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  • Fans Could Win A Small Part in Ken Penders' Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

    There's been no official confirmation of a SatAM/Archie-based Sonic movie as of yet, but comic writer Ken Penders is still planning ways to make the project interesting. The latest is fan participation, with competition winners potentially scoring a role in the film!

    On his website, Penders says that the idea - which is only "being batted around" at this stage - involves a "contest where some lucky guy and girl will each win a small part in the Sonic film."

    "Not only that, but we may also do a runner-up contest where a character designed by a fan may end up in one of the Robotropolis segments," Penders also wrote. "Needless to say, any drawings submitted would become the property of the production, waivers would have to be signed, especially if we wanted to include them on the eventual DVD release."

    Penders warns fans that they should not send anything in yet. "At this moment, do not submit anything... I will post all the information once all the details are ironed out. This is more or less to let you guys know the fans are being listened to, and we do want to involve you guys where we can."

    Finally, some good news for Freedom Fighters fans as Penders added, "Oh yeah, one other thing: Amy Rose, Rotor and Antoine do appear in the script. They're just not major characters this time out."

    If we hear any more on this, we'll be sure to let you know.

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    • It's actually so funny how all of these issues could have been solved had they not revealed that Mimic was Duo from the outset.聽 The very fact that we know the mystery already just makes it more frustrating. WE know Silver and Whisper are in the right, but not the characters. So it just makes it frustrating and annoying to read. By keeping the readers in the dark, you can have them in the same position as Silver and Whisper and second guess themselves. It's just poor storytelling imo. 聽
    • This reminds me of last time the extended cast really took off in the brand, which was in the early 2000s.聽 It might've been completely by accident, but I'd argue they were lucky that the series had been expanding its roster leading up to the time they went third-party.聽 SEGA in the 1990s had marketed itself to a large degree as the "cool kids club", something not everyone would be hardcore enough for but you best hope you were or else you'd be that dork who got lambasted on the playground as much as SEGA lambasted Nintendo in their ads, and Sonic himself inevitably became the face of that, on at least some level.聽 That elitist attitude obviously wasn't going to fly after SEGA gave up on console manufacturing, but that the Sonic series had evolved into one with "something for everyone" helped their transition a lot.聽 The Sonic series having all sorts of characters in it helped create the impression that all sorts of players were welcome, too, so it's not surprising that Sonic's first simultaneous multi-console release went even further with the multiple characters.聽 So yeah, multiple characters definitely helped expand the brand, even if at a cost. Well, it didn't start that way but SEGA certainly exploited it as such. 聽Mostly correct, except I'm not sure it was smaller, depending on how you define eras.聽 The "Dreamcast" era was much less successful than the Genesis era in that critics were less enthusiastic towards it, and eventually downright hostile, but going multi-console quite possibly brought in a lot more players to the Sonic series than it ever could have hoped for when it was confined to one company's consoles. I think back when people were pushing the "Sonic's shitty friends" bit, they weren't as cognizant of what actually made Sonic Team tick.聽 Back then, a lot of people just assumed that Sonic Team was just spitballing a bunch of ideas and only a third of them happened to be well-suited to the Sonic series.聽 That in itself would be pretty shameful, but it also made people think that at least it would be pretty easy to fix, just by taking out the ideas that didn't work and keeping the ones that did.聽 What people weren't aware of back then, but were largely forced to acknowledge the moment they saw the Werehog, is that those slower-paced segments of this series marketed around speed were not just stupid ideas they accidentally had; they were deliberately conceived because Sonic Team just plain refuses to accept the short game length that would inevitably result from playing an entire game going fast.聽 Not only did that make it clear that this problematic mindset wasn't really innately linked to playable characters other than Sonic, but it made people realize it's actually been in the Sonic series from the very start.聽 The more that Modern Sonic alienated people, the more that Classic Sonic also became an acceptable target for game critics, and while Sonic fans were not about to forgive IGN saying Sonic was never good, even many fans have gotten a bit less rose-tinted.聽 For example, I remember a time when Labyrinth Zone was regarded somewhat like Judge Doom; yes, it traumatized people as children but they still remembered it fondly and saw it as a vital part of the work containing it.聽 That has changed; today the most common opinion of Labyrinth Zone seems to be that it was the "Big the Cat" of its time, something completely antithetical the intended appeal of the game containing it, which should never have been in the game and was only there to pad it out.聽 You'll even hear more extreme positions that Green Hill Zone is the only good level in the first game, conveniently the first level as a way to mislead consumers. So just as this paradoxical attitude towards speed has always been present, it has never really left.聽 Some games display it more and some games display it less, some levels display it more and some levels display it less, but it never really goes away, and with Sonic Frontiers it's back in full force.聽 Not only does it gatekeep Sonic's speed in a whole host of ways (though the most egregious of those was alleviated in Update 2), but it also throws in a bunch of combat, puzzles, and shooter minigames.聽 It even has a fishing minigame featuring Big the Cat.聽 In short, it was the Sonic Adventure approach to gameplay in absolutely every regard except having multiple playable characters, which is why I predicted some months in advance that this would be the game that would bring other playable characters back, or at least the structure of the future game that would.聽 Lo and behold, it's the former, and the way things are going, looks to be the latter, too. Had they finished 06, then there would still probably be some people who objected to playing as Silver and Omega, as they just aren't built for what quintessential Sonic play is, but others would probably be in the clear.聽 Likewise, there'd still be issues with the realistic humans, the arguably pretentious story, and of course, the romance bit.聽 But all of those on their own would have just made for a game that wouldn't necessarily age well, as opposed to this reality where it remained talked about enthusiastically for well over a decade, for all the wrong reasons.聽 Thus, in that alternate reality, the series would not necessarily have stayed in the mores of the Adventure era, but the change would likely have been more evolutionary than reactionary.
    • Co-op looks just about as messy as I expected it to be, if not even more.聽 Though my overall opinion of this game is pretty positive, I can't shake the feeling that this is the umpteenth instance of the Sonic series trying to do something that is currently "cool", regardless of how well it actually suits Sonic gameplay. I agree about the music; it's erratic.聽 The theme song and Bridge Island sound like they're trying for the same vibe as "Friends" in Sonic Mania, by Hyper Potions, Speed Jungle sounds like it's moving in the direction of Angel Island Zone from S3K, and Pinball Carnival sounds like a Tee Lopes song.聽 To be fair, Sonic Frontiers also had a rather varied soundtrack, but arguably all genres of music there reflected the game's general theme of unease and mystery.聽 This game just sounds like multiple composers being multiple composers.
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      Man, seeing Overkill struggle real bad with Payday 3 is so disappointing, but they did it to themselves when they mentioned the game's gonna be always-online.

      What's even more disappointing is that the game itself is still an improvement over Payday 2 in a lot of ways, but it's also light in content (only 8 heists at launch is not a lot), the XP being pretty much locked to challenges, the heists rewards being inconsistent to the time you spend in the heists and the difficulty of said heists, the matchmaking is forced even for an invite-only and private lobby (which means you can't even play with a friend now).
      At least it's only 40 euros and I was able to get it for 35 and I do expect them to update the game regularly with content and all, but man.
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      I just realised my profile picture in comment sections looks like Shadow approves SonTails art!
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      We finally hit it big time boys
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      So Sony really bought RightStuf just so they could fucking shut it down so Crunchyroll had one less competitor.聽
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