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  • RUMOR: New Sonic LEGO Sets in 2023?

    LEGO news and leaks site Falconbrickstudios is listing 5 rumored product numbers and prices for a new Sonic the Hedgehog line for 2023

    2022 was rather quiet on the LEGO Sonic front after 2021's LEGO Ideas set, but we may be seeing more LEGO Sonic on the horizon.

    LEGO news and leaks site Falconbrickstudios is listing 5 rumored product numbers and prices for a new Sonic the Hedgehog line for 2023:



    We have no firm details on what any of the sets would contain (if true), but for the sake of comparison, LEGO Ideas Green Hill Zone is currently $79.99 and contains 1125 pieces (slightly boosted by the absurd number of 1x1x1/3 tiles that make the checkerboard pattern). With that in mind, expect all but the $99.99 set to be a bit smaller in scope.

    While we don't really know what form these rumored sets will take, be it modular, standalone, classic, or modern, I previously speculated that the pin-based connections on the ends of the Green Hill Zone set are a clue that it may snap on to further sets in the future. Rest assured we will continue to follow up on this as more information emerges.

    Sonic News Tips Credit:
    The Deleter

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    There it goes my saving for the next year...

    I often believe on LEGO leaks, so I can be kinda confident on this one. To bring more in depth questions, which sets/scenarios do you guys believe might be coming?

    For a quick comparison, the Green Hill set was valued at $79.99 and included 1125 pieces. Judging by this, 4 sets will likely be smaller and one a much bigger set.

    I believe for sure this indicates new minifigures will be made, so I'd say Tails and Knuckles are pretty much confirmed.

    I'm curious if, by the design of the first one, they will stick with the classic era or might dare into modern levels.

    I'm also very certain all of them will be made as dioramas just like Green Hill Zone, as it included Technic pieces for the ability to join other sets.

    But I'm curious with the ideas. Part of me highly believe one of them will be more faithful to the original idea of the Green Hill set without redesigns. Another high contender is Chemical Plant, but I'm not sure if it has the appeal, same applies for Sky Sanctuary. One bet could be a city themed level, possibly City Escape or Speed Highway. I can also believe, at least one of them, might be tied up with Prime, but not sure on that.

    Last, but not least, a good bet for the most expensive one is one that only hardcore fans would probably get, so my bets would go on something like a Death Egg or the Metal Sonic Stardust Speedway fight.

    Hard to not be hyped, but for sure I'm not sure if I'll have enough money for all this, and I likely will have to pass on most of them.

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    A bit of an update for the topic, as a second report has been corroborated by Brick Clicker:

    Edit: Updated the OP with the full Promobricks report, as the original source for the information.

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    I'm intrigued by the notion of rolling a minifigure into a ball.  It's the most obvious play function for a Sonic toy but I'm drawing a blank on how it's even physically possible.

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    On 12/27/2022 at 11:09 PM, babsiwuff said:

    AAAAH I hope this is true!!!!  I really want a Sonic set with Tails in it!

    Well i think i must making space in my display cabinet

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