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  • Sonic X DVDs Announced, First Volume To Be Released in July

    Sonic X might have only just started airing on Japanese TV, but we're already getting confirmation of a DVD release of the series!


    A listing for a 'Volume 1' DVD of Sonic X has been spotted on internet store 'Neowing / CDJapan', for release on the 23rd July 2023. According to the website, there will be five episodes on the disc - here are the names of the episodes via online translation (warning, this might be a spoiler even if you've seen the first episode, because the other four haven't even aired yet):

    1. "Supersonic Hero Appears!"
    2. "Infiltration! Area 99"
    3. "Dr. Eggman's Ambition"
    4. "Obtain the Chaos Emerald!"
    5. "Clash!! Sonic vs. Knuckles"

    The shop page also lists a total run time of 125 minutes, as well as a bonus called "Sonic English 1", which we imagine is a little sketch or something. There is a first print edition that includes a limited edition poster along with the DVD, so if you want that you should look into pre-ordering now.

    Japanese fans can use the Neowing website, but fans outside of Japan can use CDJapan to pre-order. The price is ¥3800, which comes to around $31.39 USD. You'll need a Region 2 or Region-Free DVD player in order to play the disc.

    We usually have to wait years for DVDs of Sonic cartoons to be announced, so this is very good news. We hope that it won't be too long a wait for the English language version of the show to arrive in the West - along with the DVDs, of course. 

    Via Sonic HQ

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