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  • Sonic & Knuckles Surpass $397 Million Globally as Sonic 2 Fades From Theaters

    No, we haven't run out of these puns yet.

    It’s been nearly two and a half months since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 debuted in theaters, and it’s been weeks since it hit streaming services. Now, as of this weekend, we appear to finally be reaching the end of Sonic 2’s box office run, at least until it hits Japan in August.

    Despite this, it’s continued to make millions globally. Sonic 2 made nearly $5 million at the global box office over the last week, giving it a total box office gross of $397.6 million. This puts Sonic 2 within spitting distance of the big $400 million milestone, but also comes as the movie itself continues to fade from theaters.

    Sonic 2 made just $1.568 million in the US this past week, and is now showing in just 1,067 theaters. This may very be its final box office weekend in the US. In the rest of the world, where Sonic 2 seems to have slightly better legs, it made $3.3 million.

    Not much to say that wouldn’t just be repeating last week’s article, but I do suspect this will be Sonic 2’s penultimate box office article until its Japan release later this summer. Here’s hoping we’ll get to end things by reporting that it’s surpassed $400 million! That certainly remains quite plausible.

    via Box Office Mojo

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    Too bad. Was hoping it would hold out to the 23rd and get a big spike that day, leaving non-Sonic fans confused.

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    Posted By: Leemour84

    Remember Japan has yet to get it. So might make £3 million there.

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