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  • SEGA May Actually Be Merging With Namco, Not Sammy

    Just when we thought SEGA's corporate story could not get any more complicated, it appears that discussions surrounding a merger with pachinko maker Sammy have actually been put on hold as fellow video game maker Namco has publicly expressed an interest in joining forces with the House of Sonic instead.

    According to a story on Gamespot (which cites the Japanese newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun), Namco has already engaged in merger talks with SEGA at the highest level. The Tekken publisher has stated that it feels the move would be beneficial to both parties, strengthening the power of both companies' IP catalogue and ensuring that they remain competitive internationally.

    "Sega is scheduled to hold a meeting to discuss mergers with three of its current suitors, including Sammy and Electronic Arts, which are reportedly interested in investing in Sega or at least doing some sort of tie-in with the company," reads the report.

    "Sega's board members are reportedly less interested in merging with Sammy due to its focus on pachinko machines, which has delayed talks with that particular company. Sega is expected to make an announcement as soon as the end of this month."

    Would you prefer that SEGA teams up with Sammy or Namco?

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