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  • Sonic Blasts to the Top of the Box Office in the UK and Other Overseas Markets, Grosses $25.5 Million

    Paramount said to be "delighted" with the results.

    Sonic 2 debuted overseas this weekend, and appears to have topped the box office in many key markets. These markets include the UK ($6.4 million), France ($5.7 million), Spain ($2.2 million), Germany ($2.1 million), and Australia ($2.8 million). In total, Sonic 2 earned $25.5 million across 31 markets, roughly half of its overall overseas market. You can find more detailed box office results here.

    According to Deadline, Paramount is “delighted” with these results, which are 2% faster than the first movie’s opening. Sonic 2 has benefited from strong word-of-mouth and big increases in sales through the weekend. It should also be noted that Sonic 2 has also bested Morbius, the closest thing it has to competition right now, in every major box office where they’ve gone head-to-head.

    Sonic 2 still has plenty of markets to open in, including the US, where it will be debuting in mere days. Though its still early, things are looking good for Sonic 2’s box office gross at the very least. 

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    TSS Classic Comment Bot


    Posted By: James

    I'm just really happy to hear this, and what it could entail for the future of the franchise. Haven't seen the film yet as I'm US-based, but man... its good news for the Blue Blur.

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    Posted By: Brennan

    I can't believe that Sonic made 25.5 million over in the UK. I can't wait to see Sonic the Hedgehog in the GREAT USA on Friday April, 8th. It could be interesting if Sonic had race against the Flash.

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