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  • Sonic Darts Past Uncharted, Sonic 2 Becomes 4th Highest Grossing Video Game Movie With Almost $401 Million

    The blue boy just keeps on running!

    Just days after Sonic 2 surpassed the $400 million milestone, it has now passed another: it has now surpassed Uncharted’s $400,636,000 global box office, with a $400,924,000 gross as of this weekend.

    This means Sonic 2 is now the fourth highest grossing video game movie of all time globally, putting it behind only Rampage ($428 million), Detective Pikachu ($433 million), and Warcraft ($439 million). Of course, its important to note that these movies achieved these numbers with releases in major box office markets like Japan and China, places Sonic 2 has yet to release in.

    Sonic 2 reaches this milestone even as it has continued to disappear from US theaters. Surprisingly, however, it isn’t entirely gone yet. Sonic 2 is still in 234 theaters as of this weekend. A mere five percent of where it started, but still enough to bring in more than $100,000 this week. Between this and Sonic 2’s continued global presence, its total box office will probably continue to inch higher in the coming weeks.

    Nevertheless… this is the end of these articles, at least for now. Sonic 2 is still expected to hit Hong Kong later this year, and is also expected to release in Japan on August 19. Japan can be a major box office market, but it’s an open question whether or not a Sonic movie will do well there.

    The first movie released in the midst of Japan’s COVID lockdowns and grossed only $1.5 million, so this will be the series’ first real shot at the country’s box office. We’ll see soon enough!

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    Posted By: Ovi Kintobor

    Those had higher budgets so Sonic 2 technically earned more.

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    Posted By: PowerHoodz

    The Sonic movies are so far my favorite live action video game movies which for my fave video game franchise is an absolute delight to know Sonic was treated right on this.

    Movie Sonic is probably my favorite incarnation of Sonic ever as I feel it’s the purest form of Sonic. It doesn’t feel like Sonic is trying to be too edgy or 90s, but just pure attitude, fun, and since Sonic has technically been a kid in the games, seeing him BE one is very refreshing. Tails was spot on and precious, and not just because Colleen voiced him again, but how he was written. He was cute, smart, witty, and like in the games, Sonic taught him how to be brave. With Knuckles, this movie incarnation is also probably my favorite. Idris Elba is probably my favorite voice for the red warrior, and I love how he was written as he was very serious minded, but due to his nature, not used to Earth culture and it was funny to see. Jim Carrey as Eggman I feel was even better his as he is even more obsessed with Sonic than before and much more the world dictator I’m used to from the games.

    Sonic 2 was definitely for the fans and had fans involved in it’s development. So it’s what the fans needed and deserved.

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