a little bit!

    Sonic Man is a character who appears in the 2006 version of ``Sonic the Hedgehog'' and races Sonic and Silver.

    His profile is not disclosed, and he is a mysterious man, but the reason for his unique demeanor is simple and clear! Yes, it's because everyone admires their hero, Sonic the Hedgehog!

    When running, you can follow Sonic's running style with your hands behind your back! Stay low! ...I'm sorry for not being able to run as fast as Sonic.

    The common theme between Sonic Man and Silver is, after all, "competition." But...a lot happened in Sonic the Hedgehog, and Silver and Sonic Man probably forgot that they competed against each other.

    However, when these two meet again somewhere... they will definitely challenge you to a match again! ?

    Calendar PDF Link

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    I cant stop myself looking at this piece; I try to take my eyes off it but...IT'S NO USE!!

    This is brilliant. More Silver is never a bad thing! And another deep cut with Sonic Man too after they usedPickle. Great art and content!

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    1 hour ago, ShadowForever said:

    HOORAY! Who do you think would win?

    It's gotta be Sonicman! He is Sonic, the man, he's gotta go fast!

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    The Sonicman redesign looks great! Glad they’re taking more deep cut characters like this!

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    Great too see Sonic Man back, ready on his run feet ready in action prepare mask up into anybody’s challenge!

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    Place your bets on who the next obscure Sonic NPC to get the official art treatment will be!

    (I'm holding out hope for Speedy or one of the Witchkarters)

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