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  • First Screenshot of 'Sonic X' Anime Unveiled at World Hobby Fair

    See the very first screengrab of the new Sonic animation.

    Wow!! The first ever screen of the new Sonic the Hedgehog Japanese anime has just been revealed. And we also have the supposed name and logo of the show - Sonic X.


    SEGA and the production company behind the new show attended the World Hobby Fair in Osaka, where 'Sonic X' was shown for the first time. As you can see, the only snap we have includes a glimpse of a character that clearly looks similar to Sonic, but... what's the deal here? Is this Super Sonic? Another special transformation? A new character entirely? The mind boggles!

    We won't have long to find out, as according to Game Watch (which took the photos) Sonic X is aiming for a launch on Japanese TVs this Spring. We'll bring you more on this exciting new show as it happens.

    The show also had a booth for Sonic Advance 2, so attendees could play that as well. Here's a photo of that area as well, just to cover all the bases.


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