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  • Yuji Naka Gets Coy About Sonic Adventure 2 Cast

    We know that Sonic and Knuckles are in Sonic Adventure 2. We've seen them six-thousand times now. But what Sega doesn't seem to be telling us, is if there are any other playable characters hidden in the game that we don't know about yet. Well, Sonic Team lead Yuji Naka was asked about this very thing in the latest issue of UK Official Dreamcast Magazine. Specifically: is Tails in the game?

    According to the magazine interview/preview piece, Naka-san makes it clear that only Sonic, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman will return from the traditional roster. It's noted that the mysterious 'dark hedgehog' that's featured in SA2 trailers is a new character (obviously), but must play a big role as Naka refused to talk about him.

    Asked directly if Tails was in the game, Naka reportedly said no. When asked if Tails would ever see a return to the franchise in a future Sonic game, Naka said that he couldn't say any more. So, really, who knows what that really means. Is Tails really in SA2, and Naka-san is just covering his back? Or has the fox truly bowed out of this outing?

    Source: UK Official Dreamcast Magazine

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