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  • Dreamcast Lives A Little Longer In Europe With New Official Bundle

    Hey, we thought the Dreamcast was dead! Well, sadly it still is, yes - it wasn't all a bad dream - but SEGA Europe is somehow still keeping things going with a new official bundle now on store shelves. If you're on the market for a backup Dreamcast in case your current one goes kaput, this is going to be the best time to get one.

    According to Swirlvision, the new bundle package contains a Dreamcast console, a controller and VMU, and copies of Virtua Fighter 3tb, Confidential Mission and Phantasy Star Online. You also get a disc for the latest version of SEGA's online access service, Dreamkey 3.0.

    This replaces a previous bundle that offered Metropolis Street Racer and Jet Set Radio instead of Confidential Mission and PSO - however, both are still available so it's simply a matter of which kind of games you want with your new Dreamcast. The MSR/JSR pack remains at a price of 拢105 while the CM/PSO pack is priced at around 拢100.

    Source: Swirlvision

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