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  • LEGO's New 2023 Sonic the Hedgehog Sets Revealed

    Play with Minifigs of Sonic, Tails and Amy!

    Four brand new LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog sets have been revealed for release in August 2023, featuring Sonic, Tails and Amy character minifigs as well as a number of game-themed locations.

    The new sets follow the release of the Sonic LEGO Ideas package last year, and builds on that scope with new interactive gimmicks and models such as the Tornado plane and a bumper-themed sphere launcher.

    You can check out images of the sets below, along with details of each new set. Prices range from $39.99 USD for the Tails' Workshop and Tornado plane, and scale up to $99.99 USD for the complex Green Hill Loop Challenge set.

    LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge (76990)

    • Ages: 7+  
    • Pieces: 292  
    • Measurements: The speed sphere launcher measures over 1.5 in. (4 cm) high, 5.5 in. (14 cm) wide and 2 in. (5 cm) deep 
    • 3 characters and accessories – The set comes with Sonic the Hedgehog, the iconic Moto bug Badnik, Sonic’s Flicky friend and lots of accessories for role play 
    • Price: 29,99 EUR / 34,99 USD / 24,99 GBP

    LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Tails’s Workshop and Tornado Plane (76991)

    • Ages: 6+ 
    • Pieces: 376 
    • Measurements: The workshop measures over 3.5 in. (9 cm) high, 5 in. (12 cm) wide and 3.5 in. (9 cm) deep 
    • 4 characters and accessories – This action playset comes with characters Sonic, Tails, a Clucky, Buzz Bomber and lots of toy accessories for role play 
    • Price:  42,99 EUR / 39,99 USD / 37,99 GBP

    LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Amy’s Animal Rescue Island (76992)

    • Ages: 7+ 
    • Pieces: 388  
    • Measurements: The island measures over 5 in. (12 cm) high, 9.5 in. (24 cm) wide and 6.5 in. (17 cm) deep 
    • 6 characters and accessories – The set comes with characters Amy, Tails, Crabmeat, Picky, Pocky and a Flicky, plus accessories for creative play 
    • Price: 52,99 EUR / 49,99 USD / 46,99 GBP

    LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge (76994)

    • Ages: 8+ 
    • Pieces: 802 
    • Measurements: The primary track assembly with loop measures over 8 in. (21 cm) high, 14.5 in. (37 cm) wide and 7.5 in. (19 cm) deep 
    • 9 characters and accessories – The set comes with Sonic, Amy, a Flicky, Becky, Pocky, Pecky, Dr. Eggman, plus Badniks Chopper and Newtron and lots of toy accessories for role play 
    • Price: 104,99 EUR / 99,99 USD / 94,99 GBP

    SEGA formally announced the new sets with a teaser video, which you can see on their Twitter channel here.

    Press release follows.


    Billund, Denmark - April 19, 2023 – Today, the LEGO Group and SEGA revealed a fresh collaboration bringing fan-favourite characters and environments from across the Sonic universe to brick form. With the brand new ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ product range from the LEGO Group, Sonic fans can build, create and play as Sonic, Tails, Amy and Dr. Eggman in beloved levels including Sonic’s Speed Sphere, Tails’s Workshop and Tornado Plane, Amy’s Animal Rescue Island and the iconic Green Hill Zone. The LEGO® Sonic product range will be available at authorized retailers starting in August 2023.

    “At SEGA, we strive to create memorable experiences with our licensing partners that fans will cherish for years to come,” said Ivo Gerscovich, Chief Business & Brand Officer at SEGA of America. “The LEGO Group is the leader in play, and the perfect partner to bring exciting stories, iconic characters & environments from the Sonic universe to life in fans’ living rooms globally. Through our creative collaboration with the LEGO Group, Sonic fans of all generations can use their imaginations to play out their favourite Sonic moments, and we can’t wait to see their awesome creations.”

    The LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration features four sets of different sizes and complexity with modular elements inviting Sonic fans to build high-velocity obstacles for Sonic to blast through as he battles the Badniks and rescues his friends. Sonic fans can get creative, construct their own unique courses, combine sets and invent new storylines, or reminisce their treasured memories as they challenge the beloved hedgehog to be the hero of the day.

    With all-new toy accessories, builders will have unique role-playing opportunities where they can step into the Blue Blur’s iconic red sneakers and spend time with his famous friends, hang out at the DJ deck, repair the Tornado plane and more fun activities.

    The product range from SEGA and the LEGO Group furthers the global companies’ collaborative efforts, following the highly successful LEGO® Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog™ Green Hill Zone set, released in 2021.                

    “It really isn’t like anything else! The sets offer an entirely new, action-packed play experience,” says Frédéric Roland Andre, Designer at the LEGO Group. “I’m especially proud of the Speed Sphere, as it was quite a challenge to figure out how we would get Sonic to speed up and interact with each course. Sonic is known for his speed and how he runs and jumps through courses, so for LEGO sets inspired by him there was no way we could create a static set, we simply had to be creative and make them as action-packed as possible!”

    Let’s roll! The LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog sets are on sale from August 1st, 2023, on www.LEGO.com and in LEGO stores.

    To stay current on Sonic the Hedgehog news, follow Sonic on Twitter and Instagram, like him on Facebook, subscribe to the Twitch channel and the YouTube channel. Also, don’t forget to visit the SEGA e-shop at shop.sega.com for products for the ultimate SEGA fan.

    Sonic News Tips Credit:
    Spooky Gems

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    It looks like they've been given leave to come up with a lot of their own ideas for these sets?  I don't recognise that (combining?) Eggman mech, nor the concept of Amy on a jetski.  Adding some toyetic quality is probably a smart move, not only to represent the character's speed (some sort of spinner is standard fare for Sonic toys), but also by way of comparison to LEGO Mario.

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    I'm shocked they went the Modern route instead of Classic one, especially after that GHZ set, but I'm more than happy with this

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    The advert for this was actually really charming, I love that they got Mike and Roger on board! There's going to be lots of details I'll notice later, I'm sure, but the Chaos Cola lego piece really stuck out to me, that's such a nice little detail. And of course, it's great to see more minifigs, including an Eggman one! His brickbuild figure always felt off next to Sonic imo, so him getting his own mold is a big plus.

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    2 hours ago, DaBigJ said:

    I'm shocked they went the Modern route instead of Classic one, especially after that GHZ set, but I'm more than happy with this

    Makes more sense then you’d think. The Ideas toy line is basically LEGO’s specifically for adults series, which is why they’re in the black boxes. They’re supposed to be display pieces, rather than actual toys. In that regard, it makes sense to make it based on Classic, because they’re trying to appeal to the adults that grew up with the series in the 90s, that’s why it recreates the life counter and everything.

    These sets are a regular LEGO toy line, with play features included that means it can either be used for display by adults, or played with by kids. Since these sets are targeting everyone this time around, and Modern has once again become the main active series, and making it the most relevant, it makes sense to focus the new line on Modern now.

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    Worth pointing out that a set is missing from the line-up, per the leaks earlier




    Listed set numbers, prices, part counts, and releases:

    76990 - 292 pcs, $29.99, 1/08/2023 (dd/mm/yy)

    76991 - 376 pcs, $39.99, 1/08/2023

    76992 - 388 pcs, $49.99, 1/08/2023

    76993 - 615 pcs, $59.99, 1/08/2023

    76994 - 802 pcs, $99.99, 1/08/2023


    I'm glad the Ideas set exists for people like me who don't really care about the play focus and want more of a display piece, but these look fun enough as play sets in their own right. I don't like how the badniks look either way; that buzz-bomber needs a better build than that at the very least.

    Since these are all GHZ themed I wonder if there will be more waves in the future focused on other locations, like how the Mario releases are year-on-year.

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    The Death Egg robot can be seen in the background of the video at around 46 secs.

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    12 minutes ago, DaBigJ said:

    Doesn't Eggman's voice also appear in the trailer

    He's already included in one of the sets; the GHZ Loop Challenge


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    I'm looking forward to the new Lego Sonic sets they all looked absolutely amazing and cool as well. I enjoyed building the last Lego Sonic last year when It came out.

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    • Kuzu
      I still don't know how to feel about it and I'm not sure if I'm completely on board with it either, but I can't deny that it is a way of developing Eggman's character away from standard Saturday Morning Cartoon villainy to something resembling nuance. It is kind of ironic this is a game written by Ian Flynn, the guy who probably has highlighted Eggman's worst traits in his tenure as comic writer. I guess I just have to see how they utilize their dynamic in future games, but I can't help but feel it takes some edge out of Eggman, but time will tell where that goes.  Its kind of like when Mario games just stopped pretending to take anything Bowser does seriously and just started to treat their battles as lighthearted scuffles between friendly rivals. Its not a BAD direction per se, but it does make me feel a little less invested in the conflict. And I can't help but feel that's the direction they're gonna go with Eggman from now on, until an even bigger bad shows up so he can show off his heroic side.    That being said, and to end this post on a hopeful note. Given the allusions they've made towards Gerald and Maria with them, I wonder how this dynamic will play off on other characters. Particularly, Shadow. Eggman says Sage is similar to Maria, but in what sense? We could finally get some insight what was she like by way of all three of them. Maybe Shadow decides to keep an eye on them to prevent another tragedy like what happened on the Ark? Ian Flynn already alluded that Eggman would be far more dangerous if something were to happen to Sage, in the same way Gerald snapped when Maria died. You can maybe start moving Shadow away from his "edgy jerk" reputation by having him take a protective role of Sage as a sort of personal redemption for himself, you can have him and Eggman actually interact for the first time in what feels like forever.    Sage offers probably the biggest potential character shift even more than the ones alluded to for Tails, Knuckles and Amy in Frontiers, because while the latter just feel like teases for change, Sage herself is a pretty big establishment of said change. I can't remember the last time we had a character that had this big of an influence on a established character since the mid 2000's. 
    • CrownSlayer’s Shadow
      I can't seem to find that essay anywhere with a google search, and I've no clue where else I could look, so you're gonna have to link it to me if possible. That said, however, I do recall hearing how Sega of America told the Japanese division that the werehog was not going to be a good idea and would recieve backlash, but SoJ decided to do it anyway. So, I don't think where you're coming from is wrong, but I still struggle to process why having Sonic games do non-Sonic things (outside of a mini-game anyway) would be a good idea on their end. So, it's not unbelievable, but it's just...you'd think they'd learn from experience.  I take it you were around here on these forums during that time? Because I saw curiousity more on the idea, only for hate to come out when ShTH was announced. And me being the dumb teenager that actually showed interest in the game at the time, these responses you mentioned are those I saw after the game was announced and shown. I remember one Sonic fansite changed their name with Sonic's name in the title to Shadow's name around that time--I wish I could remember the name of the site because I almost confused it for Sonic United and I don't think that was the one. Needless to say, I remember more of the hate coming out after the announcement, not beforehand. Especially considering people wanted to know how Shadow survived SA2 from his appearance in Heroes. Goodness those were chaotic times...
    • Spooky Gems
      Looks pretty cool, pun entirely intended. EDIT: Cover for those who can’t use Twitter.
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