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  • 2020 Sonic Movie Costume Design Concepts Discovered

    See the styles that ended up on the big screen.

    Concept artwork for the 2020 Sonic the Hedgehog movie has been newly discovered, featuring costume designs and styles of the main characters in the film - including several outfits for Jim Carrey's Dr. Robotnik.

    The below images are courtesy of veteran costume designer Debra McGuire, who has an impressive credits list that not only covers both Sonic movies but also a number of other high-profile movie and TV projects, including Judd Apatow classics 'Knocked Up' and 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' and the legendary 'Freaks and Geeks'.

    McGuire's professional website also feature costume ideas for James Marden's Tom Wachowski and Tika Sumpter's Maddie (Wachowski), and for Carrey's Robotnik there's a range of different looks - from the iconic red suit, to the jacket that would eventually be worn in his debut scene, and even his dishevelled shaved appearance on the Mushroom Planet. Take a look: 


    Perhaps the concept art we love the most from this website is this last one, which is intended to offer an idea of how the above costumes may look on set... but it's very difficult to pull away from the hypnotic black hole that is Sonic's face. Seeing Eggman hide behind a tree, cartoon villain style, is also incredibly entertaining. 


    Let us know what you think of these concepts in the comments section below!

    Via 'KellytoyDK

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    Posted (edited)

    It's ironic isn't it.

    All of these hastily copy and pasted photoshops they called concept art for this movie.

    The creepy Sonic drawing in the shot outside their house.

    The funniest bit of this concept art is that this is the best looking art out of all of it.


    Like... he even looks better than he did in that first trailer.

    What the hell happened and which braindead executive said he needed to look more human?


    Hold on a second. image.thumb.png.af9cef542f2ec7aeda42c99fd80a1967.png

    No way.

    No way.


    Edited by LongcrierCat
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    That pic of Sonic outside the house looks like something Crazy Carl would've drawn.

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    17 hours ago, ShadowForever said:

    I still can't believe they wanted us to take THIS serious...

    ikr? Especially when boi has no gloves

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    Apparently I’ve could see background dog house next to a ball standed however skip Ozzy dog on over unfortunate nowhere it be seen. :<

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    Imagine what would have happened if they had kept the original design for Sonic.  Then, we wouldn't be getting a third movie or even a TV series from this movie series.

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