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  • Infinite, Cream, Rings, and an Animal Capsule Join the Jakks Pacific Lineup

    I think it's safe to say we've ALL been waiting for Infinite.

    Jakks Pacific speeds ahead with new Sonic figures and playsets coming this year. Sonic Merch News on Twitter dug up several new Entertainment Earth pre-orders, including 4" Infinite and Cream, several 2.5" re-releases like Rouge and Chao, and a new "Level Clear Diorama Playset." Each have an estimated release of May.

    2023-jakks-inf1.jpeg 2023-jakks-inf2.jpeg

    Despite Infinite's status as the adorable, toyetic hearthrob of the franchise, his merch presence has been extremely limited. Similarly, Cream has been MIA from figurines since the Sonic X toy line. So if you're a collector of the 4" line, or merely trying to snag your unsung favorite, keep an eye out in a few months.

    2023-jakks-inf3.png 2023-jakks-inf4.png

    The star of the upcoming sets, however, is the Level Clear Diorama set, containing an... unusually tall goal post (which no pictures show the reverse of), an animal prison capsule (a good match for the Eggcraft set), Flicky, Pocky, and of course, a 4" Sonic himself.


    2023-jakks-inf6.jpeg 2023-jakks-inf7.jpeg 

    Finally, for those who just can't wait, Amazon is carrying a set of two electronic rings. Each are motion activated to make the iconic sound when picked up, and have a clear plastic base to stand it upright. The set is available now for $20.

    Via Sonic Merch News

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    What's up with Sega pairing Cream with Infinite so much lately? First the Sonic Channel poll, now this...

    BTW, I'm surprised that Cream's model looks decent this time. Usually she's only good in 2D arts and the 3D models always look weird (on a side note, the orange part around the eyes has a different shape than usual, is that a little inconsistency or did they slightly redesigned her?). I wonder why Cheese is not there though.

    also I find it a bit annoying that SEGA forgot that originally her gloves were supposed to look a bit different than Sonic's, but at this point I don't even care anymore, it's been more than a decade since the last time they were drawn properly.

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    It's strange that Cheese (and maybe Chocola) aren't in the Cream set. They could easily put a transparent flying base for him in there.


    Still, the ice cream is a nice nod to Cream's Advance 2 idle animation.

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    On 3/3/2023 at 4:20 AM, Iko said:

    What's up with Sega pairing Cream with Infinite so much lately?

    The edgelord spectrum needs a counterbalance.

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